Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Am i Bovvered???

before u watch this video, please put my music on PAUSE 1st otherwise the sounds shall override each other.. which is really not the point la..

Am i bovvered?? Am i bovvered tho????


So this is the CATHERINE TATE Show - a British comedian, like duh, but yeah! hehe she's just sooo hilarious!

ive been watchin her videos on YouTube for a while now but just decided tat i had to put it up on The Babbles la! :D She does many different skits ranging from the one u just watched, LAUREN the schoolgirl skits, Tony Blair, & so on!

Her famous tagline, the reason she's so famous is

hahaha, so yeah, check it out n all her other vids if u have the time! :D

So lately i've been really great! I;ve been hanging out wit Misha, Shafiq n Mal alot! :D Just chillin at the malls, watchin movies, laughin, schemin and just havin a great time!

so as i've said b4, im just feeling soo in LOVE right now!!!! i think just goin thru such a rough year last year n we just basically ran in circles around each other, but never comin to a meeting point, n now tat we have, u know like after just trying soo hard n now tat we have each other, we've just seem to have fallen just soo much deeper in love..

and i guess now, we just take things as it comes, were tryin our best to not take each other for granted, coz i guess since we've been together for so long, we just started doing tat, n THAT was basically the cause of all our problems... so always remember!! dont take ur significant other, or any of ur frens, for granted.....

ahhh... i feel like such a Love-Sick girl again! hahahha but i love feeling this way! :D just feel soo... happy, deliriously happy-tat is, young, carefree and just like, nothing else matters, u know.. well we shud NEVER TAKE DRUGS!! just be IN LOVE instead! ;P its a natural high.. of just go shopping, tat also works! lol!

So i do apologize for sounding all, blleeeeghhh, but i cant help it! hehe but i shall try to reduce it, k? SO DO DROP by again! reviewing 3 movies in my next post! :d