Sunday, April 6, 2008

She's Clueless

I cant stand it! i tried to drag myself away from my blog, but i cant! i need to post this so badly! im sorry i know i just posted a long post just now, but this is just popping out of my veins, desperately longin to be turned into words..

i dont know how He does it. I dont know how I can still feel this way after so long... I dont know at all..
i have fallen in love wit him, all over again.. yes, AGAIN! im at my wit's end goin crazy thinkin about Him!

We had a major fight last nite, while at Republic, n yes to my embaressment, my closest frens witnessed me & Mal fighting. i shall not go into detail bout wat, but it was all my fault.. tears n harsh words were passed but in the end, we spent 1 hour talkin it over and at the end, we worked things out and now... ahhh.. feels like i've fallen in love all over again..

it seems that everytime we go thru rough patches, esp super rough ones like some of our famous Malaysian pot-holed roads, we bounce rite back higher than ever before! maybe its me. maybe after my soul gets traumatised by the fear of losing the one, it awakens again to see him for everything tat he is and loves him.. more.. if tat's even possible.. wait a minute! IT IS! :D

i dont really know wat exactly about Him tat keeps me coming back for more, but theres just something there.. i know not everyone sees tat. some of u may be wondering wat I see in him, and im sure some of you may be wondering wat He sees in Me?

but i just see that something special.
maybe its the way he talks to me? the way he tells me that im beautiful. the way he makes me laugh. the way he makes my cheeks ache from smiling so hard whilst thinkin of him.
maybe its the way he sings to me?
maybe its the way he accepts me even when i mess up?
maybe its the way he fulfils me.entirely.
or maybe its the way he loves me.

i dont know.. i dont know at all... im just clueless.. and in love..again...