Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I Remember...

I izzz done!! lol! So im done with my exam today, and I have successfully completed all 3 assignments (ma hai ah they r thick!!!)

I feel so proud of myself coz they're really thick.. And have to hand it in tomoro, but yes! My 1st semester of of Degree is DONE DONE DONE!!!

now its gonna be 2 1/2 months of bliss and bummminnnggg!! :D but im thinkin of goin to Aussie to bum with Kris n frens.... butttt $$$$ might not be enuf.. therefore, I am thinking of getting a job! :) preferably in Pyramid, then I can just walk there, n work! need some extra cash n need to fill my time wit something otherwise I'll just bum too much n end up spending money on food n entertainment.. am currently low in funds!! :(
SO if any1 else knows bout any good jobs available, let me know!!

Also, I got the piccies from Bibo and I am happy!! :D

*this is my Fav!!*

So yea we made magic! cant wait to get the shots from Raja n also had a shoot with Prakash on Monday for Deepa's assignment! it was the 1st time we worked together so we were still trying to get used to how each other works, but I think we managed to get some good shots! :)

So tomoro.. gonna bum in college n hang out with my clan-clan! God i miss KG KRISHNAN so freakin much.. COME BACK FROM LONDON!!!!!!!!!!!!! we need to go bubble tea-ing, dancing, get high on crack and life! HAHA i love you baby!!