Saturday, November 15, 2008

The Rain Splattered Windshield

She opened her eyes and all she could hear was the sound of rain splattering on the windshield... She was drenched, head to toe, and freezing because she went looking for him.. Another typical fight that started off from nothing- led to a big bang.

Heavy words, tears and screams were exchanged, frustration was at the bursting point between the both of them, she didn't see them recovering from this... ever.There was just no more strenght in her to fight, no more will to continue, and she could tell the feeling was mutual.

Suddenly from the silence, a sound breaks the drumming of the heavy rain upon the windshield, a sob and a quavering voice that said 'I'm not good enough for you, I am not perfect and you deserve someone better...' and after hearing this she lost it. She just lost it.

She'd never screamed at a person like that in her life! Purely rage driven madness was pouring out of her soul. "You're not perfect enough for me? are you serious? I am the one who is not perfect enough for you, which is why you always have something to complain and scold me about every freakin day. Im the one who has always taken the blame for the fights, and 98% of our fights are started by you coz of something that ur not happy about with me. I don't do the same to you, Im not the one with a problem against u, You are the one! u start everything and always clearly show that Im never perfect enough for you. How dare you say that to me??"

and after screaming that out loud and so angrily, she stormed out into the dark and rain, tears of great frustration streamin down her face and vowed to Never go back, Never return.. She walked away.. and then she stopped- dead in the rain, the freezing water pelting unforgivingly. She thought hard about what she was doing and what it would mean, whether she could really leave for good.......

She thought about how this would affect him, and how it would affect her. She asked herself if she still had any more strenght to carry on doing this with him. She definitely didn't anymore. She just couldn't.. She was done with all the drama, all the yelling, all the fighting and all the crying. She was just done. But then a little voice creeped into her head and asked whether she still had some love for him. She took a while looking for the answer. it was hard. But she got her answer in the end......and she turned back.

She returned to you.


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mello said...

SO powerful . and so very well-written . loved this . and for what it's worth kelso , i'm proud of YOU .

*biiiig squeeeeeze*!

Kelsey Bunny said...

aww thanks Mel. i put my heart in this!