Thursday, November 27, 2008


I didn't read the book, in fact I've always thought it looked pretty cheesy to me, but we got free tickets to the movie, so I thought, ok, why not?

And also before hand, I kept reading bout how girls were swooning over the lead, Robert Pattinson who plays Edward Cullen, n I just couldn't for the life of me, understand why.. until I watched this movie..

ok ok, so even with the first scene, me n Trish were unimpressed with his strange whiteness and red lips... but as the movie continued, and with that intense and intruiging stare, I have to admit, I was hooked, mind-body-and-soul.. Edward Cullen is the new crush I have. no not necessarily Rob Pattinson, but more of the character Edward.. everything about him is just so mysterious and it keeps me wanting more!

The movie was, (well in my own opinion) great! I loved every second of it, start to end, that I watched it twice in a row! The story of a normal girl falling into this forbidden love with a vampire is just so... romantic?? haha and the way he gazes at her, the sheer longing for her blood.. ahh it makes me go nuts! I don't really know why Im so hooked to this movie, But I just am..

Storyline for me was good (I know some really disagree n i can I understand) but I just loved everything about it la.. the scenary was breathtaking, with all the forests and all.. and I want a vampire boyfriend. I swear, so that he can carry me around and climb trees with! lol

...aissshhhh I just don't know.. I just loved it so much, and im now gonna go buy the books.

haha Oh i wanted to add! this is kinda a chic film la i guess, alot of the attraction is Edward, James and Carlisle(yummy!) but yeah! was watchin it in cinema, and like the moment Edward & Carlisle came on screen, you could hear the girls in cinema swoon! im so dead serious!! u honestly can hear everytime there was a hot scene, girls just swoon and giggle! :D:D

u make ur own decision la, dont take my word for it, I guess im just so love-struck in this vampire love affair...


Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Hmm so this is gonna make you laugh. Hard. n quite possibly roll around on the floor while you're at it!

But, lately I've been getting comments from people, about how I supposedly resemble Olga Kurylenko - the latest Bond girl from Ukraine! :0 i knoooww rite?

are they blind?? Olga is waaaayyyyy hotter than me, n there is no resemblence, at least none that I can tell. But yes, like just quite a few have told me that! haha i guess I'll just take it as a compliment? :) don't agree but I guess it's sumn good, huh?

anyhowzas! I've always LOVED this shot from Quantom of Solace, where they are walkin in the desert, all messy n sweaty.

*Im in love with this shot!!*
N Bibo just asked me to do a shoot like tat! :) Bond girl much? haha i soo want to!!!
Ok so that's it for a random short post from me, more to come tomoro! am going to Wondermilk for pretty n yummy cuppacakes!! :D

Monday, November 24, 2008

Easy, Breezy, Beautiful

... not covergirl...

But nevertheless, I'm finally in Seventeen Magazine Malaysia!!! :D

it's out! the December 2008 issue!!

hehe no big deal la, but still am happy! My only hope is that I can do more magazine shots from now on........... so my fingers are crossed! I still have to be practising alot tho, so its gonna be more shoots with Bibs n Trish n whoever else that wants to shoot! :)
Also I was catchin the ANTM Cycle 11 marathon this weekend, n went thru all the pics online, n seriously I've come to the conclusion that this season is the total shizznits!!!
All the shoots have been so on! esp the water ones! Great season! n the winner was amazing! :) last season was total crap. the ONLY good shoot was the paint one. everything else was bollocks!
oh well, I'll upload some favs the next time, i gtg addy. ta-ta my lovely cyberpets!!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Our Weekly Escapades

So I've not been clubbin since Halloween, n tat nite was off-da-hook! so I was Dying to go dance dance dance at Euphoria along with the rest of the world (or at least the whole of KL!)

N my oh my!! it was ONE krayyzee nite!! 1st off- I've never seen the club so freakin packed! it was insane!! like, even at 10.15 there were looongg lines both at The Deq n the normal entrances. I mean, Mixtape IZ their best nite, but tat was insane!!
it seemed like so many ppl I knew were there, how fun!

met up with chickadees, Jinxi & Chui YI (;P) n omg we were screamin like it was back in Sri Aman! haha i have Video proof! lol! n me n Mel also danced alot with her fren, Zura who I've never met till tat nite on the dancefloor, n the best part was tat we totally hit it off dancing the whole nite thru! :D

my feet were honestly blistered! wat a great nite, I cant wait till Hed Kandi this Saturday!! whoohoo!! DJ Andy Warburton is spinning n damn its gonna be ke-rayyzee! MOS never dissapoints.. :)

oh N i caught Madagascar 2 lastnite n daymn it was funnay!! good movie, if ur in need of a jolly time! :) n i thought Quantum of Solace was.... well actually I liked it alot as a normal movie, but as a James Bond movie it totally failed la. completely. but still, enjoyed it much, n can I say DANIEL CRAIG?? oh la la!

Also, just a random thing: had dinner last nite with the parents at Itallianies, Sunway. n oh it was good, but my dad made a complaint bout the steak, n the guy gave us a free Tiramisu.. n.. ohmyjesus.
i promise that it was the BEST EVER OMG slice of Tiramisu I've ever eaten!! it was so soft, delish, the cake oozed with coffee ( n i think Kahlua? ;) n the cream was so good., im gonna go there n just order it the next time! do try it if u get a chance to!


Wednesday, November 19, 2008


So this week i found out that Pooper is a girl! haha imagine that? i think i should have known as it kept going towards the shoes.. ;)

on another note, this week has been somewhat uneventful, until last night! I've been wanting to get a new phone, but I wasn't making a big deal out of it la, figured I'd look around till Dec. But yesterday my loony parents woke me up from deep sleep, n my mom was showin me her winning comic strip in this contest she joined.

It was all framed up, n they both were smiling. Im thinkin (all grumpy) why these ppl crazy ah?? n then they asked me to come to their room. So i drag my bum out of bed, still stoned n ta-da!! My mom was holding a Sony Ericsson box in her hands n few seconds later i realized there was a phone in there!!

Haha! she won the phone from the contest n gave it to me!!! :D:D i was like 'whoooaaaahhhhhh!!!' so yeah, am really happy now, n plus, its actually a really awesome phone! i'd never wanted a SE, coz Im a Samsung loyal fan, but after playing around with it, Have to admit that it's pretty cool! :) thanks mom!

* W9010i*

Also, I've just come to realize how much God has been blessing me lately. Praise God and all that he does! i know this is corny, but I desperately didnt want to eat rice n curry @ grandma's tonite, was so so dreading it, n on the way there, I prayed that she made something else, n true enuf, she made mihun! :) oh thank you so much God!

Blessing me with a new phone- I feel good coz then my parents can spend that money on sumn else, and I didnt have to suffer with a dinner I was dreading. Also, I cant wait till Feb! Parents n Kris n I are going to Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam!! :) should be fun!

I miss her so much, it doesnt likely that I'll be going to Melbourne anytime soon, as tickets cost RM3000.. :( but she's comin back after Xmas! cant wait cant wait cant wait cant wait!!!!!!!!!

This is from ANTM Cycle11 - Samantha. i love her shots! and I really need to learn up this pose!


Sunday, November 16, 2008

In Another World

So I've been meanin to much to post these up. But I've just been having such an incredibly busy (yet, satistying week!)

Ok so I know this post is gonne be so narcissistic, but wtv. Im kinda pleased with myself this week, and I think that I deserve this, so bear with me please, chiquititas?
I've had just the most amazing and fun week of my career (pfft! wat career??) ok well, my modeling life?? i dunno, wtv u wanna call it la.

I've been doing shoots since last-last Friday, Monday, Wednesday and also did the Zeitgeist German Fashion Show at LimKokWing Uni on Friday! :D i was so so so thrilled with that! really wanted it and in the end, was one of the models chosen and better yet, I modelled Nthiran's dress!! oh it was so gorgeous n dare I say, that I looked pretty sweet in it? hehe I was freakin sewn into the dress, IT WAS AMAZING!!

Backstage at fashion shows are the most hectic things. Ever. It is what u see on tv, scrambling to get models into garments, freakin if sumn is wrong. lots of body parts seen, safety pins and last touch ups n frazzled designers! mmmmmmm I love it! all the hustle n bustle is joy! :)
* Me and Nthiran!*
So the show was pretty cool, there were lots of Ppl n also some of the garments were actually pretty good!

Other than that, I think I just had some of the best shots from an impromptu shoot with Bibo this week! totally random bumpin into each other-turned to be really great! :)

*Proof that I should be a DJ*
Oh Bibo.......... You are so freakin awesome la........
n then i took some shots from Prakash's shoot! they're so cute!
I am just so happy la... come along way from last year's shoot with KG! im so embarresed with myself n I cant believe KG ever wanted to work with me again after that. I was so clueless back then, on how to pose, angle n all that, I've learnt so so so much this year, N im still learning and have ALOT more to improve on! :)
Im so ready for that!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

The Rain Splattered Windshield

She opened her eyes and all she could hear was the sound of rain splattering on the windshield... She was drenched, head to toe, and freezing because she went looking for him.. Another typical fight that started off from nothing- led to a big bang.

Heavy words, tears and screams were exchanged, frustration was at the bursting point between the both of them, she didn't see them recovering from this... ever.There was just no more strenght in her to fight, no more will to continue, and she could tell the feeling was mutual.

Suddenly from the silence, a sound breaks the drumming of the heavy rain upon the windshield, a sob and a quavering voice that said 'I'm not good enough for you, I am not perfect and you deserve someone better...' and after hearing this she lost it. She just lost it.

She'd never screamed at a person like that in her life! Purely rage driven madness was pouring out of her soul. "You're not perfect enough for me? are you serious? I am the one who is not perfect enough for you, which is why you always have something to complain and scold me about every freakin day. Im the one who has always taken the blame for the fights, and 98% of our fights are started by you coz of something that ur not happy about with me. I don't do the same to you, Im not the one with a problem against u, You are the one! u start everything and always clearly show that Im never perfect enough for you. How dare you say that to me??"

and after screaming that out loud and so angrily, she stormed out into the dark and rain, tears of great frustration streamin down her face and vowed to Never go back, Never return.. She walked away.. and then she stopped- dead in the rain, the freezing water pelting unforgivingly. She thought hard about what she was doing and what it would mean, whether she could really leave for good.......

She thought about how this would affect him, and how it would affect her. She asked herself if she still had any more strenght to carry on doing this with him. She definitely didn't anymore. She just couldn't.. She was done with all the drama, all the yelling, all the fighting and all the crying. She was just done. But then a little voice creeped into her head and asked whether she still had some love for him. She took a while looking for the answer. it was hard. But she got her answer in the end......and she turned back.

She returned to you.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I Remember...

I izzz done!! lol! So im done with my exam today, and I have successfully completed all 3 assignments (ma hai ah they r thick!!!)

I feel so proud of myself coz they're really thick.. And have to hand it in tomoro, but yes! My 1st semester of of Degree is DONE DONE DONE!!!

now its gonna be 2 1/2 months of bliss and bummminnnggg!! :D but im thinkin of goin to Aussie to bum with Kris n frens.... butttt $$$$ might not be enuf.. therefore, I am thinking of getting a job! :) preferably in Pyramid, then I can just walk there, n work! need some extra cash n need to fill my time wit something otherwise I'll just bum too much n end up spending money on food n entertainment.. am currently low in funds!! :(
SO if any1 else knows bout any good jobs available, let me know!!

Also, I got the piccies from Bibo and I am happy!! :D

*this is my Fav!!*

So yea we made magic! cant wait to get the shots from Raja n also had a shoot with Prakash on Monday for Deepa's assignment! it was the 1st time we worked together so we were still trying to get used to how each other works, but I think we managed to get some good shots! :)

So tomoro.. gonna bum in college n hang out with my clan-clan! God i miss KG KRISHNAN so freakin much.. COME BACK FROM LONDON!!!!!!!!!!!!! we need to go bubble tea-ing, dancing, get high on crack and life! HAHA i love you baby!!

Friday, November 7, 2008

The Week

Sorry again for neglecting the blog, I've just been a bit too busy to post things.. Wat with work and bumming and taking care of Pooper (yes, i think tat name is gonna stick!)..

Buutttt 1st n foremost, wishing my Mookie a HAPPY 22nd BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!! :D ur getting older!! quit growing up!! I shall have to be pickin out gray hairs anytime soon, LOL! =D
Talk about an incredibly HISTORICAL week!!! it was great great great!

unless u've been living under a rock, ud addy know by now that BARRACK OBAMA was elected as the 44th President of the USA n the first ever Black president!!! :D this makes me n the rest of the world (xcept Republicans so so happy!!) He's definitely the change that America needs who will help clean up the mess Bush left... I cant wait to visit OBAMALAND again!!! whoohoo!!
2ndly - ICKY got owned on his bday! hahahaha my American stomach (the bottomless pit) has opened up this week! I ate a TON of food yesterday at Tony Roma's n I so totally beat his butt at it! hahahha owned sial!!! :D this is truly history, as he normally finishes everything.. hehe n then just now I had Nasi Lemak Ayam at Darus and a Paper Thosai as well... hehehe... :D

3rdly - shoot shoot shoot!!! Shot with Raja for his assignment this morning, and it was cool. He had to do an Aquarius/water movement shoot, so it was quite a challenge la, but funny nonetheless!
n then shot wit Bibo!! we did something so awesome!! Presenting....

I am happy! now....... to get back to work.... @#*$(&)#$!!!($&$


Tuesday, November 4, 2008


(ur listening to I Remember - Deadmau5 ft. Kaskade!)

My dear love,

Its reaching that time of the year again where I have to rack my brains and think of what to get for u... Ur turning 22 on the 6th, wow so old la!!

I still remember u coming for my 16th birthday party! hahaha, we flirted like mad on that day! n you were only 19 years old then, but look now, IM 19 this year.. :)
can u imagine how different ur life would have been if we had never gotten together? ..... I cant..

We've come through soo many challenges throughout this entire 3 years 6 months and 26 days.. so many crazy challenges, that we somehow found ourselves being pulled away from each other, yet my fingertips never fail to find yours and we somehow manage to hold on and pull ourselves back to one another..

It seems like we're going through one of those major thunderstorms again, huh? hmm.. its definitely blowing like mad on my side here.. nevertheless, i still feel your finger tips grazing my skin, and I am deeply longing to find that spark in me to jump and grab ur hand that your holding out to me...

I will.. one day when I get my strength back.. till then, I feel you lingering and Im loving you.. You said once that you just want to be holding on to me, keeping me safe and shielding me from danger.. n you also said that you'l hold on to me until Im ready to fly away...

Baby, I cant seem to pull myself away from you, even though the future is cloudy, I just cant seem to pull away, you have bewitched me- mind, body and soul and I am hooked...

I dont even know why Im writing this... I guess this is just me trying to reassure you that I know you're here and I feel you always... This thunderstorm has us both feeling so lost, but let's pull through it.. k? I'll see you on the other side! :) and I know it doesn't seem like it, but I love you..


Saturday, November 1, 2008



its back its back its back its back!! God's gift to all of mankind, a.k.a. the best book ever, a.k.a HARRY POTTER is back!!!

the new trailer for Harry Potter & The Half-Blood Prince has just been released n oohhhhhh ma hai ah its soooo friggin KEWL!!!

CANT WAIT CANT WAIT CANT WAIT CANT WAIT CANT WAIT CANT WAIT CANT WAIT CANT WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!