Sunday, January 13, 2008

The Chapter continues..

Love is when her voice sounds like music,
and her touch calms your heart,
Her eyes shines so brightly,
and to leave her feels so hard,
Her kisses tastes heavenly,
her hand you wanna hold,
Her movement slows down time,
and her smile fills up your soul,
Her absence always stings,
her presence means the world,
Her heart you wanna keep,
you know she's the only girl,
She's the reason that you're living,
for her you'll always strive,
I'll give her my everything,
cos she lights up my life


He wrote that for me, among all the other poems.. :)
He's always been such an amazing poet, writer, singer, rapper..
and he says tat im his No.1 inspiration.. :D cant deny tat most of the beautiful things he's ever written were about me, and trust me when i say, they are as beautiful as this and some even more!

Guess u can tell that im totally head-over-heels IN LOVE again! :D I really am!!!!
It feels like even tho we went thru sooo much shit last year, n now we both basically fell in love witho each other again, it just seems like, "why dont we just spend time together and be happy for now?"

Ya, we'll have to go our seperate ways someday.... maybe..... but for now, and the fact that our feelings are on the same page, and STRONGER than ever, why deny it? :D
Be happy with what we have, treasure these memories and most of all, make the most out of it!

yes, i did fall out of love for a while last year... but now, im back in, deeper than ever too! I cant block out these feelings, ill be miserable!

He just..... Understands how i work, how i function COMPLETELY, u know? he does.... ITs scary, but sometimes he knows me more than i think he does, and vice versa..
we just somehow, complete each other. we can talk about anything in the world, we can do anything and not feel ashamed about it and we're just sooo........comfortable....

I just cant believe we've been together for 2 years 9 months already! ha! despite the breaks in between! its soo long! :D

Im just happy rite now! so so so happy!