Sunday, March 30, 2008

How It All Began..

So I've been meaning to write this post for quite a while, n i just thought it was time.. hehe as u'd know, I've been in a relationship for almost 3 years now! (9 more days!!) n this is how it all started out, this is how Icky met Kelsey.. ;p

March 29th 05
Me, Sha & Liz were goin to Simple Plan's concert in Bukit Kiara, n her bro, Niki was comin along n so was his friend, Ikmal- who i had met b4 but just as a hi-bye thing.. So Ikmal, who's 3 years older than me, kept us company n kept us safe while we waited for the concert to begin, n the whole time, we were all laughin n joking n doin crazy crap n all tat jazz.. during the concert, somehow i was really into his super cute curly hair! hahah so was flirting n all la, n in the middle of the concert, i was tired, so i kinda leaned my head to rest on Ikmal, who was squashed up rite behind me... hehehhehe ;p i got my tactics la...

After that, we went to get some water n souvenirs n dunno la, all of us were just runnin around, dancin, n boys were being boys, n u know wat tat idiot Mal did to me?????? he freakin poured water all over me while i was sittin down AND WEARIN A WHITE TOP!!! gatal sial. lol!! jk! n i htink we started just chasing each other la, but nevertheless, it was obvious that some sparks were flying between us!

the next few days,
all i could think n talk bout was him n how i was reallly into him, n from wat i heard from Sha, he was into me too! :D n i was havin a bday party on that same week so she invited him for me!

2nd April 05
i had my 16th B'day Party at my pool n he came!! ohh GOd i was sooooo nervous but we all managed to have a GREAT time hanging out n laughin as usual!! (me n Sha were trying to pull his pants off in the water! hahaha dont ask me why tho!

and at the end of the nite, while i was walkin Him, Sha & Liz to his car, he asked me for my number! :D :D n when he took my hand to say goodbye, he gave it the quickest but cutest kiss!!! hahhahahhah it sealed the deal la!! hahah have to say, i was deliriously happy! n i got my best ever bday present which i still cherish till today n who i take all over the world wit me- ICKY my soft toy! lol!

8th April 05

He asked me out on our very 1st date! it was a Friday n i still remember every detail bout it! we went to Sunway Pyramid, n had lunch is Secret Recipe! was soo nervous the whole time, was soo paranoid bout whether i looked like a pig when i ate! haha then we went to watch a movie called Spanglish! dont worry, he didnt try to kiss me, he was such a gentleman thru out the whole movie! n on the way home, we held hands! hahah he did the whole 'lets compare hand sizes thingy! hahahhahhah' i was reallly floatin on air la when i got home!

9th April 05
i asked him to come wit me for this ICC Concert thingy n he did n we had fun sittin together talkin n listenin to these friends of mine, Sha & Liz as they teased us n all tat! wat frens i have! haha love ya'll!!
n on the way home from it, we were holdin hands in the car n he was drivin.... suddenly he turns to me n asks, " Kel, would u be mine?" ................. n i was soooo suprised tat all i cud say was "ok....." ...... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH dont worry!! we laughed bout my answer later on but yeah!! now we were officially a 'couple!' n i tell u.... *deep intake of breath!* all me n my friends could talk bout for tat week was him! hahhaha

n news spread around school man! lol! it was funny how everyone knows bout everything, esp when ur in a girl's school! but everyone was happy for me n i was.... more than happy.... :D

its been 3 years since those special moments, n soo many more special moments has happened wit us.. we've had many, many fights, bad times n a really tough year last year, but wateva it was, we always somehow worked it out..... n tats how we're gonna continue, workin things out.. he's the light of my life, he's my everything..... n how we've made 3 years..... i dunno.. but its been great! :D

n till today, Baby, u still make me tingle wit joy n smile wit happiness! :D i love you!

*ur BUNNY*

Friday, March 28, 2008

American Boy

Ok just a lil post coz ive got no time now! I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this song!! my new Song Of The Week! its called American Boy by Estelle ft. Kanye West!!!

ahhh!! the beat is awesome!! so i HAD to share!! ok toodles! be back tomoro!!!! :D


Thursday, March 27, 2008

The MOST annoying & Stupidest Girl eva!

whoa.... i never thought a person could really be this stupid, annoying, dumb, loser, poser, WATEVER u wanna call it la! wtf man?? ok so i got this video from Hanie's blog
seriously man.. watch this n feel ur blood pressure just rise!!


hehe just thought id like to share the stupidy of some ppl... the weddin was a blast last night!


it was a real great wedding n interesting too~ all went smoothly except for a minor boo-boo tat us flower girls made! ;p hehhe

She looked soooooo BEAUTIFUL!!!!
n we looked great! lol! ill post some pics of us ladies in sarees soon when i get some! !:D

anyway... DO U KNOW I HAVE TO MAKE A FREAKIN SCULPTURE for my stupid comic book presentation on Tuesday???????? i swear my lecturer is not thinkin straight... evidently....

anyway, here's a pic of this cockroach i killed a few weeks ago! hahha photographed it while it was dying! lol!

it wriggled for bout 2 hours after i sprayed it wit like 1/4 a can of bug spray! sheesh! i hate cockroaches la!! ugh!!!
i honestly cant believe that on the 9th of April 2008, my dearest Mal and I are gonna be celebrating our 3rd Year Anniversary together...... whoa................ i really cant believe it's been 3 years already... feels like it was just yesterday tat he poured water on me at the concert! lol! n in another way, it just feels like we've been together for AGEESSSSSSSS...... we're just in this perfect spot together, we're soo comfy and just....... Perfect.... :)

Im Happy!!! hehe ok so ill tell u how Me n Mal began in my next post! lol! its kinda funny la! heheh so take care over the weekends n ill be catch u guys in a bit!!


Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Progress is Progress..

So im still not supposed to be online but i cant help it! need to blab! ok so im almost finished wit drawing this stupid comic book for Creative Studies.. n i guess its comin on fine la.. doing 40 slides, n hope to finish by today! then must start coloring a.s.a.p! freak. college just dumps loads of crap on us, dont they? summore got Design Studies assignments (notice the 's'?) and Photography..... :S

On a happier note tho, i finally saw the pics "BEHIND THE SCENE" from the photoshoot! hahhah they're hilarious!!!!


MICHAEL UPLOADED ONE PIC ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!! whoohooooo!!!! :D Belissimo!!!

he's in the same class as me so i understand tat he's busy, i think were all dying here.. sigh.. but yeah! the pic is reall cooL!! cant wait to see the rest!!

I've got my cousin-in-law's sisters wedding tomoro!! Mahlini is gettin married! yay! n its gonna be a Hindu wedding @ a temple in KL n me n Kris r gonna be flower girls! so ill be wearin my turqouise blue-wit purple palu-wit gold threads saree for it! YAYs!! n so just got my eyebrows threaded (OUCH!!!) n gonna get henna done on my hands in abit! :D im soo excited!!

n on Sunday, my uncle, Sunny is gettin married! hehe its just a dinner for the whole family n its gonna be real exciting n merry n fun!! :D i love my family! :D n i'll also be wearing a saree! this time its the green saree-wit black sequins i bought recently from India! :D

so def gonna be havin lotsa fun this week (aside from dying wit assignments, tat is..)
so will be updating soon!!


Monday, March 24, 2008


..You are stellar......

i love that line.. its from the song Stellar by Incubus which is also my Featured Song of the Week! Stellar means - superd, spectacular, like the stars... n i just love tat song too! the lyrics are soo beautiful.. :)

Easter was great! had a good time in church and an even BETTER time later at lunch! lol! i swear i pigged out soo freakin much i didnt have to even eat dinner! lol! 16 of my immediate family members had lunch in a chinese restaurant! we ordered 8 different dishes n i had 2 plates of rice! *pats belly* im a hungry growin girl ok? hahah

Im proud to say tat i finished my skeleton n named it chubby n its SOOO COOL!! haha added muscles over it today! bleh!! n HOLY CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!! IM NOT EVEN SUPPOSED TO BE ONLINE NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ahhhhhh forgot i have to finish up my stupid comic book assignment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ahhhhhhhhhhh!! @#$?!^#(*!!!!!!

ok ok be back later with more updates!!! aahhhhhhhh!!

im screwed


Saturday, March 22, 2008

A Snippit of Photoshoots

Hey ya!! i def had a Fantastic day today!! did 2 photoshoots!! :D

1st one was a last minute thing for college! it was for LimKokWing's Cambodia Campus advertisement! so it was group photos of us doin stuff in college n wat not. thing is tat it started real late, so i only got to do 1 scenario :( had to leave coz i had another shoot wit Michael! but it was still fun n got to hang out wit Mira & Chris!

but the photoshoot with Michael Cools today was one of my favs!! omg!!! ill post more details as well as pics as soon as i get em!
roughly this is wat happened la! we did a really FIERCE/ ANGRY shoot n Intania put really dark eyeshadow, smudged and grunge wit thick lashes n my hair was wet n messssyy!

n so all the photos i had to have this angry expression- creating fierce & sexy at the same time n hoooollllyy shindagoes!! we shot like over 300 pics i think for a few hours n the results??


cant wait for pics from him n will post them!! gonna eat n since tomoro is Easter, i wanna wish ya'll a HAPPY EASTER!!!!!!


Friday, March 21, 2008

It's No Competition

We as Malaysians just know that we have the best food in the world! We do! ohh yes, of course we do LOVE all other foods too, like my other fav is Italian food, or western & Japanese! But honestly, i think the worst torture to put a Malaysian thru is to deprive them of our AMAZING-OUT-OF-THIS-WORLD food!!

The thing about M'sian food is that we get a HUGE variety of cultures and flavours n at times they're all fusioned! As you shud know, Malaysia is a multi-culutal country wit 3 main ethnic groups - Malays, Chinese & Indians! So all the races all live together harmoniously, and i think 1 of the main factors of that is bcoz we all learn about each other's cultures, lifestlyes, traditions and food! So thats why in Malaysia we can have different varieties of food at any given day!

Nothin in this world beats being hungry at 3.30am and just steppin out of the house n walkin abit to a nearby mamak stall! ahhhh.. dont we all love that! they're dirt cheap (u can feed ur family of 4 wit a drink n plate of food each for only RM16 which is US$4!) n the best part is tat we alll just go there to chill wit frens, eat, drink, watch football on the big screen tv by the roadside n just shill u know? its the lifestyle..

n u just gotta love all the different blends of flavours we have.. i loved being in America, dont get me wrong, n everyone knows tat i ate like a complete pig when i was there, but the thing tat killed me was the fact tat although the food is yum, its bland compared to Malaysian food-which is always bursting wit flavours! I suffered so bad, n the only thing i missed most bout home, no offense friends ( i missed u too!) was the food!! AHHHHHHH THE PAIIINNN!!!

i honestly had dreams of freakin Nasi Lemak, Char Kuey Teow, Roti Canai, Rendang & Teh Tarik la.. theres no other tea in the world like TEH TARIK (pulled tea).. its the GOD of all teas..its basically tea wit evaporated milk, which is then poured from cup to cup, wit incresing lenght to make sure the tea is well mixed and FROTHY!! :D

n u know wats funny is the lengths tat we M'sians will go thru to get some food! I mean my family is not the only ones who do this, but like 20-30 of us will get together n plan to eat great food n the furthest we've driven was 1 1/2 hours to eat! hahahhah but we love it! n we do tat a few times u know? n once u get a Msian started on their fav places to eat, WATcH OUT!! ur in for a very ver interesting talk! hahahaha
sorry la, i know this is real random but i just thought of this post as i was eating at my fav chinese restaurant last nite! for the record i had rice wit sizzling beancurd, deep fried fish wit soy sauce & garlic, potato leaves and ABC soup! yummmmmmmmm
i wonder what i wanna eat for dinner... i think Indian banana leaf either at Kanna Curry House or Paandi's at Jalan Gasing! see u around!

Thursday, March 20, 2008


Sorry i havent updated in a while! i've been so busy runnin around wit assignments n what-nots!
Yesterday at college, there was serious drama, people!!
hehe ok i know wat im gonna say sounds bad, but omg! if u were there, ud have been as excited as i was too!

we were all sittin at the Plaza & One World during lunch la, n my frens & I (haha check out the grammar!) were sittin next to LKW's globe... suddenly everyone in One World got up n RAN to the stairs n we all were like wtf?! la, so also got up n saw 3 guys fighting and rolling down the grassy n bush filled slope!! 2 guys were beating up this 1 guy and wooooowwwww!!! i dont see fights, actually never seen a real one, n so this was BIG for me la!! n EVERYONE from One World n The Plaza were runnin to join the commotion n some guys were trying to break the fight up la..

crap man! when they pulled the guys apart, the one who was gettin beat up, he was covered in mud partches n blood! it was pretty intense la.. so this was the big drama of the sem.. so far.. cause of fight, UNKNOWN... hehe sorry! i know this sounds bad of me to blog bout, but this was all new to my eyes! lol!

i have to draw a freakin skeleton for LIFE DRAWING this week! insane man~~ do u know how complex the bone strucure is?? Mariah & Naz had to help me out! (thanks guys!) n next week were adding muscles to the bones.... freak......

u know, i cant believe im turnin 19 soon.... this sucks... i dont have a prob gettin older, is just tat, whats so great bout turnin 19??????? there are "Sweet 16s", n when ur 17-its the last year of highschool, when ur 18- ur much more freer n start college, 20 is when u hit the big 2-0, n when ur 21, ur legally an adult, but wat ever happened to 19????? is this the forgotten year?????? suckss!! nothin spectacular is supposed to happen when ur 19!!

Well, im gonna start my own trend. Its called NAUGHTY NINETEEN!!! so NOW, something awesome can happen! lol!!

i cant wait till this Saturday!! i have a photoshoot wit a classmate of mine- Michael Cools! he's Indonesian n quite an Awesome photographer la! so im reallllyyyy excited!! were doing a Fierce shoot! check out his works at:


Monday, March 17, 2008

Sunburst Music Festival KL 08

HoLY shIdaNgoS!!!!! Sunburst freakin BLEW MY BRAINS OUT!!!!!!!!!! there's just soo much to say, but im gonna try to keep it short!

Went early,at 3 to catch the Indonesian & Malaysian acts! Watched Gerhana Ska Cinta, Hujan, Pop Shuvit, & Gigi! they were really really good n now i have to say im totally addicted to these 2 songs!! Terbang by Gigi & Meninggalkan ku Sendiri by Hujan! Wow!! not bad at all, who ever said local acts weren't good? they may not be at the top of my fav ever list, but they deserve sooo much credit than they get! try downloading these k?? they're quite brilliant la! even if u dont understand the language!

The place was HUGE! i have to say, the organization of the concert was BRILLIANT! I mean, there were 28 Acts. 4 Stages. 1 Venue. 1 Ticket price. n they had good food stalls like KFC, Pizza Hut, Planet Hollywood, Pink Sage & Tuborg did the beers.. they also had games!! sumo wrestling suits, rodeos, human foosball, n all sorts of fun booths like merch, graffitti n all sorts, so it really felt like a REAL MUSIC FESTIVAL!!! i was on cloud nine laa

One of the international acts, George Clinton & Parliament Funk (an old band who did the song "Play That Funky Music White Boy") performed, n prior to tat, i never knew any of their other songs but hooooollllyyyyy shidangos!!!!!!!! THEY WERE AMAAZZING!!!! like this old dude, came out dressed only in a napkin diaper!! hahah was hilarious n obscene at the same time! n George Clinton himself was wearing a colorful wig n was just hilarious la! they played a 2 hour set (4o mins over time slot) but everyone was groovin and dancing!! ahhh I LOVED IT!!!! they're like 1 of the pioneers of Funk music n ud just love it! :D Got some pretty awesome shots too!

Then i also caught Joe Flizzow & our very own MALAYSIAN CHE'NELLE!!! :D yes, she's Malaysian! n KIM VANILLA was dancing back up for her! :D But the main reason i wanted 2 go to Sunburst was to watch my dream man & band! Also, Hip-Hop legends, THE ROOTS performed a great set!! Mal was super excited bout tat la! haha i liked it! im not so into their work, i LOVE their song SEED n they were entertaining!!! oh n they're from Philadephia!! :D hehe

John Legend was next n omijesussss...... i think i just died n went to heaven for a bit. i swear he was one of those ppl i said "if he ever comes to KL to do a concert, id DIE!!" n HE CAME!! just cant believe i saw him in concert u know?? he did such a GREAT job!!! did a 1 1/2 slot n did many songs from his old as well as new album (used to love you, so high, number one, PDA(we just dont care), Slow dance & ORDINARY PEOPLE) n guys.. seriously, the song Ordinary People is just so meaningful to me, when he sang it, i just teared up... it was beautiful n a brilliant song.... still cant believe i saw the LEGEND in concert! he's super duper cute n charismatic too!! :D

But the ultimate highlight for me was- none other than my 2nd Fav Rock Band Ever - INCUBUS!!!!!!!!!! it still hasnt completely sunken in yet... it was just soo surreal. O.M.I.J.E.S.U.S. I've had an infactuation with Incubus's music for so long! its beautiful, u know? at 1st i thought that they were just average, but when i started listenin to more of their hits n really appreciating their lyrics n superd sound, i just fell head over heels in love with them! They're magic! N every1 present was at their show! they played an AWESOME-SUPER-DUPER-STELLAR SET!!!! they opend wit Quicksand & played Nice To Know You, I Wish You Were Here, Talk Show On Mute, Are You In, Megalomaniac, Stellar and a few other songs which i wasnt tat familiar with! But ohhmyygoodness!! i've been to quite a few concerts but ive never experienced one so inspiring, so perfect, so energized and strangely, so intimate... The way Brandon delivered the songs were wow...... they just connect wit the audience..

I have Incubus runnin thru my veins now n wanna get "INCUBUS" tattooed on myself! haha dont worry i wont! But hope u love my song of the week! its DIG by INCUBUS.. duh... n i took 215 pics at Sunburst!!!!! i uploaded the bests n my favs on my facebook!! check it our, k? click here at : PART 1 and also at: PART 2 to view the pics!! they're friggin awesome la!!!

well i guesss tats all im gonna blab bout!! till laterrrrr, im gonna jam to more INCUBUS now! love ya ppl!!


Thursday, March 13, 2008

She Cuts To Heal

no no dont get the wrong idea now, its not like im hurting myself k? lately i've been wanting to do something wit my hair, its kinda boring me n so i needed a revolution!

This mornin sucked for me. was really bummed out bout sumtin n when it came time for my hair appointment the students (was gonna get it cut by the Hair Design Academy in college coz its cheap) were busy n couldnt get it done, but something inside of me just sparked! I DESPERATELY NEEDED A CHANGE!! AND I NEEDED IT NOW!!!!!!!
so i went to the Hair Saloon next door (which is run by the real stylists in college) n decided to chop off my waves!! n while i was deciding what style i just felt soo incredibly stressed out and unsure.. i decided on a short do...

i got a real nice stylist and you know what? as she was chopping off my waves, i felt the tension slowly dissapearing and i was feeling happy again!! i smiled as i saw my reflection and suddenly realized how much i missed my short hair! was such a good change!!

im so happy to be a girl sometimes, when stressful times come into our lives or if we face breakups or sumn, sumn so simple, yet drastic as a complete hair change can totally lift us up! :D so im happeeeee wit my new cut! :D

But then i had lunch wit a fren and i started finding out bout wat someone had said about me, n i honestly was shocked!! This goes out to you!

Honestly wat is your problem? I get that ur sore bout wtv happened btwn us(even tho it happened in Aug 07!), n if u wanna tell ppl bout it- fine, but WHY ARE YOU BRINGIN IN MY STORIES WITH OTHER PPL????? you have NO right to do tat!! arrrggghhhh!!!

I don't get guys.... or some girls for that matter. If we act nicely to you, just to make you feel comfortable (regardless of sex la k) - i do tat, i always am generally nice to people and talk n am bubbly n try to make them feel comfy jsut coz tats how id like ppl to treat me-tats just how i am. and the problem is that they somehow will misinteprate it as a sign of flirtation!! like wat the hell????

JUST BECAUSE I CAN BE NICE AND FRIENDLY DOES NOT MEAN TAT IM FLIRTIN WIT U!!!!! why are ppl so prasan to think tat all we want to do is to get them? not every1 whos being nice has tat intentions k? im just a nice person, im friendly and tats how i behave to everyone unless i hate you or sumn! STOP THINKIN TAT I FLIRT WIT EVERY1!!!!!!!!!!

i just dont see any choice in this, i cant win. if im nice-people say i flirt, pada halnya im like to that to even girls!! n wat I FLIRT WIT GIRLS?? heck no la rite?? but no one comments on tat.. nooooo.. if im not very nice or talkative, then ppl will say im a bitch or sombong.. wat the heck am i supposed to do???? i just cant win man!

honestly, i never intend to flirt, i dont knoe tat its happenin, despite wat u may think! i dont realize it!! if i had the intention to do so, then i will, but never la k? everyother time, i NEVER NEVER have the intention to flirt, im just being nice. im just sorry it comes across tat way.....

sheesh looks like ill need to just chop my head off. ugghh.. hope the day gets better la...


Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Gettin Jiggy Wit It!

I've been havin some pretty hectic days at college recently, but they still have been fun!
History of Art classes just got more n more interesting! today we learnt bout Northern Renaissance Art which like Italian Renaissance depicts Biblical stories, but just wit more detail! haha my lecturer, n i still think he's gay, told us bout this painting called the Garden Of Earthly Delights which shows:

in the 1st panel - Garden of Eden and Adam n Eve sinning, 2nd panel - sins like orgies and 3rd - hell

pretty graphic n horrific la to be honest wit u.. u can check it our on wikipedia n they show close ups n its actuallly really detailed n scarryyy!! but cool!! so my lecturer was trying to refer to sex n now everytime he wants to talk bout it, he says "you know la, those people are gettin jiggy with it!" hahhahah!! can u imagine ur lecturer sayin tat???gettin jiggy wit it!! LOL!!! i LOVE him la!! he's just hilarious!!

n OMG!!!! the GROSSEST THING happened yesterday in the plaza!!! yuuuccckk!! ok ok during lunch time me & Trisha were busy cuci-mata (washing eyes) wit all the hot guys in college la. so we were lookin at this hot Bosnian guy, he's white and has this nice green eyes and a stoned look, so he was sittin a few tables away. n me n trisha were just talkin la, then we happened to look at him again n you know wat??????????????????

he stuck his finger in his nose n dug it, then pulled it out & looked at it!!! YYYYYUUUCCCCKKKKKK!!!!! its not even like he gently brushed his nose u know!! he stuck it RIGHT in there n looked for treasure or sumn. n FUURRREEAAKKEDD out!!! we were like soooo freakin grossed out n talk bout potong steam man!!!! we happened to look 10 mins later and.... HE DID IT AGAIN. Freak.

please la people!! u wanna pick ur nose do it in private in the bathroom or sumn la!! why the hell would u do it in the plaza during lunch time surrounded by 5000 ppl??? euuuggghhh!!

other than tat, im swamped wit work!! going abit crazy here, i gotta make a stupid comic book, fully illustrated & colored n has to be a min of 10 pages.. sucksss......

cant wait for SUNBURST MUSIC FESTIVAL this Saturday!!! INCUBUS, JOHN LEGEND, THE ROOTS, CHENELLE, JOE FLIZZOW!!! ahhhhh i cant wait!!ahhh


Sunday, March 9, 2008

A New Malaysia!!

SORRY TO MY international READERS FOR RANTING BOUT MALAYSIAN POLITICS! But this is the last one i post! so visit again! lol!!

Yesterday's elections is def the most historic ones int he history of Malaysia!! The ruling party, BN lost 5 states to the opposition parties and only won Parliament by a simple majority! BN def got the shock of their lives when Samy Vellu, who had been a minister for 34 years was not voted back in, when they lost Penang state to DAP n lost Perak state to PAS!

And the best is that out of the 13 states, they lost 5 states to the OPPOSITIONS!!! DO YOU SMELL THE REVIVAL???

ahhh wat a BEAUTIFUL day to celebrate!! now Malaysia will finally get a much more efficient government! even though BN still will form the Government as they won Parliament wit a simple majority, they will now have to be on their tippy-toes about everything and not slack off!!

This loose alliance betweeen DAP, PAS & PKR has definately been succesful! BOTH SELANGOR & PENANG are now under DAP man!! ahh this just means that they shall be workin on abolishing ethnic inequality & racism- a problem most Malaysians have been facing! im just soo happy! the best part is just seeing how all of us MALAYSIANS totally opened up our eyes n saw the problems being faced and FINALLY!! we decided tat it was time to change! For all of ya'll tat voted! give yourselves a big hand!!

Here's a lil humor to add to ur day! :D

Lets pray hard that the new Malaysia is wat we've been hoping and praying for!


Saturday, March 8, 2008

Malaysia - It's Time To Change

Decided to take a step back from the heart pumpin hip-hop music, so im featurin sumn relaxin this week! enjoy!

So today is The Day for the Malaysian Elections n wow, campaining has been runnin at an all time high! Im not into politics so dont worry, this wont be a lenghty 'political statement'. Just thought id say wat i thought of the recent governmental probs n wat nots..

I've always thougth Barisan Nasional which is the Party that has been ruling for 50+ years was good, true they won by a LANDSLIDE vote last elections, but this time around.. i dunno anymore.. It's biggest contender and the dark horse which is def makin a statement Democratic Action Party, seems to be havin a LOT of support from the citizens this election! I think tat its we started voting more for the oppositions, as we need more of their seats in Parliament. My dad explained tat if BN held 2/3 of the seats, they can easily pass any laws n legislations without really takin into account the feelings of the nation, but if they had a 1/2 opposition filled parliament, they will always be questions before passing laws, n therefore, our government will be a much better one....

I mean, i love Malaysia to death, i do.. but cmon man, the Gov is really goin bonkers! ITS TIME TO CHANGE, people!!!! cmon! oh well, im not eligeble to vote yet, all i can do is hope n pray tat the nation makes the rite decision..

Other than tat, havin said tat im not into politics, im only gonna say this once, I SUPPORT BARRACK OBAMA! im not gonna post any arguements here bout this, but i just wanna state my take on this jazz! so we still pray hard for good things to come!

Yesterday was def a real interesting one! Went to PAvillion wit Mal, Sha, Chris n Shafiq and then we headed over to Heritage Row! n i FINALLY got to go to CYNNA!!!!!! yayzzz!! always wanted to go, kan its 21, so Shafiq's fren had got us in, n it was nice.. we went in thru Loft -which ive also never been to! but i hafta say la, Cynna's music wasnt great la, n theres no proper dance floor.. :S it was ok only la, but i think i wont be goin clubbin there again.. Loft was pretty cool tho! much prettier, spacious n the music was better!! :D gotta love Heritage Row!! next club were gonna hit there is BED Club ! it sounds soo mysterious, cool- n im def intruiged!

anyway, i caught STEP UP 2 the other day!!
n holy-shidangos!!!!! its awesome!! ok ok wait a minute, let me rephrase tat, THE DANCIN IN THE MOVIE WAS KKEERAAAYYYYZZEE!!!! awesome i tell you!! the storyline on the otherhand was very predictable n sucha 'been-there-done-that'. So obviously dont watch this movie wit the expectation of 'whhoooaaa special effects n omg story line' laaaaa.. go in purely for the MOVES n the eye candy! hehehe ;p

Also, i just re-read Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows! i have read each Harry Potter book min, of 7 times, (but the 1st, 2nd & 3rd ive read 18times each) not kidding! i just can NEVER EVER EVER get tired of it! n i still feel tat intense anticipation and enjoyment everytime i read it! ahhhhhhh the blisss of livin in my Harry Potter world!! :D i just cant believe its over, you know? i read the book n cried n cried for 1 whole chapter before stoppin, and at the last chapter, i cried all over again! i dont care wtv ya'll say, im a DIE HARD HARRY POTTER FANATIC n im PROUD to be one! i've been waitin for this book since i was 11 years old, n to finally finish the story and to know tat there wont be any other books comin out just makes me sad, but Rowling just def did sucha FAN-FREAKIN-TASTIC job on this last book! n honestly, i couldn't have pictured a more perfect ending!!

So toodles for the weekend! n hope u enjoy the song!! love ya!!


Thursday, March 6, 2008

New Camera!!!

WHOOHOOO!!!!!!! i got a new DSLR CAMERA!!!!!!!! yayz!! its a SONY A200!!!! n im loovin it!!

all of us had to get a DSLR for Photography class, n so after lookin around for other brands n good deals, my dad decided that the Sony was a good purchase! looked at Nikon D40, D40x n also Canon 350D & 400D.. then he found the Sony n was told tat its a better camera n all tat.. i didnt really care la. to me The Nikon, Canon n Sony are actually all the same n i wanted the Nikon since most ppl have it then i can ask my frens how to use it, but my main priority was to get the cheapest one la!!

I just felt bad tat my parents had to spend so much for this as i only need it for 1 Sem, ahh but i LOVE it!! n plus im really excited to learn how to use it n i do like photography so it be cool!
dad managed to get a good deal, RM2000 for the camera+lens+filter+bag+tripod+CF card+ Screen protector la.. so guess its ok..
but anyway!! it rocks n im excited! :D

Yesterday i had a great History of Art Class!!! my lecturer rocks!! we were talkin bout Art from the Renaissance period n he was showing all the pics la! haha he referred to a pic of a baby as B.J! THE BABY JESUS!! lol! n Mr.J was JESUS! hahha n i think he's gay, he just had this awesomely funny was of explainin things n he totally made History soo much fun!!

n i reckon i have an appreciation for this art! like the Mona Lisa, The Statue of David, The Last Supper, The Philosphers... its cool!! i cant imagine hundreds of years ago these painters can just create all these techniques.. i mean, how the heck do they think of all this?? anyway...

IM SOO HAPPY!! hehe i FINALLY collected my UNI t-shirt! hahaha i started doing the things i was supposed to have done in last sem (August) this sem! haha ok, like.. i NEVER collected my Student ID!! (the horror!!) i was just too lazy la. so i went to collect it recently but they didnt have it so they were gonna call me when its ready! i swear i was gonna start jumpin wit joy if i got it. Ya im weird like tat. then i got my bloody huge RM90 waste-of-money&space book last week n today! i finally got my tshirt!!whooohooo!! im gonna do something to it la, since studyin fashion la kan, must be different from the others! lol!
im gonna either make it into a halter or im gonna cut the back n tie it wit lil cute holes.. hmm must figure out how to do tat.... HELP ME OUT!!! please??

Tuesday, March 4, 2008


Im missing the good ol' CHEER days!!!! :'(
I really miss D*STARZ soo freakin much man!! ahhh n to think that our batch (2004) was the start of D*starz!

Cheer used to be my life back in 04 & 05!! was totally devoted to it! us lil Sri Amanian cheerleaders formed a tight-knot group of friends and we worked our bootays off 2 times a week for 2 hours n when it got closer to the competition, practices increased to 5 times a week, 4-5 hours a day!!!!

ahhhhhh.. but it was the life, kan?? we played hard, but we worked ourselfs harder!! all the insanities n funny things tat happen! ahh like rolling around on the field laughin, screamin for joy when we achieve a stunt, playin 'ayam dgn musang' in the school field, crying together when we're sad or dissapointed, keeping each other motivated and most of all, being a fantastic team!!

we've all learnt soo much during our years as cheerleaders, we've improved tremendously too! and even tho all the original D*STARZians are gone now, we've welcomed in some GREAT cheerleaders who i can definately tell, work their butts off too, and have tat D*STARZ-licious spirit!!! They've still got a lot to improve, but HEY! who doesn't rite? tats wat makes it fun!

SO here's a lil sumn from last year's practice routine, i say their routine was great! of course there's tweaks tat need to be done here-n there, but they really did an "A-W-E S-O-M-E awesome! awesome! totally!!!" job!!! lolz!! btw, I MISS YOU SOO MUCH POLY!!!

here's to THIS YEAR's CHEER 2008!!! D*STARZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Monday, March 3, 2008

Everyday Moments

Let me see ya move, move, shake, shake,
watcha daddy said!!

hehehe.. i dunno about u but whenever i hear the song featured on my blog, "Move, Shake & Drop by DJ Laz, Pitbull & Flo-rida" i just gotta get up n dance!!! those of u familiar to the famous House song "Satisfaction by DJ Benni Benassi" u'd know tat the back beat of the song is featured in this song! the twist is the added Hip-Hop to it!! yay!!! im LOVIN it!! :D my other fav is "The Anthem by Pitbull" which is a hip-hop song featuring "Calabria by Enur!"

Anyway, sorry for not updating for ages! i've been soo busy! I had a fantastic time wit Sha the other day at Bangsar! met up wit Mong, ate at Delicious n we walked around shoppin! i love random hangout wit the girlfriends...

N on Saturday i had a Potluck dinner wit my AFS Klang chapter at the Bernard's house! yays for AFS!!! :D i met Nambee & Ciyan there n it was great to meet up wit the other Returnees who went all over and also met the new exchange students!! :D there are 2 16-year old boys from GERMANY!! its gonna be soo much fun hangin out wit these kids (+the other chapters)!!

Made me remember my time in the USA.... i miss my host family, THE KUHNS.. they were soo awesome n we got along GREAT!! also miss my friends soo incredibly much n my school!! so i made a photo album on facebook wit just a few random pics... wanna see? here! click

hahah i had another one of those 'crazy crack' days wit KG in college! lol we just get soo crazy together! loL! must upload tat video of him! hahhah ;p