Monday, February 16, 2009

*Thinking of You by Katy Perry*

I just love this song.. Lyrics are beautiful and wonderfully sung..

I think somehow everyone can identify with this song.. somewhat at least.. its always gonna reflect on their first love, the ones that got away and also the ones who were taken away.. Ive had this song on repeat pretty much the entire day and been also singing along, I reckon my dad could sing along woth me right now! haha

Other than that! Ive been into the Idol season, yet again, so far I have a favourite! ANOOP DESAI or better known as NOOP-DOGG! hehe

this guy is Indian but hails from Chapel Hill, North Carolina. First glance= super geeky, prolly awkward singer. But the second he opened his mouth n sang. omg omg omg, I (n all the judges) were BLOWN away!! Soulful soulful, im so wowwed!

So i decided to Youtube him, and I discovered that he actually sings in this acapella group called the UNC Clef Hangers! they're so so cool! watch it ya'll! :)

there are like, 65 vids on their Channel, so go take a look if ur interested! :)


Thursday, February 5, 2009


Im off to Vietnam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ho Chih Minh to be exact!!