Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Im Back!!

Im Bacck!! YAY!!! i just wanna say a HUGE sorry for not havin updated my blog till now, but i've had absolutely NO WAY of gettin online!! :S Ariel is gettin better n hope to get her back todaY!!

You have nooo idea how hard it is not to blog!! i keep havin soo many things on my mind tat i wanna talk n blog about but i cant!! AHHHH! i have like a backup in my brain! lol!

But anyways! My weekends have been absolutely amaaaziin!!! 1st off- the Monash Street Carnival on Saturday was fun! Mal was the emcee for the event n he also performed "Show Me What You Got-Good Life" & "This Is Why Im Hot-Stronger-Lalala" hahah the boy was freakin amaaazing, (as usual!) n we were all out to support him! :D baby, u make me so proud! :D

On Sunday, i also had a Great day! a really different one too! Went sailing (yes i said Sailing!) wit my family n some family friends! My Uncle Warran loves to sail n does it as a hobby, so he invited my family along as he had borrowed a friend's Yacht, since he knows i love sailing! It was in Port Klang n the yacht was gorgeous! its called Eveline! n i tell u!! i brought my DSLR along n was snapping photos like maaddd!!! hahahah but managed to get some pretty awesome shots! :D

ahhh... i just love the feelin of being out on a boat.. just cruisin out on the sea.. no destination in mind.. just relaxing n takin in the breeze, sights n sounds.. n there was 17 of us together, sailed for a total of 5 hours ish, n at the end of the day, i told uncle warran tat i wanted to come sailin wit him more, n he said tat if i really was interested he'd sign me up for sailing classes!! OOOMMMMMMYYYGOODDD!!!! :D im soooooo excited!!

i just feel like i need a new hobby n since im really into it, why not u know? n its different n fun! :D then maybe in the future if im eer rich (PLEASE GOD!!!) who knows?? maybe ill get my own yacht n take u wonderful frens sailing! :)

other than that, im heading off to Phuket, Thailand tomoro!!!! whoooohoooo!!!!! goin there for 4 days on vacation wit my family n also its my Bday prezzie from my parents! :D yay!! im super excited n will be back on Saturday! So till then i love you all so much n again im soo sorryyyyy but i promise,promise, promise to be back will stories to tell! not to mention tanned from the beach sun! hhahahha




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