Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Am i Bovvered???

before u watch this video, please put my music on PAUSE 1st otherwise the sounds shall override each other.. which is really not the point la..

Am i bovvered?? Am i bovvered tho????


So this is the CATHERINE TATE Show - a British comedian, like duh, but yeah! hehe she's just sooo hilarious!

ive been watchin her videos on YouTube for a while now but just decided tat i had to put it up on The Babbles la! :D She does many different skits ranging from the one u just watched, LAUREN the schoolgirl skits, Tony Blair, & so on!

Her famous tagline, the reason she's so famous is

hahaha, so yeah, check it out n all her other vids if u have the time! :D

So lately i've been really great! I;ve been hanging out wit Misha, Shafiq n Mal alot! :D Just chillin at the malls, watchin movies, laughin, schemin and just havin a great time!

so as i've said b4, im just feeling soo in LOVE right now!!!! i think just goin thru such a rough year last year n we just basically ran in circles around each other, but never comin to a meeting point, n now tat we have, u know like after just trying soo hard n now tat we have each other, we've just seem to have fallen just soo much deeper in love..

and i guess now, we just take things as it comes, were tryin our best to not take each other for granted, coz i guess since we've been together for so long, we just started doing tat, n THAT was basically the cause of all our problems... so always remember!! dont take ur significant other, or any of ur frens, for granted.....

ahhh... i feel like such a Love-Sick girl again! hahahha but i love feeling this way! :D just feel soo... happy, deliriously happy-tat is, young, carefree and just like, nothing else matters, u know.. well we shud NEVER TAKE DRUGS!! just be IN LOVE instead! ;P its a natural high.. of just go shopping, tat also works! lol!

So i do apologize for sounding all, blleeeeghhh, but i cant help it! hehe but i shall try to reduce it, k? SO DO DROP by again! reviewing 3 movies in my next post! :d


Sunday, January 27, 2008

Back in Malaysia!!! :D

wheeeeeee!!!! im baaaaaaccckkk homee!!!! :D yay!!

I spent a GREAT week in INDIA!! still real tired, as i didnt sleep on the plane, so came home n straight unpacked, n plonked myself on the bed n slept! but still real tired la~
But this trip was soo good!!
I spent everyday shopping all around Bombay! u must be thinking, "god! go all the way there just to shop?"

well yeah, coz i mean, Bombay is not a place where u go to sight-see, there is nothing much to see except The Gateway of India n Bollywood - where they film all the Indian movies, but other than that, theres nothing! its sooooooooooooooo freakin dirty n dusty n overcrowded! the streets r never empty, the drivers are totally insane, they do watever they heck they like without caring about other drivers, n its non-stop HONKIN!!!!!!!!!!!!! SERIOUSLY!! there is not 10seconds tat go by without a person honking for NO REASON WAT-SO-EVER!!!! n theres people who live on the street.. sigh...... sad tho to see these kinds of ppl..
but oh well..... i guess whenever i go to India, i always just thank God for blessing me with all the things tat i have.. it makes u just appreciate HOME alot more..

Other than tat reality check, i was on a spree of shopping for great Indian buys! like accessories, kurtis n sarees!! :D needless to say, i was very successful! went wit a 1/4 filled suitcase, n when i came back, it was filled!! totally packed! :D yays!!!!!

THIS IS MY NEW SAREE!!!!!!!! just the green one tho, with the black sequins all over, in real life, its much more green, the pic is just a bit weird on the color. but nevertheless, YAY! it was bout RM380 i think.. around there n cant wait to wear it to someone's weddin! i've got 2 coming up soon! so will be wearing 2 diff sarees to each event! i cant wait!!!!

n also, bought like a TON of accessories, coz there's just such a HUGE variety of earrings n necklaces n bracelets n bangles n rings to buy! n most of them, depending where you go, are really really cheap! i mean, i Splurged on something really gorgeous for myself, a Beautiful MARCASITE bangle & ring!
i never spend tat much on 1 piece of jewellry, but i really loved this bangle n thought i deserved something nice tat i can wear all time, so bought this bangle, costs bout RM120 n then saw a matching ring for RM50 n just got it la! haha so now its my new BLING! ;P
But tat was just this 2 things la, the other earrings i got all cost bout RM1-7!! :D seriously! i spent an average of RM 5 (which is bout US$ 1.25) on most of the earrings! :D see this is why i LOVE India!!! :D bought a set of bangles to match my saree as well! :D n also! i got INDIAN style Shoes! hahha u know those round toe-d Genie-ish ones~! lol! they were so cute n only RM20, so thought, why not la!
other than tat, i got 2 short kurti blouses, a salwar kameez set n a pretty white blouse! :D oh n of course souvenirs for my frens! :D hehehhe im not soo self centered, OH KAY!!
Total count-
18 pairs of earrings
2 necklaces
3 sets of bangles
3 pairs of shoes
7 tops
1 saree
1 silk scarf
2 CDs
so it was a great spree, yea?
i also enjoyed being the Bartender on Friday night! ahah my uncle had a small Johnie Walker BLUE LABEL party n so some ppl got together at the house, n i was just goin in n out the whole time, poring beer, gettin whisky on the rocks n pouring whisky soda! hahah it was fun! me n my dad did tat, he let me do it by myself after a while n i also helped my aunt wit the food! lol!

met a really Great guy!
He's this AMERICAN guy who works wit my uncle. the poor man has been living in India without his wife & kids for 3 months, so he really misses them soo very much, u cud tell.
so he came over 1 night n we started talking n guess wat? i find out tat he lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania!! tat was bout 6 hours away from Allentown!
it was just so nice to talk to someone who comes from tat area of the USA! n he was sooo interested in my time in the USA so i was talkin all bout it n he was also tellin me bout his experiences in India n his daughters n all tat! :D
i was soooooo happy to meet him!

its just great to talk to someone bout these kinds of things n have them genuinely interested in what i have to say, u know?

So i think he also enjoyed meetin me, n i think coz i reminded him bout his daughters, which is good! :D
Nyeh! so i definately had a great time la! stuffed myself silly wit awesome Indian food n had 4 Rasmalais in 1 day! hahhaha sooooooooo freakin delicious!

im gonna go eat now! Japanese! lol! so till then! i love you all!!!!!!! :D


Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Bombay Shopping!

So yes, im in India now!! :D this is just a lil update! im on the 2nd day now, n India's been good so far! Actually today was more like GREAT!!

Its winter now, so its cool! weather's bout 18celcius, which is awesome! Sigh, 1 thing bout bein back in Bombay tho, is the Noise n the POLLUTION n the rubbish!!!! GROSSSS.. seriously. god must also bless the people here who drive, they are craaazzzyyy n they cant stop honkin on their bloody horns! its soo freakin irritating!!
Buut neway, hehhe
Today i went shopping!!!!!! :D:D

Bought a Gorgeous Greenish- Blue Saree with black sequins all over! gorgeousness i tell you!!!! *takes my breathe away!* lol!
N also bought a bangles n tons of AWESOME earrings! :D:D hehehheh

ahh its good to be in india, n the food too! :D omg delicious! ill def be puttin on weight on my cheeks! lol!
so ill put up pics n list of things i bought at the end of my trip, so till then,

oh! n a quick shoutout:
Liz, Sha - missing u crazy girls like mad!
MAL -i cudnt stop thinkin of u tat i even dreamt of you.. it was the worst nightmare i've ever had!
dreamt tat You had died in a car crash n i was screamin n crying in disbelief n i thought my heart was bout to burst... will explain more another time.. LOVE YOU MOOKS!!


Friday, January 18, 2008

I'll be waitin for India!!

Im going to BOMBAY, INDIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D:D

yyp yup! this will be my 5th time going to Bombay! lol! n im leavin wit my Dad this Sunday,20th till next Sunday, 26th! Cant wait!!:D

You might be wonderin why the heck have i been to India so many times rite? well i have an aunt n uncle who live there n so we go occasionally to visit.. 1st time i went was wit my grandparents, 2nd wit my aunt, 3rd with parents n 4 (which was in 2005) was wit my cousins! haha so i bet this will also be fun! Dad's goin there to meet up wit some ppl, so while he does tat, ill be chillin with my aunt, n goin SHOPPIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shoppin in Bombay (a.k.a. MUMBAI) is the bomb!!!!! if ur looking for sarees, salwar kameezs, kurtis, indian bangles, earrings, bindis n other Indian paraphernilia, BOMBAY is the place to be!! they are all cheap-depending on where u go, but still, n there r just huge varieties all over! :D
needless to say, im goin wit an empty suitcase, ya? haha n dont worry will bring back souvenirs for my buddies! :D

These past few days has been... ok i guess.. dont really do much, but do get to hang out wit Misha a few times, as she goes to college near by so tats fun! n yesterday we went to Pyramid wit Shafiq & Mal n watched THE GAME PLAN!! :D

ahh! its sooo hilarious! its starrin THE ROCK n this cute lil kid called Madison Pettis,who is sooooooo cute!!!!!!!!!! As u wud know,The Rock who plays the character: JOE KINGMAN is a pro-footballer (football americano, tat is) n he suddenly finds out tat he has an 8 year old daughter. so its pretty funny to watch all the mayhem tat she causes! :D
Great movie to catch if ur into comedies!:D loved it! :D
next movie i wanna watch is THE ATONEMENT.
its supposed to be awesome, yeah? 14 Nominations at the BAFTA awards! wow!
well till next time ya'll! im gonna go clubbin wit my girls tonight! Whoohoo!!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


The dreaded time of month for every women ( n men too) to go thru..

I HATE PMS!!!!! it drives me insane!!! ( n literaly too!) im goin thru it now n it just... UGHHHH!!! *tugs hard at hair*

I tend to always have these symptoms;
-easily frustrated - i got soo mad wit Mal yesterday just coz he didnt shower after i purposely woke him up at 9.45. instead he slept back! uggghhhh!!
-depressed - once i was just real upset bout some random crap n my dad asks me wats wrong n i start crying n he panicked! lol!
-major mood swings -one time i was laughin histerically wit my couz for 10 mins+, seriously, n then suddenly, dunno why, i got soo upset, i started crying!! like for no reason! WACKO!!!
-cravings gettin up at mid nite to go out n get a Ramli burger... ahhh... thank god im Malaysian
-breakouts -AARRGGHH!!!every-FREAKIN-month! without fail! 2 weeks prior to period, they haunt me!
-irrational behaviour/thinking - i once, without thinkin, confessed my feelings 4 a guy! totally by suprise!

U men always seem to think that we enjoy ourselves during this time of the month, or u seem to think that we PURPOSELY attack u!

ITS OUT OF OUR CONTROL!!!!!!!!!!! u honestly think tat we enjoy gettin irritated or mad about the most randomest n unimportant thing??? Heck no!! i HATE it! i hate gettin mad at people who didnt really do anything wrong to me... i hate crying or gettin really depressed over small things, i hate breakouts! ugghhhhhh!!!

wateva la. u guys have it soo easy, sure u get whacked thru-n-thru sometimes by us (not on purpose again!) but all u have to do is run away.....

sigh.. life is unfair... im gonna go mope now..


Sunday, January 13, 2008

Spa-Tastic! :D

Felt like total crap this morning when i woke up! had cramps, had a cold and also just felt really unattractive.. So when my mom asked me if i wanted to go for a Spa today, i was totally psyched!

We went to Jojoba Spa in Berjaya Times Square Hotel in the evening. I chose the TROPICAL package coz it had a:
-Coconut Body Scrub, Shower, Aromatherapy Body Massage and Soothing Eye Pack..
n i thought, "Uhhhhhhh!!!! :D i love the smell of coconut! so tat should be awesome!"

So its the typical spa routine, naked except for disposable panties, then she covered me with a towel n strted scrubbin me down all over my body with this awesome smelling & feeling coconut scrub! n i was just basically in heaven!
then she asked me when i turned over,
" do you want me to scrub ur breasts?"
to which i thought in my head, " what breasts?"
but yeah! i also thought, "ahh wat the heck la, my K-Ks deserve some pampering ;p lol! so lets do it!!!" hahahha so yeah i really did get a WHOLE body scrub as well as an amaaaaazzinnnggg Aromatherapy massage all over (haha K-Ks included! lol!)

was given yummy ginger tea n left with the feeling of total relaxtion, super clean, calm, happy & an all around better! :D

its web site is
i def recommend the spa for anyone! n even if u dont want anything too elaborate, this spa also offers many other types of packages like foot massage, back massage, facials n so on....

im gonna go catch up on Episode 12 of Gossip Girl n then its off to a wonderful sleep! :)

Bon Nuit!

The Chapter continues..

Love is when her voice sounds like music,
and her touch calms your heart,
Her eyes shines so brightly,
and to leave her feels so hard,
Her kisses tastes heavenly,
her hand you wanna hold,
Her movement slows down time,
and her smile fills up your soul,
Her absence always stings,
her presence means the world,
Her heart you wanna keep,
you know she's the only girl,
She's the reason that you're living,
for her you'll always strive,
I'll give her my everything,
cos she lights up my life


He wrote that for me, among all the other poems.. :)
He's always been such an amazing poet, writer, singer, rapper..
and he says tat im his No.1 inspiration.. :D cant deny tat most of the beautiful things he's ever written were about me, and trust me when i say, they are as beautiful as this and some even more!

Guess u can tell that im totally head-over-heels IN LOVE again! :D I really am!!!!
It feels like even tho we went thru sooo much shit last year, n now we both basically fell in love witho each other again, it just seems like, "why dont we just spend time together and be happy for now?"

Ya, we'll have to go our seperate ways someday.... maybe..... but for now, and the fact that our feelings are on the same page, and STRONGER than ever, why deny it? :D
Be happy with what we have, treasure these memories and most of all, make the most out of it!

yes, i did fall out of love for a while last year... but now, im back in, deeper than ever too! I cant block out these feelings, ill be miserable!

He just..... Understands how i work, how i function COMPLETELY, u know? he does.... ITs scary, but sometimes he knows me more than i think he does, and vice versa..
we just somehow, complete each other. we can talk about anything in the world, we can do anything and not feel ashamed about it and we're just sooo........comfortable....

I just cant believe we've been together for 2 years 9 months already! ha! despite the breaks in between! its soo long! :D

Im just happy rite now! so so so happy!


Thursday, January 10, 2008

The Wild Woman

So yesterday Misha came over to my place to chill n we were in my room, n as usual talkin all sorts of shit n laughin n dancin n singin to SUMMER NIGHTS from GREASE!! lol! tat was always our thing!

when we were younger, we used to sing it n have all the lines n motions memoriezed! guess nothing changed huh? haha

anyway, while i was stnding in a bra while ironin my t-shirt, tat woman was on the phone la, so we started howling n all tat , the person on the phone, Shafiq, was like, are there dogs there?
n i say: "yeah, her name is Misha!! " ;p
n u know wat tat crazy woman did????

she whips me really hard with a USB cable tat she was holding!! like really hard tat i scream in a serious high-pitched-holy-crap-tat-FREAKIN-hurts-like-hell!!!!
n then she starts screamin as well n we both were screamin n i was chasing her around! ahhahhahah

heres how bad it was!
n it even got on my arm, the pic of tat's not so clear la, but this was bad! lol!
haihzz.. then we went out to buy pearl tea n suprise MAL who just came back from Europe n we went n ate NASI LEMAK at ss2 n liz joined in the festivities!! lol!
wer were like some crazy ppl there, talkin n laughin like mad! hahhahha
ahh.. how i love Malaysia......

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

u wont listen will u?

aiyoo.. i know you people all too well, n i know tat after readin my last post u'll still n ot take my advice n u'll go ahead n watch the freak girls, wont u?
dont blame me for wanting to die..
i warned you

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Hold me as i puke

Oh word can only describe how disgusted i feel!! uuuuggghhhhhh!!!!

This mornin at 5.45am when i couldn't sleep, i go online n on facebook. on it i saw a fren's comment about a video of a boy's reaction to a video online, apparently the video is called "2 GIRLS 1 FINGER"
n this poor boy looked extremely disgusted n grossed out! The thing is tat i had no clue wat was the video all bout, so me being the kepochi (means BUSYBODY in malay) tat i am, i had to go n find it la!

so i go to the most trusted site for videos, YOUTUBE n i type the title in, but lo n behold! all the videos tat pop up are "reaction to the 2 girls 1 finger video" n its not just one, there were 100++ videos, all filled with videos of disgust, horror, people puking, n all tat, but the thing is ta i cudnt find the video on youtube, so i guess it was banned.

Tat didnt stop me, coz i cudnt for the life of me imagine wat sort of rubbish cud lead to grown adult men cringin away n pukin at a video, so i searched on google, n i found it.....

n i tell u, tat was one of the biggest regrets of my life!!!! n seriously, comin from me, tats saying something!
i have watched some pretty fucked up things, k? really... but this by faaar was the worst of the lot!

i will not describe wat it was, but i tell u, I CANT FREAKING BELIEVE THAT ANYONE WOULD DO SUCH A THING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wat the freak is wrong wit u girls?????????????????????//
the video only lasted bout 30seconds but it felt like eternity
n i had to look away.................. its disgusting!
i thought ill never be able to eat again!!!!!!!!!

the worst part is tat i cant get the freakin image out of my head! n now i cant even say the word...... SHIT again.......... like it now plays a HORRIBLE image in my head.. wat the hell man??
n there r 2 other similar videos apparently, called

"2 girls 1 cup" & "4 girls finger paint"


u unfortunately, will live to regret it, if you do.........

*bunny commited suicide*

Monday, January 7, 2008

Good times with Frens!

Yikes! i love my frens! hahah just tahought id say that! i had a fantastic time wit Liz & Misha today!! went wit Sha to Sunway Pyramid n shopped, walked around n was joined by Liz n we ate! then we came over to my place n looked at all our old photos from loong ago, n ooooohhhhh gooddddddddddddddddd!
The pics of us when we were younger/fatter/uglier were HILARIOUS!!!!
i swear man!! we just sat there looked n laughed like hyenas!! it was madness! also, listenin to Misha's off-key singin at Simple Plan's concert was.... out of this world! hahah!


As i said, New Year Eve's at Riyana's gorgeous home ROCKED!!!!
there were just so many stories to tell so im just gonna put up a few pics to give ya a lil hint! :D the rest are on my FACEBOOK! hehe enjoy!

These are lil moments tat just make life, OH SO WORTH IT!!!!

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Stubborn Girl

Why is it tat we can be so stubborn at times? i dont get it... Stubborness i think, is the 8th Deadly Sin which they have forgotten to add to the list...

Im sure everyone of us has this behaviour in them, how strongly we let it consume ourselves, differ from person to person, but generally we all have been mislead by it, rite??

i was just talkin to a girlfren of mine, Liz just now, n we both realized (ok we've always known la) but we just cudnt get why we have to be very stubborn.
In my case, i've always been a very, very stubborn girl, ever since i was a child! Go on, ask my relatives, they'll tell u all the stories bout me gettin into trouble despite them warnin me..

But i just am la.... im Headstrong in what i believe in-always have been..
N even when alot of ppl are telling me not to do something, and the worst part is tat, i know its wrong myself, i still want to do it n in most cases, actually do it! i think its like, i always want to walk away knowing tat;

i did try something out,
i did experience it
and at least now i know 1st hand the results/consequences of my actions...

You know, i've adopted that thinkin while i was in the USA, i wanna try everything even tho i know tat it mite not be such a good idea, coz i wanna experience everything for myself, coz i hate
WHAT IF & IF ONLY.......

i hate wondering "what if i did that?" i dont wanna spend my life thinkin bout it n regrettin, u know?

so tats why i decided to try things out n come out feeling the satisfaction of havin tried at least n knowing tat is good enuf!

So yes, me & liz are stubborn...... we'd get hurt along the way, we know it...

but does tat stop us?

i think not.


Friday, January 4, 2008

Heroes fill my days..

Yes.. i have FINALLY caught the bug.. the HEROES bug! im officially and forever addicted to this show!

ok so u must be thinkin tat im some kinda loser who has been sittin under a rock the entire time since Heroes is kinda old, but NO! i have not been sittin under a rock!

Basically the whole time i was in the US, i stayed wit a conservative Christian family who were very particular bout wat the kids in the house watched n listened to, so for 6 months i was deprieved of my normal music n shows, but its ok, didnt complain much..

so since ive been back home, i've been sooo busy catchin up wit ppl, food, fam n also all the movies n songs n shows i've missed! not to mention college toO!

Thats why i was totally glued to the tv when i watched the whole season 9 & 10 of Friends, season 4 of THE O.C, season 2 & 3 of Grey's Anatomy & now, most recently, season 1 of Heroes!!! :D:D

So i has the entire 1st season on my laptop since July but i only decided to watch it bout last week, a few days b4 Xmas, n lemme tell u........


like, im on my pc wit my eyes glued to the screen every free second i can get watchin the episodes! like at 1st, the first few episodes were confusing, yet i was deeply intrigued!! :D so i kept on watchin n seriously wei!! its soo freakin awesome! i mean, after the characters develop n u familiarize urself wit everyone, the story totally takes off!

So yeah, i know, im damn sad with nothing else to do, but u know wat? i enjoy it! its my escape! loL! so ive finished wit Season 1 n now im watchin season 2 of HEROES online!! also downloading it at the same time! :D yays!!
n i have to say! the 2nd season is lookin rather brilliant! lol! n on STARWORLD, they're gonna have a HEROES season 1 MARATHON on the 19th & 20th of January on starworld, channel 711! so watch it if ur a diehard fan! :D n then they gonna start the 2nd season officially on 22nd Jan, Tuesday, 9pm, channel 711! :D
this means i get double doses! :D happinessssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!

so this day has been pretty good! i woke up n watched the Ellen Degeneras Show n forced myself to clean up my 'went thru a bomb' state- closet! loL! if ur wondering, i simply mean tat my closet was waaayyy too messy n i didn have new space for new clothes so i had to clean it out!

While i did so, i listened to HARRY POTTER & THE SORCERER'S STONE on audiobook which i had downloaded, n (btw, im like the most die-hard Harry Potter fan in Malaysia!) was thoroughly enjoyin myself by being accompanied by 2 of the best joys in my life:


then after tat, sha & liz came over for some fun girl-bonding time! we watched "RAISE YOUR VOICE" n had fun eatin, talkin n watching hilarious old videos! :D

good day??
yeah i'll say so! :D

ooopss!!! gotta get back to Heroes! im starting Episode 6 now! :D