Sunday, March 30, 2008

How It All Began..

So I've been meaning to write this post for quite a while, n i just thought it was time.. hehe as u'd know, I've been in a relationship for almost 3 years now! (9 more days!!) n this is how it all started out, this is how Icky met Kelsey.. ;p

March 29th 05
Me, Sha & Liz were goin to Simple Plan's concert in Bukit Kiara, n her bro, Niki was comin along n so was his friend, Ikmal- who i had met b4 but just as a hi-bye thing.. So Ikmal, who's 3 years older than me, kept us company n kept us safe while we waited for the concert to begin, n the whole time, we were all laughin n joking n doin crazy crap n all tat jazz.. during the concert, somehow i was really into his super cute curly hair! hahah so was flirting n all la, n in the middle of the concert, i was tired, so i kinda leaned my head to rest on Ikmal, who was squashed up rite behind me... hehehhehe ;p i got my tactics la...

After that, we went to get some water n souvenirs n dunno la, all of us were just runnin around, dancin, n boys were being boys, n u know wat tat idiot Mal did to me?????? he freakin poured water all over me while i was sittin down AND WEARIN A WHITE TOP!!! gatal sial. lol!! jk! n i htink we started just chasing each other la, but nevertheless, it was obvious that some sparks were flying between us!

the next few days,
all i could think n talk bout was him n how i was reallly into him, n from wat i heard from Sha, he was into me too! :D n i was havin a bday party on that same week so she invited him for me!

2nd April 05
i had my 16th B'day Party at my pool n he came!! ohh GOd i was sooooo nervous but we all managed to have a GREAT time hanging out n laughin as usual!! (me n Sha were trying to pull his pants off in the water! hahaha dont ask me why tho!

and at the end of the nite, while i was walkin Him, Sha & Liz to his car, he asked me for my number! :D :D n when he took my hand to say goodbye, he gave it the quickest but cutest kiss!!! hahhahahhah it sealed the deal la!! hahah have to say, i was deliriously happy! n i got my best ever bday present which i still cherish till today n who i take all over the world wit me- ICKY my soft toy! lol!

8th April 05

He asked me out on our very 1st date! it was a Friday n i still remember every detail bout it! we went to Sunway Pyramid, n had lunch is Secret Recipe! was soo nervous the whole time, was soo paranoid bout whether i looked like a pig when i ate! haha then we went to watch a movie called Spanglish! dont worry, he didnt try to kiss me, he was such a gentleman thru out the whole movie! n on the way home, we held hands! hahah he did the whole 'lets compare hand sizes thingy! hahahhahhah' i was reallly floatin on air la when i got home!

9th April 05
i asked him to come wit me for this ICC Concert thingy n he did n we had fun sittin together talkin n listenin to these friends of mine, Sha & Liz as they teased us n all tat! wat frens i have! haha love ya'll!!
n on the way home from it, we were holdin hands in the car n he was drivin.... suddenly he turns to me n asks, " Kel, would u be mine?" ................. n i was soooo suprised tat all i cud say was "ok....." ...... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH dont worry!! we laughed bout my answer later on but yeah!! now we were officially a 'couple!' n i tell u.... *deep intake of breath!* all me n my friends could talk bout for tat week was him! hahhaha

n news spread around school man! lol! it was funny how everyone knows bout everything, esp when ur in a girl's school! but everyone was happy for me n i was.... more than happy.... :D

its been 3 years since those special moments, n soo many more special moments has happened wit us.. we've had many, many fights, bad times n a really tough year last year, but wateva it was, we always somehow worked it out..... n tats how we're gonna continue, workin things out.. he's the light of my life, he's my everything..... n how we've made 3 years..... i dunno.. but its been great! :D

n till today, Baby, u still make me tingle wit joy n smile wit happiness! :D i love you!

*ur BUNNY*


Syuhida said...

omg u look ADORABLE in the last pic :D blue suits u well