Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Excuse The Narcissism..

Ohhh im soooo happyyy!! :D First off, I FINISHED MY COMIC BOOK & HANDED IT IN!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!! - after 1 whole week of slavin off like a maaderr on it, its been handed in! n i have to say, even tho its simple, i like it! now i have to get started on the stupid sculpture n 3 other assignments.. :S potong steam la..

But mostly the reason why im happy is coz: i FINALLY got the photos from Michael!! :D:D:D ohhhh i've been dying to see them n the outcome.. hmm... im happy wit them... i mean they're not the best photos in the world, i know, but i did have a TON of fun at the shoot n i wanted to do one wit Michael Cools badly, so im really happy!! :D

like i said, excuse me for the narcissism today, but here r the pics!! FEEDBACK k? i wanna hear how to improve n wat nots!!

all i can do is smile! so i've posted more pics from the shoot, including the 'behind the scenes' one which r funny! they're all on my Facebook!

the next shoot im lookin forward to is a RAW BEAUTY one wit Bibo Aswan! he's the one who shot the pics of me in the pool... nyeh! nervous but exciteddd!!

im havin a Birthday Dinner thing on Friday! just a small thingy, nothing big, but im excitedddd! :D i had a fun Bday last year in Allentown, PA!! My 18th Bday was celebrated by my host family showing up at my school wit a "Little Mermaid" cake! :D tat was a suprise!! n my locker was decorated wit streamers, n balloons by Ashley Moats & Kris Reif! (thanks sooo much guys!!) n the whole day in school i had cookies baked by Lydia n got wishes the whole day! it was def one of the memorable birthdays... gosh, i miss The USA so much.. miss my friends n Host Family.. :(

Lookin forward to the next few days i guess! We only get to feel like a Prince or Princess, once a year... so we shud always ceellleebrraatteeeee our birthdays!! its not a narcissistic thing to do, cmon man its the day u were freakin born man!! *pops champagne* how else can we feel special? ;p