Saturday, March 8, 2008

Malaysia - It's Time To Change

Decided to take a step back from the heart pumpin hip-hop music, so im featurin sumn relaxin this week! enjoy!

So today is The Day for the Malaysian Elections n wow, campaining has been runnin at an all time high! Im not into politics so dont worry, this wont be a lenghty 'political statement'. Just thought id say wat i thought of the recent governmental probs n wat nots..

I've always thougth Barisan Nasional which is the Party that has been ruling for 50+ years was good, true they won by a LANDSLIDE vote last elections, but this time around.. i dunno anymore.. It's biggest contender and the dark horse which is def makin a statement Democratic Action Party, seems to be havin a LOT of support from the citizens this election! I think tat its we started voting more for the oppositions, as we need more of their seats in Parliament. My dad explained tat if BN held 2/3 of the seats, they can easily pass any laws n legislations without really takin into account the feelings of the nation, but if they had a 1/2 opposition filled parliament, they will always be questions before passing laws, n therefore, our government will be a much better one....

I mean, i love Malaysia to death, i do.. but cmon man, the Gov is really goin bonkers! ITS TIME TO CHANGE, people!!!! cmon! oh well, im not eligeble to vote yet, all i can do is hope n pray tat the nation makes the rite decision..

Other than tat, havin said tat im not into politics, im only gonna say this once, I SUPPORT BARRACK OBAMA! im not gonna post any arguements here bout this, but i just wanna state my take on this jazz! so we still pray hard for good things to come!

Yesterday was def a real interesting one! Went to PAvillion wit Mal, Sha, Chris n Shafiq and then we headed over to Heritage Row! n i FINALLY got to go to CYNNA!!!!!! yayzzz!! always wanted to go, kan its 21, so Shafiq's fren had got us in, n it was nice.. we went in thru Loft -which ive also never been to! but i hafta say la, Cynna's music wasnt great la, n theres no proper dance floor.. :S it was ok only la, but i think i wont be goin clubbin there again.. Loft was pretty cool tho! much prettier, spacious n the music was better!! :D gotta love Heritage Row!! next club were gonna hit there is BED Club ! it sounds soo mysterious, cool- n im def intruiged!

anyway, i caught STEP UP 2 the other day!!
n holy-shidangos!!!!! its awesome!! ok ok wait a minute, let me rephrase tat, THE DANCIN IN THE MOVIE WAS KKEERAAAYYYYZZEE!!!! awesome i tell you!! the storyline on the otherhand was very predictable n sucha 'been-there-done-that'. So obviously dont watch this movie wit the expectation of 'whhoooaaa special effects n omg story line' laaaaa.. go in purely for the MOVES n the eye candy! hehehe ;p

Also, i just re-read Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows! i have read each Harry Potter book min, of 7 times, (but the 1st, 2nd & 3rd ive read 18times each) not kidding! i just can NEVER EVER EVER get tired of it! n i still feel tat intense anticipation and enjoyment everytime i read it! ahhhhhhh the blisss of livin in my Harry Potter world!! :D i just cant believe its over, you know? i read the book n cried n cried for 1 whole chapter before stoppin, and at the last chapter, i cried all over again! i dont care wtv ya'll say, im a DIE HARD HARRY POTTER FANATIC n im PROUD to be one! i've been waitin for this book since i was 11 years old, n to finally finish the story and to know tat there wont be any other books comin out just makes me sad, but Rowling just def did sucha FAN-FREAKIN-TASTIC job on this last book! n honestly, i couldn't have pictured a more perfect ending!!

So toodles for the weekend! n hope u enjoy the song!! love ya!!