Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Im Back!!

Im Bacck!! YAY!!! i just wanna say a HUGE sorry for not havin updated my blog till now, but i've had absolutely NO WAY of gettin online!! :S Ariel is gettin better n hope to get her back todaY!!

You have nooo idea how hard it is not to blog!! i keep havin soo many things on my mind tat i wanna talk n blog about but i cant!! AHHHH! i have like a backup in my brain! lol!

But anyways! My weekends have been absolutely amaaaziin!!! 1st off- the Monash Street Carnival on Saturday was fun! Mal was the emcee for the event n he also performed "Show Me What You Got-Good Life" & "This Is Why Im Hot-Stronger-Lalala" hahah the boy was freakin amaaazing, (as usual!) n we were all out to support him! :D baby, u make me so proud! :D

On Sunday, i also had a Great day! a really different one too! Went sailing (yes i said Sailing!) wit my family n some family friends! My Uncle Warran loves to sail n does it as a hobby, so he invited my family along as he had borrowed a friend's Yacht, since he knows i love sailing! It was in Port Klang n the yacht was gorgeous! its called Eveline! n i tell u!! i brought my DSLR along n was snapping photos like maaddd!!! hahahah but managed to get some pretty awesome shots! :D

ahhh... i just love the feelin of being out on a boat.. just cruisin out on the sea.. no destination in mind.. just relaxing n takin in the breeze, sights n sounds.. n there was 17 of us together, sailed for a total of 5 hours ish, n at the end of the day, i told uncle warran tat i wanted to come sailin wit him more, n he said tat if i really was interested he'd sign me up for sailing classes!! OOOMMMMMMYYYGOODDD!!!! :D im soooooo excited!!

i just feel like i need a new hobby n since im really into it, why not u know? n its different n fun! :D then maybe in the future if im eer rich (PLEASE GOD!!!) who knows?? maybe ill get my own yacht n take u wonderful frens sailing! :)

other than that, im heading off to Phuket, Thailand tomoro!!!! whoooohoooo!!!!! goin there for 4 days on vacation wit my family n also its my Bday prezzie from my parents! :D yay!! im super excited n will be back on Saturday! So till then i love you all so much n again im soo sorryyyyy but i promise,promise, promise to be back will stories to tell! not to mention tanned from the beach sun! hhahahha



Thursday, April 24, 2008

Droppin a Line!

Sorreeeee i havent updated till now! but Ariel is officially gone. cant connect on the net! did all the virus scans n got rid (or at least thought i did!) but still have to reformat... :(

Oh well! college has been keeraayyyzeee fun recently!! today was fun! sat at the plaza the entire time coz no photography class today, but hung n shaked legs wit Mel, Naga, Kirstie n ppl who came n went! but the highlight of the day was the performances held by the Sound & Music students! apparently their assignment is to host an event each, so we had singing performances, n..... brace urself!! SHUFFLERS!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!! (scream of horror!!!!!!!!) it was soooooo terrible!! shufflers shud be put to death! shuffling is basically a retarded form of dance! eeks! nt the worst part is tat they 'battled' each other n wore... Shuffling pants!! EEEEIIIII!!!! :S they sucked soo bad, the whole plaza was like.. ppl were just horrified la u can telll!

me n trish had the time of our lives laughing! Then we had hip hop performances which was fun!! then as usual LimKokWing style, they had battling!! haha this Arabian guy n this African guy (whos a freakin awesomee dancer!!) battled n whooooohoooo!! :D the plaza was on fiiiyyaahh!! ;P

then me, Trish, KG n Mel went back together, pulled over n had Bubble Tea n gosssiiipppedd n we blasted music by the roadside n guesss wat?????????? ahhahahhahhhhahah
I GOT OUT OF THE CAR N STARTED DANCING ON THE ROAD SIDE!!! hahahhah the ppl who saw were like, waatt?? hahah n Mel n then Trish joined in! it was soo hilarious! this old chinese guy gave us weird looks! haha n KG filmed us! lol! when i get the vid, i'll post it, ya??

ok i gotta run! just know tat i love u guys!! ill be back asap, k? muaxxxxxxx


Monday, April 21, 2008

Ariel is Sick..

:'( My dear laptop, ARIEL, is........ sick............ crap... she's got a virus.. n it suckssss big time! i dont even know how im typing this post! crap la!! i needed a serial number for Adobe InDesign tat i had downloaded n looked for the crack online, so found a few sites la, n without using my freakin brains, i downloaded it, thinking "now, why would anyone wanna put a virus here?" wit tat innocent gullible brain of mine...

Yah.......... Right...........Idiots in this world...

So my net has been lagging, and hanging, n blank pages will just pop up, n suddenly my desktop dissapears.. Joy to the freakin world la! i cant even type this post properly, as some keys will lag, n require me to press harder n again.. n my Norton Anti-Virus is expeired.. im seriously stressed man! Ariel is my gateway to life man! I Cant lose her.. or my pictures and music!! :S :S :S

So i just bought this AVG Anti-Virus Protection 08 n its currently doin a scan...
Somemore, Rueben Annai is away n cant help me.i feel useless.. i feel stupid.most of all i feel MAD!! WHY DO PEOPLE CREATE THESE VIRUSES IN THE 1ST PLACE????????????? NO FREAKIN LIFE ISSIT???????????? ARRRGGGHHHH!!!!

someone, please help me.. i need advice.. i cant lose her...


Saturday, April 19, 2008

Family Laughter!

Im blessed with an awesome family! I really am! I know that they can be a pain and weird and perhaps irrational at times, but as a whole, they're pretty rad! :D

Yesterday i went out at nite wit my parents, and uncles & aunts to Selangor Club coz they wanted to drink.. I ended up havin an awesome time joking around wit them, n u know a funny part? The band were playing all oldies la, so i just turned to watch them as they played "Que Sera Sera" n all of a sudden, i hear men near me singin n to my shock, i hear 3 uncles+ my dad singing it together! hahahahahhahahahah i laughed soo hard!! these old men only know the old songs!! haha n this happened thru the nite! twas fun! :)

then today while i was wit my parents, we were talkin bout whether they wanna be cremated or buried.. so my mom has always wanted to be cremated, n i told her ill keep her ashes in a vase iny house, then she said tat for my dad, we can cremate him, then hire a sports car, drive around the Sepang F1 circuit, wind down the windows, pour the ashes all over the track!hahahahhahhahahhahahhahahhahahahahaha i burst out laughin for 5 mins straight till i had tears comin out of my eyes!! ha my mom ah sometimess... hahaha!

she also said that she wud cremate me n then pour some of my ashes in One Utama, some in Sunway Pyramid, Midvalley Megamall, Pavillion..... *shakes head* my parents are nuts! haha


Thursday, April 17, 2008

10 things..

Ok so i've decided to list dow 10 things that many of you may, but probably do not know about myself! simply coz i have nuthn better to do. correction: i do have work to do but im just too darn lazy!!

Ths are in no particular order, k?

1. I have a perfume fetish!!

seriously!! i LOOVEE perfume!! ever since i was a kid, id watch my mom get ready n saw her spray on perfume n ever since then i have grown to adore it! i have so far, 20 bottles of perfumes and my fave being PACO ROBANNE's BLACK XS (both men & womens!) i need a new perfume every year!!

2. Geoducks are disgusting!

they are basically part of the clam family, but they freakin look like the private parts of a male! n basically my cousin said " oh it looks like an albino african's ******" so yeah.. n the worst part is tat people eat it!! GROSSSS!!!!!! i wud never put sumn tat looks like tat in my mouth!!

3. I HATE butt cracks!!

seriously man!! there are girls in college who think its cool to show it off! YEEUUCCKK!!! get a belt man!! no matter if ur bum is nice or wtv, its still such a turn off to see butt cracks, the same goes to visible butt flossing (thongs)

4. Bunny Suicides

i happen to think tat the Bunny Suicides are funny yet mean at the same time!! :S check em out if u can! ud be laughin!! this is the link to the bunny suicides: HERE!

5. I like Lily Cole

This British model called Lily Cole is just, WOW!! she just has this absolutely stuning porcelain doll face, u knw? the whole round face, big eyes, small rose bud lips, fair skin and flaming red hair! talk bout different!

6. The Darkness rocks my world!

When i was 15 and still a pop music freak, i discovered THE DARKNESS, a British glam rock band who were out of this world insane, freaks, different,fun and just, hilarious!! i fell head over heels in LOVE wit their zany music and coz of them, i started researchin bout rock bands like Velvet Revolver, Guns & Roses, ACDC and so much more, and since then , ive turned my back on pop n love ROCK!

7. I've planned my wedding!

i know i may just be 19 but wtv! i want either an evening garden wedding, with a white archway, with green vines wrapped around it, it tiny candles all around, or a sunset beach wedding.. nuff said..

8. I like how i smell!

hahaha! i do! i know this may sound weird, but wtv! i love how i smell after a few hours of spraying on perfume, n smelling how my natural pheromones blend in! i love the smell of my *dare i say?????* underarms? hahahh tat is after many hours after i spray on IMPULSE deoderant, tat is! sorry!! i know tat may be gross, but its my body n i love it! lol!

9. I love High School Musical! lol!

i dont care wat ya'll say! i know it aint the best movie ever, n its damn corny n predictable, but I CANT HELP BUT LOVE IT!! hahahh its cute n ill burst out into song everytime i hear one of th songs! n i know the dance moves too! *gulps* ;p

10. My fav designer is John Galliano

i happen to tink that John Galliano, the designer for the House of Christian Dior is a mad and super genious! i love his designs esp his haute couture ones! they're all works of art, and wildly creative and just down rite brilliant! :D

so there! totally random things bout myself!! hope yall had fun n till next time!!


Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Feeling Thoughtful..

The change of song is to suit my mood tat im in now, n its also from the movie P.S I Love You.. its called LOVE YOU TILL THE END by THE POGUES.

I've been re-reading one of my favourite love novels recently, its called PS I LOVE YOU written by Cecilia Ahern.

i read it a while ago n just remembered how much i loved it! so i have been reading it again n wow! Ok so i've cried from reading a book before, definately, but i have never in my 19years of living, cried this much from reading a book! N its not just 1 or 2 times, i cry everytime and everyday tat i read it (read it slow for 1 1/2 weeks!)...

This novel, set in IRELAND, tells the story of how, Holly Kennedy, who's husband/life partner/best friend & soul mate had just passed away from a brain tumor, goes on with life.. It tells of how she struggles everyday wit her grief and how she tries to carry on with her life and how her family and friends help her out... One day, she receives a package from her dead husband, Gerry, and finds tat he had made her a LIST of THINGS TO DO, before he died and there are 10 notes in there, 1 for every month!

She basically does wtv it is her husband had told her to do, and by doing so, she discovers things about herself and learns how to take care and still LIVE.. but thru out the book, u'll see (and feel) how much of pain and suffering she's goin thru... made me think about alot of things i guess.. wtv it is, this book is definitely.. amazing! Dont worry! its not full of sadness, there are ups and laughter too! and, EVEN GUYS WILL LOVE THIS BOOK!!!! Mal (and i know he'll kill me when he reads this!!) read this book and loves it! he cried too! haha! i love him!

So they adapted this book into a movie starring Hilary Swank as Holly, and Gerald Butler as Gerry. i just finished watchin it and im.. i dunno.. ok the movie is VERY VERY different from the book, many parts are changed and really different la... im dissapointed, very! but, nonetheless, if u had never read the book, it'll be a nice movie, u know wat i mean? i enjoyed it tho! i just still prefer the book!

I think a reason why I've been crying practically everynite as i read this book was bcoz, i just felt so sad for her and i kept picturing myself as Holly and.. i.. i cant imagine goin thru wat she does.. i dunno wat id ever do if i were to lose Mal.. esp if we'd been together for 15 years n married n he suddenly he starts dying.. and then dies.. I did have a dream of tat happenin once, n i've never felt pain as bad as that before.. even tho it was just a dream, it had all felt so real, and so intense, i just dont know how some ppl deal with that..

I salute those who can deal with losing a loved one.. How they ever manage to cope wit the pain (even tho its emotional, it feels physical), and how they manage to carry on wit their lives.. i think we take our loved ones and life for granted.. i dont think i'll even be tat strong or tat brave... haha, me and Mal always argue bout who is gonna die 1st and we both wanna die 1st! ( I DONT CARE MAL!! I AM GONNA DIE FIRST!!) we just dont ever want to live life without the other.. its quite a funny arguement tho! Trisha witnessed it, ask her! lol!

So im sorry for the morbid post, ive just been thinkin about it alot.. Death.. it happens and i know its natural... but it sucks!! i feel bad.. i sometimes hear bout a person dying who im not close to, and even tho i do feel sorry for the loved ones of tat person, i dont think much bout it, u know? like i just brush it off.. but now i think bout it, SOMEONE had just lost their everything/their soul mate/their partner/their lover/their world... and i shudder to think that that might be me too one day... :S

oh well i guess these are just one of those things tat we cant help, rite? just thought id share.. i honestly hope that you'd read the book.. its amazing and gives you a whole different perspective, u know? the movie is.. worth a watch too! but just bear in mind tat its different from the book, k?

Ill be posting up pics from my KL tour thingy next! Till then, think bout wat i said!
P.S- i love you.....


Monday, April 14, 2008

Shop The Day Away!

So today was a good day!! heck, it cud even be Great!! I finally got my new IC done, (no more havin to show my 12 year old picture when i get to the clubs ;p) and i also went shopping!!

I've finally put some of the birthday money to good use! =D Finally got my super cute clip on shoes tat i've been searchin high-n-low for!!! just cud never find a nice one, all the one's ive seen are either the punk style ones (which is just soo not me!) or they're damn lala-fied!! (I SHALL NOT BE A LALA!!) so today when i finally found a cute one tat fits n doesnt burst the purse, i got it!!! it's from EVERLAST (?? i know rite..) n it only costs RM69.90!! whoohooo! talk bout a good deal! n they're real comfy too! :D happiness!! i can wear them everyday n they go wit many things!

n at last! my happiest purchase was a dress i've been wanting from TOPSHOP since last year!! its a cute baby-doll 'sundress-picnic dress!' n when i first wanted it, it cost RM269 n bought it today for only... RM139!! ahh! :D ok ok so let me get this straight 1st, i NEVER EVER EVER spend tat much on a clothing item.. DEAD SERIOUS! this was just a 1time thingy.. but im happy! n i look tres-chic in it! :p

other than tat, i watched OVER HER DEAD BODY starring Eva Longoria, Paul Ludd, Lake Bell and Jason Biggs! its a romantic comedy bout Kate (Longoria) who got killed on her wedding day. 1 year later, her fiancee (Ludd) who still has not moved on was brought to a psychic (Bell) to contact his dead fiancee.. and the story picks up from there!!
its nothin to shout about la, but its still funny, lots of parts to laugh at, its cute, its sweet, its basically just one of ur average romantic comedies la.... doesnt stand out, but i liked it, nonetheless!

Anyway, gonna venture around KL wit Trisha tomoro!! explore the city wit our camera n then on a field trip to the Art Gallery wit my entire foundation sem! hahha shud be funnnnn!!!!! so expect a post bout the wonders of our city, KUALA LUMPUR!!


Sunday, April 13, 2008

Pictures of Sarees & Whatnots!

So if u've been following my blog u might have remembered tat i went to 2 weddings in March n as promised, i said id post up PICTURES of me in a saree n all tat jazz! ohhh!! im LOVIN my sarees! (n my family's sarees too!)

there's just sumn so elegant, so beautiful and soo classic bout a saree... it will never go out of style, n u can wear it forever as long as its not badly damaged, n ONE SIZE FITS ALL! need I say more?
The Blue & Purple saree wit gold thread was for Mahlini's wedding!
(Kris, Me & Malina)
The Dark Green wit black sequins saree was for my uncle's wedding dinner!
the ladies!!!!!!!! ;p

my mummy & papa!!
And for Kris, pics of her hand and rings.. and also a lil sumn i made for you! miss you much!!
And last but not least, took this wit my DSLR! :D
im happy!!!! :D

Saturday, April 12, 2008


i am.. dissapointed.... in the outcome of my Design Studies assignment... this was for the Typeface one.. sigh.. i have to say tat i think half the class feels the same way... Got a 'temporary C'.. we've supposed to do it over la, i guess tats good.. im just soo tired!

i've spent almost everyday of the week doin work till 3am n ahh! i am soo thankful for our Semester Break this whole week!! ahhhh!! US DESIGN STUDENTS NEED A BREAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hmm.. but ill still have to do; Creative Studies Journal, Design Studies Journal, do over for D.S assignment, n Comm. Studies stupid assignment.. nef!!

i wonder why LimKokWing doesn't have a proper Student Council.. i guess the ambassadors do tat tho.. kinda..

n i hate Rempits... do they honestly think they're gonna get a girl to swoon for them or to be interested in them when they whistle at us??? seriously man.

bleh! im gonna sleep! gnite!


Thursday, April 10, 2008

The 9th Merriments!

Wow! So its officially 3 Years together! haha! never thought we'd ever make it this far! loL! well i pretty much had a fantastic day n got somethin really special n sweet from him!

I had made him a kinda cute lil memory/scrap book filled wit pics and lil story and memorable events as well as lyrics to songs tat mean alot to us! hehe i thought it was sweet n knew tat he'd LOVE it! :D n i was right!

but im absolutely in LOVE wit Mal's gift which was a carefully thought out Mixed CD! ahh i think apart from writing songs, tats the thing tat he's BEST at! :D i was nicely suprised wit the song selections tho as there were quite a few tat i didnt know! Just to name a few of my fav songs on the CD ;

Complaint de la Butte - Rufus Wainwright ( a personal fav from Moulin Rouge!)
Anyone Else But You - The Moldy Peaches
Angel - Jack Johnson
Sweet Baby - Macy Gray
Banana Pancakes - Jack Johnson

and a few others! if u want to, i def recommend takin a listen to these songs! They're great! :D

We watched 27 Dresses starring Katherine Hiegl today n it was awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!

i didnt feel like it was just another chick flick, it was real fun and entertainin and cute too! and ladies, trust me, u cant help but fall in love wit James Marsden! :D happyness! n the guy who plays her boss, George, is real good-lookin in an older charmin way! hahah :D WATCH it if u wanna just feel laid back, happy, lovey-dovey and just have a laugh! hahah lotsa good parts to LOL to! hahha! IM definitely watchin this AGAIN!

Other than tat, i dont think I've ever blogged bout my obsession with French.. hmm.. im obsessed wit the French language! seriously! i find French to be super duper uber sexy and i just go weak in the knees when i hear it being spoken, or better yet, SUNG!! *ahhhhh*

i have a few fav French songs, but this is 1 of my favs! its called Complaint de la Butte by Rufus Wainwright and its taken from the movie (my 2nd fav musical of all time - MOULIN ROUGE!!) i find it to be so beautiful! There's just something bout French which just intrigues me! i wanna seriously learn it tho! its always been a dream!

my closest to French grounds tat i got to was Charles De Gaulle Airport in Paris... n tat was not really good.. hahha but got to speak some french, had fun wit the signages n buyin delicious choc croissants and just roamin the stores! hahah but i def wanna go to Paris n really check it out and live my dreams! Go see the Louvre (MUCH ANTICIPATED DREAM!), the Eiffel Tower and much more.. hmm.. i know a few words in French, but i def hav ALOT more to learn! :)

Listen to the songs if u can! Much love people!
n a shoutout to my reader from France, Billancourt : thanks for ur continued interest in my posts!


Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Last Week B4 Break..

So this is Week 7 in college n tat means tat next week we have our Sem break! FINALLY!! im soo tired from never ending assignments tat they think they can just pile on us!

I've still got to do my Design Studies - TYPOGRAPHY assignment.. crap..... i gotta do 10 sketches n a final artwork... Then gonna go study for the History of Art test tomoro.. n i think for Malaysian Studies he wants a mind maP????? n print pics for Photography... hmm

We just started our final integrated project today! SEEEEOOOWWWWW MAN!!! they're crazyy! no doubt it sounds interesting but how the hell are we able to execute it??? THis is for Creative Studies+ Design Studies. Thes year the theme is LONDON + KUALA LUMPUR!

Apparently we have to research on the cities, choose a subject to focus on (transportation, architecture, culture.. etc.) n from there we make a concept n create a final INSTALLATION art piece!! - now wat the flyin is tat la rite? apparently its like big sculptures, where a viewer can go inside or wtv n touch n all tat! ahh!! n its due in week 16! yes they extended by 1 more week coz the lecturers think thats not enuf time! how the flyin are we supposed to do this? oh but its group work la.. n so far, i think we look like we have a good group.. so tats good at least!

on a happier note, WENDY'S JUST OPENED IT's 1st SHOP IN MALAYSIA!!!!!!!!! whooohooo!! i LOVE Wendy's man! haha used to go there every single week when i was in the States to eat Choc Frostys!!! ahh!! its in the old wing of Sunway Pyramid next to the ice-skating rink n i basically jumped up n down with excitement when i was there! haha serious! my mom was like, "can u behave urself??" hahahh IM SOO HAPPYYY!!!!!! love tat place la! n they have good Chilli Con Carne too!! ahh but chilli gives u gas... hmmm.. but its good!! lol! ;p

told Trisha bout it on the way home n she flipped too! so we went to Wendy's to eat! ahahh as u know, we both went to Pennsylvania, so i said one day, we'll wear our old High School t-shirts n take pictures on our "Pennsylvanian's Pilgrimage to Wendys!" ahhahhahahahh now all they have to open is a TACO BELL!! mati la. well become fat!!

tomoro's her bday! HER 19th BIRTHDAY!! whoohoo!! n so HAPPY 19th HUNNNN!!!!! :D may all ur wishes come true!!
n tomoro's Me & Mal's 3rd Anniversary! whoooohooo!!! :D

wow! looks like I AM busy busy busy!!


Sunday, April 6, 2008

She's Clueless

I cant stand it! i tried to drag myself away from my blog, but i cant! i need to post this so badly! im sorry i know i just posted a long post just now, but this is just popping out of my veins, desperately longin to be turned into words..

i dont know how He does it. I dont know how I can still feel this way after so long... I dont know at all..
i have fallen in love wit him, all over again.. yes, AGAIN! im at my wit's end goin crazy thinkin about Him!

We had a major fight last nite, while at Republic, n yes to my embaressment, my closest frens witnessed me & Mal fighting. i shall not go into detail bout wat, but it was all my fault.. tears n harsh words were passed but in the end, we spent 1 hour talkin it over and at the end, we worked things out and now... ahhh.. feels like i've fallen in love all over again..

it seems that everytime we go thru rough patches, esp super rough ones like some of our famous Malaysian pot-holed roads, we bounce rite back higher than ever before! maybe its me. maybe after my soul gets traumatised by the fear of losing the one, it awakens again to see him for everything tat he is and loves him.. more.. if tat's even possible.. wait a minute! IT IS! :D

i dont really know wat exactly about Him tat keeps me coming back for more, but theres just something there.. i know not everyone sees tat. some of u may be wondering wat I see in him, and im sure some of you may be wondering wat He sees in Me?

but i just see that something special.
maybe its the way he talks to me? the way he tells me that im beautiful. the way he makes me laugh. the way he makes my cheeks ache from smiling so hard whilst thinkin of him.
maybe its the way he sings to me?
maybe its the way he accepts me even when i mess up?
maybe its the way he fulfils me.entirely.
or maybe its the way he loves me.

i dont know.. i dont know at all... im just clueless.. and in love..again...


Saturday, April 5, 2008

Off The Hizzayy!! :D

The new Song of the Week is in honor of our 3Year Anniversary! Michael Buble - EVERYTHINGEnjoy!

So i have some of the best frens in the world! :D I really do! Yesterday i had a small Birthday dinner thingy at Italianies in Sunway Pyramid n i had invited some of my close frens.. ok.. 20 ppl came! hahhaha there was:

Me, Mal, Kim, Trisha, KG, Mariah, Naz, Fuzzy, Rui, Taps, Mudiwa, Mel, Sha, Ash, Elisha, Farah, Debra & Liz! n i bloody hate Malaysian timing, just for the record! i said tat the dinner was 7.30 but i expected at least like 5 ppl to be there by 8, but noo.. only 3 of us! hah! but anyways! ppl came! :D yay!

We ate pastas! I LOVE pasta! my other weakness! n basically just spent the nite mingling, eating, laughing, freestyling..*ahem*- kim =D , n cam-whoring la! hahhah! it was awesome! some came late.. some left.. but most stayed.. actually all the ppl who stayed for the entire nite were my college frens... :/ i guess my other frens were just busy wit other stuff or had valid reasons. but wtv, im just glad they showed up! :D

Also, Mal had bought me Cuppacakes as my B'day present (my wish was fulfilled!) n they were oh-soo-gorgeous!! but just as we were goin into the restaurant, he accidently slipped n they kinda got ruined in a way, but it was fine la, accidently la kan? but he felt soo bad tat he had snuck to Secret Recipe and secretly (Pun intended) bought me a Mango Cake!! our fav cake actually!! ahhhhh!!!!!!!!!! so when the waiters came at the end to sing me happy bday, i thought they'd bring out the cuppacakes, buuutt!! instead i got a super awesome suprise seeing them bringing the mango cake!! :D n my darling-ness had felt so bad n got it as a replacement! AWW! n he wrote "SORRY! HAPPY 19th Birthday!" on it! :D was a sweeettiiieee!!

then we just all pigged out on cake, cuppacakes n left la! bill was ok actually! *THANK YOU TO MUMMY & PAPA!!!!!!!!* n the waiters were real helpful too! :D THANKS ITALIANIES!!! :D

so we wanted to check out BarCelona but it was just too crowded n we didnt have much $$$ so we went to Republic instead! its pretty, except tat it was empty-ish but we still had a super awesome time! hahaa did wtv the heck we wanted without caring bout ppl, n did catwalks!(LOL!), danced like a maadderrr n partiieddd!! hahhahah! ahhh.. i love my frens la! i honestly have to say tat!

All in all, it was a FANTASTIC night! minus a few boo-boos here n there, it was all good, n if any of u who attended r reading this, THANK YOU SOO MUCH FOR MAKIN MY 19th BIRTHDAY SUPER FANTASTICO!!! :D

so im gonna leave u guys wit a ton of pics, there r more on my FACEBOOK actually, so check em out!! :D


Thursday, April 3, 2008

Go Shawty! It's My Birthday!

Eeekss!!! im officially 19 now!! ahhhhh!!! im happy tho! I've had a FANTASTIC day! from 12:00am to rite to this very moment!! my phone has been receiving msgs n calls wit Birthday wishes n my Facebook wall is all Birthday wishes! im soo happy!! :D

i have really awesome friends la! hahha college was just awesome today! :D my frens, Melissa, Taps, Fuzzy, Rui, Trisha, KG n i dunno who else (Ehsan & Heng Fong were there too!) suprised me wit a Birthday cake in the plaza!! hahha during lunch time too! hahha but luckily it wasnt tat crowded tat time, so i wasnt tat embarressed! but it was just awesome! hahah funny thing is tat 1 hour b4 tat happened, Taps who was plannin it wit Mel accidently sent me a msg which was meant for her saying "hey im in the plaza n i got kelsey. u got the cake?' hahahhahhahahhaha!! :D

but it was cool as it was a suprise to see who was in it! :D I LOVE YOU GUYS SOOO MUCH!! THANKS!!!
n i had a great time wit Mal! went for lunch in Pyramid, ate at Sakae Sushi & had ice cream at Baskin Robbins! :D ahh it was pure bliss la! we were on this cloud nine! :D love u baby!

n i just got back from an awesome, crazy, informative n wacky dinner wit my parents in Tony Roma's!! :D ohh ive always wanted the ribs from tat place n they were good! :D n had very very interesting conversations wit my parents bout the day i was born!
do u know tat everyone said my mom was gonna be a boy!! even my dad would say to my momma's tummy "hello boy!" ahhah n i popped out of my momma n SHOCKED ALL U CRAAZY PEOPLE! hahhhahahh ;p

i cant wait to tomoro!!!!!!!!!!!!! im havin a Birthday get-together dinner at Itallianies in Sunway Pyramid with some friends! im super duper excited! the dress code? : Dress To Impress! i'll be posting pics by Saturday, hopefully!

See you there!


Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Excuse The Narcissism..

Ohhh im soooo happyyy!! :D First off, I FINISHED MY COMIC BOOK & HANDED IT IN!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!! - after 1 whole week of slavin off like a maaderr on it, its been handed in! n i have to say, even tho its simple, i like it! now i have to get started on the stupid sculpture n 3 other assignments.. :S potong steam la..

But mostly the reason why im happy is coz: i FINALLY got the photos from Michael!! :D:D:D ohhhh i've been dying to see them n the outcome.. hmm... im happy wit them... i mean they're not the best photos in the world, i know, but i did have a TON of fun at the shoot n i wanted to do one wit Michael Cools badly, so im really happy!! :D

like i said, excuse me for the narcissism today, but here r the pics!! FEEDBACK k? i wanna hear how to improve n wat nots!!

all i can do is smile! so i've posted more pics from the shoot, including the 'behind the scenes' one which r funny! they're all on my Facebook!

the next shoot im lookin forward to is a RAW BEAUTY one wit Bibo Aswan! he's the one who shot the pics of me in the pool... nyeh! nervous but exciteddd!!

im havin a Birthday Dinner thing on Friday! just a small thingy, nothing big, but im excitedddd! :D i had a fun Bday last year in Allentown, PA!! My 18th Bday was celebrated by my host family showing up at my school wit a "Little Mermaid" cake! :D tat was a suprise!! n my locker was decorated wit streamers, n balloons by Ashley Moats & Kris Reif! (thanks sooo much guys!!) n the whole day in school i had cookies baked by Lydia n got wishes the whole day! it was def one of the memorable birthdays... gosh, i miss The USA so much.. miss my friends n Host Family.. :(

Lookin forward to the next few days i guess! We only get to feel like a Prince or Princess, once a year... so we shud always ceellleebrraatteeeee our birthdays!! its not a narcissistic thing to do, cmon man its the day u were freakin born man!! *pops champagne* how else can we feel special? ;p