Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Progress is Progress..

So im still not supposed to be online but i cant help it! need to blab! ok so im almost finished wit drawing this stupid comic book for Creative Studies.. n i guess its comin on fine la.. doing 40 slides, n hope to finish by today! then must start coloring a.s.a.p! freak. college just dumps loads of crap on us, dont they? summore got Design Studies assignments (notice the 's'?) and Photography..... :S

On a happier note tho, i finally saw the pics "BEHIND THE SCENE" from the photoshoot! hahhah they're hilarious!!!!


MICHAEL UPLOADED ONE PIC ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!! whoohooooo!!!! :D Belissimo!!!

he's in the same class as me so i understand tat he's busy, i think were all dying here.. sigh.. but yeah! the pic is reall cooL!! cant wait to see the rest!!

I've got my cousin-in-law's sisters wedding tomoro!! Mahlini is gettin married! yay! n its gonna be a Hindu wedding @ a temple in KL n me n Kris r gonna be flower girls! so ill be wearin my turqouise blue-wit purple palu-wit gold threads saree for it! YAYs!! n so just got my eyebrows threaded (OUCH!!!) n gonna get henna done on my hands in abit! :D im soo excited!!

n on Sunday, my uncle, Sunny is gettin married! hehe its just a dinner for the whole family n its gonna be real exciting n merry n fun!! :D i love my family! :D n i'll also be wearing a saree! this time its the green saree-wit black sequins i bought recently from India! :D

so def gonna be havin lotsa fun this week (aside from dying wit assignments, tat is..)
so will be updating soon!!