Saturday, January 5, 2008

Stubborn Girl

Why is it tat we can be so stubborn at times? i dont get it... Stubborness i think, is the 8th Deadly Sin which they have forgotten to add to the list...

Im sure everyone of us has this behaviour in them, how strongly we let it consume ourselves, differ from person to person, but generally we all have been mislead by it, rite??

i was just talkin to a girlfren of mine, Liz just now, n we both realized (ok we've always known la) but we just cudnt get why we have to be very stubborn.
In my case, i've always been a very, very stubborn girl, ever since i was a child! Go on, ask my relatives, they'll tell u all the stories bout me gettin into trouble despite them warnin me..

But i just am la.... im Headstrong in what i believe in-always have been..
N even when alot of ppl are telling me not to do something, and the worst part is tat, i know its wrong myself, i still want to do it n in most cases, actually do it! i think its like, i always want to walk away knowing tat;

i did try something out,
i did experience it
and at least now i know 1st hand the results/consequences of my actions...

You know, i've adopted that thinkin while i was in the USA, i wanna try everything even tho i know tat it mite not be such a good idea, coz i wanna experience everything for myself, coz i hate
WHAT IF & IF ONLY.......

i hate wondering "what if i did that?" i dont wanna spend my life thinkin bout it n regrettin, u know?

so tats why i decided to try things out n come out feeling the satisfaction of havin tried at least n knowing tat is good enuf!

So yes, me & liz are stubborn...... we'd get hurt along the way, we know it...

but does tat stop us?

i think not.



kG said...

I hate "what ifs", and "if only i hads". I tend to regret much too drastically about those. So I try, jump in, whenever I want to, wherever it may be. For better or worse.