Sunday, November 16, 2008

In Another World

So I've been meanin to much to post these up. But I've just been having such an incredibly busy (yet, satistying week!)

Ok so I know this post is gonne be so narcissistic, but wtv. Im kinda pleased with myself this week, and I think that I deserve this, so bear with me please, chiquititas?
I've had just the most amazing and fun week of my career (pfft! wat career??) ok well, my modeling life?? i dunno, wtv u wanna call it la.

I've been doing shoots since last-last Friday, Monday, Wednesday and also did the Zeitgeist German Fashion Show at LimKokWing Uni on Friday! :D i was so so so thrilled with that! really wanted it and in the end, was one of the models chosen and better yet, I modelled Nthiran's dress!! oh it was so gorgeous n dare I say, that I looked pretty sweet in it? hehe I was freakin sewn into the dress, IT WAS AMAZING!!

Backstage at fashion shows are the most hectic things. Ever. It is what u see on tv, scrambling to get models into garments, freakin if sumn is wrong. lots of body parts seen, safety pins and last touch ups n frazzled designers! mmmmmmm I love it! all the hustle n bustle is joy! :)
* Me and Nthiran!*
So the show was pretty cool, there were lots of Ppl n also some of the garments were actually pretty good!

Other than that, I think I just had some of the best shots from an impromptu shoot with Bibo this week! totally random bumpin into each other-turned to be really great! :)

*Proof that I should be a DJ*
Oh Bibo.......... You are so freakin awesome la........
n then i took some shots from Prakash's shoot! they're so cute!
I am just so happy la... come along way from last year's shoot with KG! im so embarresed with myself n I cant believe KG ever wanted to work with me again after that. I was so clueless back then, on how to pose, angle n all that, I've learnt so so so much this year, N im still learning and have ALOT more to improve on! :)
Im so ready for that!


Ashleigh said...

I've STILL EVEN MORE to learn lah... T____________T