Thursday, August 28, 2008


Hmm i havent been updating lately, guess i've been busy wit assignments and Grey's Anatomy (again!) lol! cant ever get sick of it!

well classes were cool so far, im lookin forward to next Wednesday as we need to go on a Site Visit for my Retailing class! hahahha guess where it is? PAVILLION! hahahaha this is awesome! so as a class 'work' were supposed to go there n meet up, then get into groups n go into stores n see how they designed their shop, their retail concept, ceiling, lighting, music, etc la! haha for 3 hours min n take pics n notes! lol! our assignment is to go to a mall! LOL! i love this class! :)

nuthin much has been happenin this week i guess, its been rather quiet.. BUT!!!

ill be going to Bangkok, Thailand for the weekend!! woots!!! tomoro im leavin n gettin back on Monday! haha its like.. the 4th time in Bangkok n were going shoppinggggggg!!!!!!!!!!!! IM SO EXCITEDDD!!

bringing a rather empty suitcase! :) n i thought tat its definately time to practice my Thai accent! lol! so ill be catchin ya lovelies sooN! oh n Icky will be flying to Manilla, Phillipines tomoro as well for a Magic:The Gathering tournament! GOod luck babes n buy me sumn! love ya!!


Sunday, August 24, 2008

You Gotta Use A Ticket

If You Wanna Ride The Ride..

hehe! :) i was bored. so here r some commercials to make u laugh!

wow. hahaha i just age half a Large pizza all by myself.. yum!


Friday, August 22, 2008

Batik Photoshoot!

*A HUGE thanks to INTANIA for doing the make up for the shoot!- she did a good job of tryin to make me look acceptable! lol!*

Yays!! i got the pics from Bibo ness-ness-ness-ness!! n i think they're RAD ZOMGS!!!!! he was going for a futuristic look n so when we shot he used diff color filters for the flash n it was cool! :)

*My FAV!!*

told Bibo tat he did a good job n tat it looked like PRO EDITING! =D

oh but im happy n sad bout sumn. SEVENTEEN called me! lol! coz like, a few weeks ago, after the shoot for Cleo, me n Trish were in OU n we got stopped by 2 ppl workin for this Seventeen Magazine Model Search thingy. so they asked us to fill out the forms, take a few snaps n they'll call us to let us know if they want us to be finalists la.. so ok

then the woman just called me saying,

17:oh i was lookin at ur polaroid n was wondering if u cud come for a Beauty spread on Wednesday?
K:ahhh tats soo cool! but ive got a full day of classes on Wednesday ( i cant miss em! ) cud we do it on another day?
17: oh sorry but we can only do it on that day n i wudnt want u to miss ur class...
K: yeah im sorry..
17: its ok, how bout another time then k?

:'( i want to cry.... yet jump for joy! haha sucks coz i have to miss freakin Seventeen magazine for class! i mean wtv it is, I grew up readin in n still do buy it, I've always dreamed of one day being in it, n i unfortunately cannot afford to miss this class.... :( but a good thing is tat sumn took notice at least! :) so yeh. hope things look up from here!

so yeah! haha last night at Euphoria was the shizznitss! DJ Patrick still manages to amaze me! :) hehe n it was packed n i danced so much, my heels r still aching n hurtin i have to walk on my toes! :S haha but all in good fun, yeah? :)

the pics r all on Facebook!


Thursday, August 21, 2008

15 random facts

Got tagged by Ms. Lydia Miller!

a)state 15 weird things/habits or little known facts bout yourself
b)tag 10 people to do it
c)no tag backs

1. I used to have an imaginary friend when i was younger who I'd talk to n play with.
2. I named my brain Zazu when i was young n talk to it! lol
3. Although i dont look it, I LOVE to eat LOTS!!
4. Im absolutely addicted to Lena Fujii, if I ever meet her, id die of shock!
5. Whenever I buy a new clothing item, I have to come home to try it on with lots of other things n end up spending 30 mins-1 hours wit different outfits!
6. I've got 2 fighting fishes named Ice & Fire
7. I always thought that the lyrics were 'everybody was kung fu fighting! those kungfu bastards like me!' hahahaha instead of 'fast like lighting!' LOL!
8.The name of our 1st daughter is gonna be Alyssa..
9.I LOVE and am so so intrigued by Artistic Nudes. they're such beautiful non-pornographic, artsy potraits of the human body, but only women tho..
10. I bring my soft toy, Icky, everywhere I travel!
11. I own over 30 pairs of shoes. seriously.
12. I plan to one day bring Mini-golfing to Malaysia! its the bomb!
13. My ultimate fav rock band is a tie between The Darkness & Velvet Revolver
14. It's a far-fetched dream of mine to be a top model some day.. some day huh?
15. I want to live in a glass house by the beach side when im older! :)

I tag: Beth, Kim Tong, Azhan, Colin, Ciyan, Joyce, Calvin Tan, Bibo, Idan, Ain.

So i had a shoot wit Bibo today in LimKokWing's photo labs n it was fun! :) i wore a batik sarong wrapped round me wit a black belt n it looked so fab! hehe wit those scientific lab goggles too! loL! cant wait to get the shots! :)

im off to Euphoria again tonight! WHOOOTSSS!!


Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Classes Machaaa

Deiiiii!!! hahah ive been just busy busy busy wit wat? nothingness lately! lol! no laaaa more like, busy wit class, watchin the Olympics n bummmmmiinnnggg around!

But yes yes my classes have been on n they are.. Not bad!

Business Management class is pretty interesting but its just very much on listenin n dicussing stuff la.. not much on creativity... I really love my Fundamentals of Sketching class which is incidently, nothin to do wit sketching (insert laughter). Its more on like.. sociology of fashion.. brand management n tat sort of stuff but its cool!

1st assignment is a huge Fashion Journal about anything we want about Fashion.. so basically there aint no barriers n its due in 3 weeks, gotta get a move on! Then there is Principles of Retailing class which is... pretty good.. i think the subject is interesting but the lecturer is a bit weird. no doubt that she knows her stuff but i just cant keep up wit the way she teaches it.. n im not alone in this.... she keeps grabbin her boobs for warmth... hmmmm.....

but oh well! n lastly, Design Mangement class is so far.... a bit dull la.. i dunno just 1 class so far n it didnt leave much of an impression on me, but i think its got to do wit management skills n brand management n tat sort of things.. will fill in more later..

oh n yesterday was Tim's farewell party! He's also leaving to the US for 4 years.. it was fun as I got to see Sim and Nick again! :) my fellow YES ppl! Sim n I were the 2 ppl who put on the most amount of weight from the US, glad to say we lost it all! hahhaah! :) good times..

hahhaha check out my 'lolita' hairstyle! hahaha i think I've been reading ViVi magazine abit too much recentl! GOD IM ADDICTED TO THAT MAGAZINE!!!!!!!!!!!!! ahhhh!! the clothes the clothes the clothes!!!!!!!!!! oh n LENA FUJII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! goodness, smack me wit a stick but im addicted to her... *growl*

but its ok, i think of Icky n i know that im still straight! i wanna pinch his cheeks! haha so im may be bent here n there, but DEF still straight! :p

ok ok gonna go watch Zohan now before i start running off on another tangent! ta!


Sunday, August 17, 2008


Mungkin aku juga pernah merasakan cinta,
Tapi tak pernah seindah ini,
Mungkin aku juga pernah merasakan rindu,
Tapi tak pernah sedalam ini.

Mungkin kamu takkan pernah percaya,
bahwa aku sesungguhnya,
aku telah terjatuh,

akui aku telah larut,
larut ke dalam kamu,
yang ku cintai....

This beautiful song is by the Indonesian band, Dewa 19 and the song is called 'Larut'. wow.. its beautiful! it basically means that

'Maybe I've felt love before, but never as beautiful as this,
Maybe I've felt longing before, but never as deep as this,

Maybe you'll not believe that I've fallen for you...

I admit, that I've dissolved into you, into you that I love...'

hmm it may not sound as deep once i translate it, but its so beautiful! its as if he's saying that he's so in love that he's become like one with her... :) *sccchhwweett*

*BUNNY woves ICKY*

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Made In China

So i recently bought myself some bling stickers so stick on my phone just coz im flossy-flossy like that! n i got a pink/silver colored one n now my phone resembles one of Paris Hilton's! hahahhahhaha crap!!!! i wanted red/silver for candy canes but elek.. so wat to do?

anyhow, at the back of the packaging was the instructions that just made me laugh soo hard as i read it!! n its MADE IN CHINA btw! i kid u not, but this is exactly wat was written at the back! :)

Operation Method.
1. Please remove dirty and dust on the surface when stick
2.Please tear the cell-phone which stick at the back of the sticker
3.After stick on the cell-phone, it needs 30minutes that sticker could be totally fixed.

*Take down it from papercard and please pay attention to not being injured.
*When sticker is assaulted by brute force,acrylic will come off from the cell-phone.
*It is not the products stuck on the skin directly. The person with sensitive skin will cause skin it ching and imflammation. So please dont stick it on skin directly.
*Please place the product on the place where children be unable to get.

and for the end bit.............................. MADE IN CHINA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


anyhow, classes this week have been pretty interesting. so far i've gotten like, 2 assignments to do addy, but more on that another day.. im enjoyin them, so tats good! :)

n during lunch today while i was chewin on my hot-dog, i freakin bit a bloody hole thru the side of my tongue!!!!! omggg i actually felt it go thru, n the pain was.... ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
n Melissa NG, the wonderful fren of mine, was just talking non-stop as i held my mouth in pain n then she stopped n gave me this face n said; 'Kel!! can u stop stoning ah??'
as to which i opened my mouth n stuck out my bleeding tongue! ahh i had bit it from top to bottom at the side!! ahh the painnnn n swellin n Mel has the pics! hahah ill post em up soon! LOL!!!
but yeah, pretty RAD day at college huh?

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The O.C

I've been a fan of The O.C since its very 1st episode! I feel like i kinda 'grew' thru my mid teens years with it. Ive been a faithful fan ever since n watched every single episode from every season!

one of the major reasons why I love the OC is coz of its excellent choice of songs at the very best moments, i honestly have no idea how they manage to get it 100% right every single time! :) I've collected all 6 Volumes of the Music From The O.C albums! :) n each of the songs remind me of a special scene in the show, n whenever i hear some of them again, i also remember exactly how i was feelin when i first watched/heard it!

So i've decided to compile my TOP 4 Best Music Moments from The OC!! watch em all n see wat i mean! :) they're magical!

#4) Imogen Heap- Hide & Seek. played during Caleb's funeral.

#3) Matt Pond PA - Champagne Supernova. the classic 'seth cohen- spiderman kiss!'

#2) Jem- Maybe I'm Amazed. during the wedding at the last episode of the 1st season.

and for my ultimate fav yang 'tak boleh belah' till today is......

#1) Finley Quay & Will Orbit - Dice. final moments before NYs where Ryan rushes to kiss Marissa!

i also think that part of the magic comes from being an avid fan of the show, u get wats goin on. nevertheless, if u ever come across Music From The OC: Volume 1,4 & 5, u shud get em! they're my fav! :)


Monday, August 11, 2008

Leavin On A Jetplane

So watever problems that me n the boy have been havin has been cleared up! :) pheww! finally, after soo much of talking, fighting, tears and alot more talking, we're cooler than ever! its makes me so happy and really appreciate him after we work things out, i dunno i guess im just glad that we bother enuf to WANT to work it out n not just give up la..

So we're cool! =D

but the saddest thing ever is that Farah's gone....... :( my best friend left this mornin at 9.40am to the USA.. she's gonna be studyin there n im happy n freakin proud of her (not to mention jealous!- she's gonna be havin such a GREAT time!!!!) but im gonna miss her tons..... She was always the one i cud count on for everything, from shoppin like whacks, spillin our guts out to each other over pearl tea, to going crazy n fallin down all over to being the shoulder to cry on. She was always the best fren from high school tat I never had any shit wit. it was always great, n she knew me the best n strangely she was the only friend who i really listened to n would really take advice from..

n now she's gone.. i know she'll be back in a year for summer n all tat but im just gonna miss her soo freakin much. ugh i did not get any sleep in almost 24hours coz was at the place since 11pm, wit Venilla n Cixan, n we were talkin n helpin her pack n all tat shiznits, no sleep at all! then it was off to the airport at 5.30am since they had to be there early..

alot of ppl came, dewi, liyana, nadiah, me, venilla, cixan.. her family n when she was givin us all the hugs, every1 was crying.. everyone. i guess its just so great to see that she means alot to alot ppl, its sumn she shud be proud of!

so we were all crying together as we watched her walk away, n hugged.. sigh.... its just really sinking in that she's gone la.....

well there were quite a few pics taken n i'll be postin em up soon la! so till then, i need sleeppp!!


Saturday, August 9, 2008


I need somebody, help!

I've been feeling like complete crap.. Last night n today, just pure unadulterated crap. My heart feels like its breaking from all the hurt its gettin......... i just feel so..... i cant even describe it...

Im not in control of this anymore, its out of my hands n i just dont know what is gonna happen wit us.. :'( i feel so useless, so stupid...

u know i absolutely love the pure thrill of being in control of my pain. why else do u think im fascinated by piercings n tattoos? altho i have no tattoos i think part of why emo ppl get it is to know tat they r in control of their pain, n somehow i totally get that. To know that no one else can hurt u as bad as u can hurt urself is pure assurance. its power and control but most of all, its a shield that u can hold from the rest of the world.

i really think i need to talk to someone. the only person in my family who I'll talk to freely is miles away in a different country.. i want a person who'd care..


Friday, August 8, 2008


well sorry i have not been updating ive been really busy.......................

i had a good night, went to Euphoria again n it was fun!

This morning was absolutelu fantastic! Trisha n I were asked by Stephanie Goh to do a small tiny shoot for Cleo Magazine's Retail Therapy column where they review a store n theres a smaall picture of a model wearing the outfits la. So it was cool! i was representing the 'Charles & Keith" boutique of gorrgeoussss shoes n handbags! :)

wore blouse+top from Forever21, belt, shoes & bag by Charles & Keith!!

it was a cute shoot coz we had to smile! hahaha not used to it, but got the hang of it n i loved the results!! :)

Trisha was uberrrrrrrr cool!!! she was more punk rock ish representing a new brand in Pavillion, not sure wat its called but i think its Dr.Denim? i dunno but it was soooo funky! hahahh she looked fab! :)

so apparently I'll be out in the November issue n Trish is in Dec!

then we hit OU n had fun....

till something ruined my day n i think this just gonna possibly ruin my life. im so dissapointed in him right now i cant even explain it, its such a small thing to ask for n yet he cant give it......... its nothin material. its the fact that he cant let this go, he cant ignore her for me. if she really meant nothing, why is it so hard to just give me the peace of mind? i just no longer know wats gonna happen with us........


Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Panicking At The Disco

*Ive updated alot of songs on my playlist! Check it out! :)*

I had a good nite! really! i got a random call from Rueben Annai in the afternoon saying that he has tickets to the Panic At The Disco concert (didnt even know they were havin one!) n asked if i wanted to go. so.. im not a fan, i know like 4 songs from em, n they're pretty ok, but was never into them but i went along wit him and his fren Adrian n u know wat? it was actually fun!


ok so it was the smallest concert ive been to, the thing is tat it wasnt promoted, not many knew bout it n it was at the Bkt.Jalil Putra Stadium. got in n they had barricaded 1/2 the stadium so they dont waste space. in total i think there were only like 600 ppl? not many! but it turned out to be cool n different! One Buck Short opened n they did a good job then PATD played, n honestly even tho i didnt know most of their songs, i enjoyed myself!

They played well n were interactive wit the crowd- who btw, was made up of mostly kids below 17 n alot of international school kids (i hate them-intl school kids r way to stuck up n think they're all tat!), n i was shocked! felt old n for the 1st time ever, i began to see these kids in a whole new way!

i saw them as annoyin lil yuppies who were just makin loud scenes wit their frens n then, all of a sudden, it dawned on me!!!!!!! *Dumm dummm duummmmm* i was lookin at the old me+frens! omg! that was wat me, misha, n liz used to be like whenever we were at concerts! we were loud n we did wtv we wanted n we just didnt care! ahh! hahahha i mean we always enjoyed ourselves n thougth we were the shizznitts but now i realize how some older ppl must have thought of us! lol! oh well, we grew up so tats good at least! loL!

but anyway, PATD was good! the lead vocallist, Brendan was really good n cute too! :) all in all, a good time! also i got to sit at the place where they control the music n it was at the back so it was cool to have a different perspective in a concert, really nice to observe ppl! thanks again to Annai & Adrian annai! :)

had my Management class today n although it was just intro to the subject, it sounds like a workload n already me n Tatz were like; 'wow! we can addy feel the stress!' ahhahaha :) hope tomoro goes well!


Monday, August 4, 2008


ahh my new timetable is swwweeetttt!!! :) so so darn awesome! I have only 4 subjects this sem n i have 3 days of classes only n a 4-day weekend! ahhh!

Tuesday- Intro to Management, 9-12
Wednedsay - Fundamentals of Sketching, 2-5
Thursday - Principles of Retailing,9-12 & then Design Management, 2-5

oh Fridays-Mondays free! :) im stoked!

oh n I've been Youtubing piercings alot these past couple of days just to cure my boredom, n u know i've always had a thing for piercings.. i love em! i love all the adrenaline rush you get from thinking of it, n then after its done, u realize tat u were just trippin for nothin n they end up lookin great!

so i have had altogether 9 piercings done in my life, ive had my 2 on my ear lobes, cartilage, nose n tragus pierced, the nose one closed tho, i took it out as it was troublesome in school. but i really like my tragus! :) honestly it was painfree! :)

but i've always wanted to get a tongue piercing, i think its nice, n more over i wanna get one JUST to know how it felt, know wat i mean? i dunno tho, its gotten a bit too common n um.. skanky? n plus Mal wud kill me as he HATES piercings n tattoos (anything for u hun!) haha but u know just sometimes i cant help wonder how it feels like.....

n i also think that Corset piercings are gorgeous!!!! ahhh they are!!!

the thing is tat they r only done for play purposes, as in photoshoots, once u get em done, u cant leave it in for more than 2 days if im not mistaken, so its just a short thing, nevertheless, its pretty!

but then again, some ppl have the weirdest piercings! honestly! like wats wit a 'Cleavage surface piercing'.. well surface piercings on a whole, r weird but wtf??

oh n DO watch this video i found of a guy gettin dared to get a Prince Albert done live on air!! ahh i cant embed it, but its soooo funny!! holy shit i cant imagine how ANYONE can get genital piercings, like WAT THE FLYING?? but watch it!!! click me! :) seriously tho, its funny!


Sunday, August 3, 2008

Liquid Remake & Farah's Farewell

Hehe so Bibo n I shot again last week at my place, he wanted to remake our very 1st shoot together, at the pool. so we did! n it was fun! im quite liking these photos!!! :)
*want the hair fling one in original size! :)*

*im lovin these 2!*
im still waiting for Idan's post of the lips shoot.......

well yesterday was fun! volunteered at the AFS bake sale at Hartamas n tat was fun! we managed to make real good sales actually, n it was all good fun meeting n getting to know the new exchange students! :) wishing them the BEST of luck livin in Malaysia n i know tat they're gonna love it so much!

Farah's farewell party was yesterday too at her fren's apartments in Mutiara Damansara n it was funnnn!! so great when a bunch of us Sri Amanians get together la! n we all go cuckoo together! had bbq, we sang, we laughed, we danced, we did all sorts of nonsense! hahahha but im gonna miss Farah so so sooo freakin much! i dont want my best friend to leave... god im gonna cry alot at the airport! :'(

*My 2 best friends*
*She wanted to carry me! :)*

She's gonna be away for a long time, but hopefully i'll be going to the US next year for a visit to PA n i can hopefully go to IL as well! :D love you babe!


Friday, August 1, 2008


yes yes yes!!!! We finally went to London's Ministry of Sound's 1st club in Malaysia called Euphoria for those of u who still dont know!

omgies!!! it just opened n its a big club n they r well known for their House, electro n techno music la, so i thought that their hip-hop/rnb nites wud either suck n just be average but we were all soo mistaken!

It was Ladies Night so me, Trish n Deb got in all for free! :) n 1st off- the club was really big n SMOKE FREE!! woot! smokin is banned in this club n I LOVE TAT!! u can actually breathe properly n ur skin, hair n clothes wont reek of ciggarette smoke! n it was cool in there, the deco is damn nice, spacious n ur not allowed to bring drinks to the dancefloor which is great so no drunk idiots can slosh their shit around n get u wet.

the music tho. omg. omg omg!!!!! it was the SHIIZZNIITTTSS!! dead serious! we were all BLOWN away by how awesome it was! the hip-hop/rnb was soo awesome n the DJ Patrick actually knows wat he's doin n later on around 12ish, he started mixing in House n for a person who only layans a few of the songs, i THOROUGLY enjoyed myself! damn son!!! how many DJ's can keep everyone enterntained like that?? freakin awesome man!!

n summore the floor 'vibrates!' hahah no theres no vibrators or wtv, but its wood panelled n the bass just makes it vibrate so much, its AWESOME!! ahh last night was serioulsy on o the best nites! tat was officially:


dancing for almost 3 hours straight! feet were killin me n im feelin lethargic today but i totally cant wait again for next time!! now all other clubs shall fail miserably in comparission man!

n my shoot wit Bibo was just awesome!! had so much fun n i think we managed to get some good shots! :) cant wait to get em n shall post up soon! :)