Tuesday, January 15, 2008


The dreaded time of month for every women ( n men too) to go thru..

I HATE PMS!!!!! it drives me insane!!! ( n literaly too!) im goin thru it now n it just... UGHHHH!!! *tugs hard at hair*

I tend to always have these symptoms;
-easily frustrated - i got soo mad wit Mal yesterday just coz he didnt shower after i purposely woke him up at 9.45. instead he slept back! uggghhhh!!
-depressed - once i was just real upset bout some random crap n my dad asks me wats wrong n i start crying n he panicked! lol!
-major mood swings -one time i was laughin histerically wit my couz for 10 mins+, seriously, n then suddenly, dunno why, i got soo upset, i started crying!! like for no reason! WACKO!!!
-cravings gettin up at mid nite to go out n get a Ramli burger... ahhh... thank god im Malaysian
-breakouts -AARRGGHH!!!every-FREAKIN-month! without fail! 2 weeks prior to period, they haunt me!
-irrational behaviour/thinking - i once, without thinkin, confessed my feelings 4 a guy! totally by suprise!

U men always seem to think that we enjoy ourselves during this time of the month, or u seem to think that we PURPOSELY attack u!

ITS OUT OF OUR CONTROL!!!!!!!!!!! u honestly think tat we enjoy gettin irritated or mad about the most randomest n unimportant thing??? Heck no!! i HATE it! i hate gettin mad at people who didnt really do anything wrong to me... i hate crying or gettin really depressed over small things, i hate breakouts! ugghhhhhh!!!

wateva la. u guys have it soo easy, sure u get whacked thru-n-thru sometimes by us (not on purpose again!) but all u have to do is run away.....

sigh.. life is unfair... im gonna go mope now..