Wednesday, October 31, 2007


To say that im suprised that this day rocked, would be a lie! I mean, anytime some of fav ppl in college, Mariah, KG, Trish, Riya & Fate make a pact to do something together, esp when tat thing is something crazy, it's bound to be KICK ASS!
N Kick Ass, it was! hehe got to college dressed as a 'school girl' n Trisha was addy there in her 'Witch' outfit! teehee! we were laughin as ppl were staring n laughin! Later, Mariah-Mariahhhhh arrived and we all just chilled. n the funniest thing ever happened!
Tan Sri Dato' Lim Kok Wing, the president of the University came, and was walkin to his elevator n Trisha suddenly, in her cape n witch's hat, walked towards him, all bent over n waved, n YOU KNOE WAT?!?! Tan Sri stopped, tilted his head, saw Trisha n smiled!!!! hahhah he laughed a bit too! n it was just freakin funny as hell wei!!! hehehhe

Then when KG, Riya & Fate finally arrived, our 'Halloween Pact Circle' was finallly complete! n BOY OH BOY!!!! WE LOOKED LIKE FREAKS!!!!! HAHHAHA everyone kept lookin at us n wondering wtf was wrong wit us, but you know wat? it was funny n didn matter coz we were just havin such a laugh!! lol!!

Mariah - Red Ride-Her Ho
KG- The Chippendale's Stripper
Trisha - The Witch
me - The School Girl
Fate - The Race Car Driver
Riya - The Playboy Bunny

we cam-whored, took many many weird awesome pics, laughed like crap, dogded stares n just had a great time! hehe also Malaz joined us, n even tho she wasn't dressed in a costume, she still chilled wit me & KG n tat crazy girl put on a racer's helmet n she looked insane! LOL!!
Me & KG also recorded a funny 'Halloween Report' video, n im gonna try to put it on Youtube, so when i do, ill holla at 'cha!

Other than that, our group stated painting our final project, (finally!!) n hope it goes well.... Had a FUN lunch! Had lunch wit James, Amanda & Dhahma n then Mal also came! was soo happy! been wantin him to meet some ppl for quite a while. so tat was cool! Oh n also, i got some pics from James! it's the ones from the Fashion Show & they look sooo cool!! hehehehhehehe

Fun Fun Fun day!!!!! in sooo many more ways than one!


The Fashion Show

Today was a big day for me!! i finally lost my Runway Virginity! lol!
i got the call from Deepa on sunday nite, asking if i can model for her fren who was doing her final project n needing a model the Launching show.
so naturally, i said YES! coz u know me, la.. i mean its has always been my dream to model, n all this are stepping stones, so i was excited!!

The rehearsal was yesterday n it was cool, yet nerve-wrecking. also i met the designer, Chin Hui who is soo cute!! she was so nice n bubbly, plus, the dress she designed, with the theme Phantom of The Opera was sooo cute!!!! it was real short, a spaghetti stap, bubble dresss, brown/gold colour with red/gold.

This morning, got to college early for hair & make up, chilled wit Nadh. Both of us were nervous like shit!!! but we calmed each other down la.. hehe :D
All the models were having their hair curled, n the make up was supposed to be thick eye liner, bright blush n glossy nude lips! damn thick tho, but we looked cool!

>> 11am, we changed and made adjustments to the outfits n as expected i had issues with the top part of the dress, so she had to sew the straps coz it was too loose n kept comin down. THANK GOD FOR DOUBLE SIDED TAPE!! So the whole time i was realllllyyyy nervous bout the dress comin low n trippin. prayed hard!

Come 12.30, the chairs in front of the stage was full, the entire plaza was filled & ppl were crowding around the the-red carpet n i was soooo scared la! But all us assured each other n when it came for my turn..... AHHHH!!!!!!!!!! i went out there in those 3 1/2 inch heels, stutted it out, n posed on stage! hehe then i walked down onto the red carpet, struck 3 poses n went back n the whole time, there were a bunch of photographers n ppl! also, my wonderful craaazy friends were clapping n screamin my name!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH! it really helped me alot, pumped me up n gave me better confidence! hehe n just wanna say, "Riya, u were freaking loud, bitch!! I LOVE YOU!!"
i also loved when we walked the 2nd time with our designers, it was soo cute! :D

I have to say, after it was all done, i felt GREAT!!!! the whole anticipation, excitement, nervousness, confidence, the adrenaline rush was just.... EXHILARATING!! i just LOVED it!! n i wanna do it again!!!!! really.. as i said b4, its always been my dream to model n even tho this was a not tat big of a deal, i just felt like it was a mile stone for me.... hope this leads to better things! also, will put up a pic from the runway as soon as i get it!
ahhhh.. wat a great day..
well tomoro is HALLOWEEN n as i said in my previous blog, we're dressing up!! so expect to hear all bout it soon!! the excitement baby!

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Life Drawing & Halloween Pacts!

So on Thursday we had our Life Drawing finals! we had to basically bring in a pic of a Significant building in Kuala Lumpur and draw it out on a Huge (A2) Illustration board, then we had to colour it n either using crayons, colour pencils, chalk, charcoal, paint, as long as its not pencil.

I went to class tat mornin at 10am, n i didnt leave the room till 4pm. shit. i was seriously soo tired from drawing & drawing! plus, my stooppidd self didnt realive that i only had RM1.60, so i only cud get a bottle of water n bread. wtv la.
anyway, even tho i sat for so long n drew (wit the side occasions of me singing "
Sweet Child Of Mine" hehhe) i still only managed to draw it out n not even colour! n i was super tired n stresses n worried addy, n i knew tat i wasnt gonna be able to sleep tat nite coz it was due tomoro.

but anyway! i went down to the plaza n who do i find?? KG!!!!!!!!!! thank GOD!!! coz we sat together n had 'pepper'ed & 'gravy'ed french fries n suddenly, the real KG was unleased!n lol!!!

but it was freaking hilarious!! he kept on craking weird jokes n was insane n he just made me laugh n then i was cured!!!! hahah so the pissey-offing mood i was in, was gone! :D thanks Kums! lol!!
got back home n straight away workd on the crap building.
btw, im drawing out Menara Telekom, KL
got Kopi O Ais to help me stay awake n slept at 3 sumtin!

at the same time i was watchin V FOR VENDETTA and that was one awesome movie man! loved the end! im now much more pumped to shave my head! hmmmm.. tat mite take some guts tho..

Friday, got to class to hand in the drawing n wat do i see??
>everyone also finishing up their drawings! apparently i wasn't the only one to have late nights.... some didnt even sleep at all! poor things.
But i touched up my thingy n this is the final outcome:

so yeah! its done!
During lunch, Riya, me, KG n Fate were discusing bout Halloween on Wednesday n we were talkin bout Dressing up, but we were scared in case no one else dresses up as well n we'll end up lookin like idiots! sooooo..... we came up with a HALLOWEEN PACT!
we all agreed to dress up on halloween! so tats gonna be fun!!
Riya is coming as a slut.. (i told her she's supposed to dress up in a costume, but she dont wanna listen... ;P)
Fate want to dress like a man.. (KG says she has the same prob as Riya..) COSTUMES People! Costumes!!
KG is gonna cross dress...... seriously..... not joking
n i am..... i dunno yet...... wanna wear those boots la! so maybe a cowgirl!
guess we'll just have to wait & see!
oh n im grounded for 1 month. yay.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Rockstar Within

So yesterday was a real scary and somehow weird day. 1st off, i woke up wondering if it had all been a dream, u know how some things can be so unrealistic tat u think its a dream??? yeah well unfortunately, this was real.

it was raining again! so hoodie n sweats for me! well, went to college n chilled n when it came to my fav time of the day, LUNCH @ Makanlah it was definately not boring1
haha had lunch wit Taps, Sammy, Trisha, Kim n her fren n i tell u, the amount of lame jokes (thanks Trish), "driving on the other side of the road" stories, n all sure helped take my mind off things! :D

the highlight of lunch tho was the ALMOST fight! ah crap. we were all at the Plaza eating n chillin when suddenly we saw a bunch of guys gettin heated up n almost hittin each other b4 their frens pulled them apart (btw, it was between a couple of Kazakhs & Middle Easterns)
so all of us started gettin excited la! fight! fight! fight! fight! fight!
they started walkin over to the stage n basically the whole Plaza was into it! my whole group arranged our chairs in a row n watched! hahaha i swear! all we needed the popcorn!
-- so they start arguing rite, n we get exctied, n they talk n all for like 3 mins when all of a sudden, they start shakin hands n smiling laughing..
POTONG STEAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
aiissseeehh man!! pump us up for nothing.
Oh! n i also watched this movie last nite called STARDUST! n it rocked!!! ahh! haah i loved the movie! its soo funny n cute, its basically a kind of fairy tale bout this guy who goes to the other world to bring back a fallen star for the girl he loves. n its like a whole adventure! u guys just watch it la!!

Today was an incredibly entertainin day!!
Our group managed to finalize our sketch & trace it onto our canvas! so we did tat the whole time n i colored our design. so far, it looks great! now we have to decide on the final colors n start painting it.

whenever i draw, i always need music to help me concentrate! somehow, i just can't do it without my good music, so as usual, ill listen to my tunes n groove. u can always tell im enjoyin myself n happy when i start singing & dancing!!! :D

so for some reason, when "Sweet Child Of Mine -- Guns & Roses" came on, i got up on the chair n started singin and dancing and going crazy along! hhahahah seriously! Taps has the pictures! i was on a roll man! i found my Inner Rock St*r!!
n after lunch, i was real hard-core rapping "Cleanin Out My Closet by Eminem" n it was soo freakin coool!!! Taps was seriously shocked wit my energy! haha phew! *wipes sweat*

ahh but it was awesome la! then Kim came to class n thats when even more crazy shit went down!
Taps, Sammy, Kim n Me started taking all sorts of pics! haha it started off with Kim's ass, then Taps joined, then Sammy, then me! n sooner or later, me & Kim ended up in a rather questionable position! lol! it was sooo much fun tho! n i cudnt stop laughing! hehe

so yeah! it was a really really awesome day at college! :D

thanks for cheering up my day, guys! :D


Monday, October 22, 2007

gone for good..

so i feel like my whole life is over rite now.. im not gonna write bout wat happened, all i can say is tat, its really serious n i just may never be allowed to step out of the house again.. sigh..

tats all la. no mood to even write bout how nice college was today.

but i will anyway.

It was real great to see everyone again! i was so tired, yet in such a happy state of mind, i just hugged loads of frens! our awesomest group did touch ups on our design n chilled n talked alot la. then we went for lunch n JAMES was there, back from Hong Kong! with.......... an iPHONE!!!!

wat the heck man! its like the coolest thing i've ever seen in my life! n i wasnt too excited bout it at 1st, but now after playing wit it non stop, i have to say; IM FREAKIN JEALOUS OF YOU, JAMES!!!!!!!

it's awesomeness just atstounds me la... hehe did i even spell tat rite????

well we also had great fun talkin n laughin n joking bout everything.. so pretty much, today was a fun day in college thanks to : Amanda, Dhahma, Sammy, James, Kim & Trisha!

but when i came home, it was also good, it was at 5.45 when all


im just a goner...... for those of u who i LOVE, always remember tat i cared...


Sunday, October 21, 2007

Friends, Weddings & Life..

So My Friday might seem like a real waste to some of you, true it was rather unproductive of me, but i really really enjoyed it!

i decided to chill at home n watch Friends! coz i have the entire series on DVD n i still havent watched season 10 (yes, i know! Gasp!) so yeh, i put it in at 10.30am n i watched n watched from season 9 n i finished season 10 at 1am! hahhaha yeah! true story man! but u know wat?? it was AWESOME!!!!!! dead serious! i mean the entire season 10 was soo much better, the storyline was awesome, the jokes were better than before, much laughter n lemme tell u, TONS of TEARS!!!! :( if u havent watched it yet, dont read this, its spoilers...

>>>> i mean, its so obvious that Ross & Rachel were meant to be together n the last episode where she was leavin for Paris n he finally confessed tat he still loves her n she got on to the plane.. omigosh.. i was cryin!!!! n at the apartment when he was wishin tat she'd get off the plane n suddenly he heard her voice n she DID get OFF the plane, I CRIED N CRIED man!! i was like cryin soo much coz i was sooo happy for them!! n then when it came to Monica & Chandler movin out 0f their apartment wit the twins, it was like... soooo sadd la!!! i mean, I Grew up watchin Friends! 10 years ok!!! n its all over now! FReakin Hell! i was crying for 15 mins, I SWEAR!! ahhahhahahahhahah but it was sososososos good la.. great ending, u know?

OK!! now u can join back, change topic. i went to a Malay engagement ceremony on Saturday wit Mal. it was Anne's sis's one. n i have never been to one b4 so was lost la. but i wore a Pale Green Baju Kurung & Mal wore a Pale Green Baju Melayu n i have to say, we looked GREAT
together! :D i was really enjoying myself tho! coz as weird as it sounds, since im Malaysian n all, i really dont know much bout Malay weddings. it was real cool to see how they have the rombongan lelaki to bring the gifts for the bride n they discuss alot of things n then they eat! its real cool! i guess we always think we know alot, but the reality is tat there is alot more things left to be learnt, ya>
the bride-to-be looked really beautiful n i loved the place where they sat, (i cant remember wat its called) but its all decorated pretty! just learnin bout the culture was real cool!
also had loads of fun wit Anne, Freza & Wanie! :D we talked, laughed, camwhored n all tat! they're real nice! glad i get to finally hang out wit Anne & Freza after hearin all bout them for 2 1/2 years, u know! now i just have to meet Nysa!
so after tat, i went to my uncle's bday party @ Cobra Club n there were loads of relatives there n it was soo fun!! i love being wit my family la! they're craaaazy n loads of fun! even better is when they drink n get loud n merry! hehheheh n it was also fun to talk to many of them.. Going away really does make you appreciate ur loved ones A WHOLE LOAD MORE!!!!
well today didnt do much.. just went to church n it was coool, hung out wit Charmaine n JJ a bit n agrreed to make a cheesecake for AFC coz JJ was persuading me.. ishhhh.. geramnya! hhahha buuutt i do love to bake la! n after at just chilled at home, watched The BREAKFAST club which was pretty cool n watched TRANSFORMERS again!!!! whhoooooohoooo!!! i LOVE tat movie!!
ok la, tomoro college, only got 3 weeks left!! YES!!!!!!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Shoppin wit Bestie!! :D

Sungei Wang has always been a fav shoppin mall of mine! it's great to go when ur lookin for real bargains, weird/ unique clothes, a good time or just a laugh! either way, ur bound to enjoy urself! so wat can be better than me n my bestie, Farah, hangin out at Sg.Wang? hahha major major havoc, i tell you!

lol! me n farah had some awesome crazy time there! we looked around, shopped, laughed like idiots, hit each other n tried on weird clothes n the bitch even brought me into to 'prosititute's shop' as i like to call it n bcoz of her i liked this one sexy backless top i saw, but dont worry i didnt buy it! ;P but she bought a lot of tops, n i just had to resist the temptation to buy since i just spent a good RM415+ bucks on the beautiful Jordans for Mal's bday! haha ahhhh but its all good la! just have to eat porridge n drink tap water for 3 months.. hehehheh jk!

we def ended it wit our traditional 'Pearl drink & chat" time! hehe whenever we need to have talks, we always have it wit pearl drink! ah but i love it la! N also, i intro-d her to Sugar Syrup coated Strawberries! YUMMYY!!!!!!!!! so we ended up havin choc & syrup coated strawberries n choc covered marshmalllows! :D all in all, a GREAT day with her!

Today i pretty much lounged around the house! i called Lydia in Pennsylvania for a while coz i missed her soo soo sooo much! great to talk to her! n then i headed to Sunway Pyramid to have lunch wit Kim & Mal n tat was fun! ate at Waffle world.. hmm.. not the best food.. walked around then Kim had to leave, so me & Mal went to Swensen;s for Ice Cream Sundaes n then he was still hungry so we went to eat awesome awesome Nasi Lemak n i have to say,it rocked man!

I LOVE being Malaysian! hahaa the fact that we eat just coz we want to n not neccesarily coz we're hungry, rocks man!

but till tomoro, im gonna watch Friends now!


Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Gardens, Piercings & Jordans..

So what happens when me, Liz & Ash get together? chaos! n loads of random fun! heh

On Monday, we decided to go check out The Gardens, Midvalley's new upscale shopping mall. also, Liz decided to pierce her nose! so the 1st stio we made was to Dragonfly n after a good 10 mins worth of motivatin tat girl n assuring her tat it'l be ok, she finally got it pierced n boy!!!! it was a good bunch of pics n video! hahha the faces tat girl makes, cracks me up! lol! but glad to say tat she looks GREAT with the nose piercing! suits her well n hope it all be fine! :D

then we met up wit her bf, whom i've been wantin to meet ever since Sugar n he's a real nice guy! haha looks young n all tat but he seems real nice n a bit whack! she really loves him, n im glad he makes her happy! :D so we all had a majorly fun time! played pool n all tat. oh n shit.

me n Liz almost got raped in Brewball's toilet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

dead serious!! we went into this place n the toilets were in there, n Ash went into the toilet n just as we got there, 3 macha guys walked out n stared @ us n just stood there! me n liz FREAKED n didnt know wat to do. coz if we left, something might happen to Ash, n if we went into the toilet, they wud follow n we wud have been sodomised by cucumbers n brinjals n god knows wat else. so i immediately called Mal, n the idiots were just standin there n staring at us, nto even talkin! n after i reached Mal on the phone n told him the 2nd time to "come her now!!", they suddenly left!! wat the fuck man?? when he got here n we told him the story, he wanted to whack the guys up! shit man. i was scared!!

anyway, after tat we just chilled n checked out the Gardens, which is soo beautiful la! 3 floors n all very pretty but the shops r waayy expensive!!!! not in my budget la... :( but still, all in all, a great day! :D

Today, since i have no college for 1 week, i chilled at home, took my own sweet time n lounged around the house la, as usual, naked mornings! ;P then i got to the bank to get some cash, saw Mal, drove to the Curve coz i was finally gonna buy the JORDANS baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

YEP!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i FINALLY GOT THE JORDAN RETRO 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
after waiting 4 weeks since i ordered it, it was there! n when i walked into the Nike store n just said my name, the lady was like, "yes, i know u! u ordered the Jordans!!" yeah baby!!!!
n its soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo beautiful!!! ahh!! in all it's pure whiteness n glory! i was sooooo excited as i paid for it! not gonna say the price coz its waaaayyy expensive, but weirdly, i didnt feel bad! i was so excited n it felt so good to buy the shoe for Mal's 21st bday!! :D
n i even saw them in Women's sizw, for 1/2 the price, so i wanna get a pair for myself
but yeah! its awesome!!!!! i love them so much! :D
anyway, im going to Sungei Wang to shop with Farah tomoro n im excited to spend the day wit my bestie!!! its gonna be waaayyyyyyy crazy!
till then~!!


Sunday, October 14, 2007

Church Enlightenment & Shopping

So today i went to church as usual n it was interesting.. hmm.. not the sermon of course, i didnt listen but Patrick's organ playing was hilarious!!!! hehe seems like the day he was chosen to play, everything goes wrong! lol! at least CEO wasnt there today, if not...... hmmmmm..
Me & Joey also got to talk a bit today, n i really missed that! i havent talked to him properly n have one of our long conversations since i got back, guess its coz we've both just been really busy but i cant wait till when we're done wit the semester! then its chattin all the time! :D
I did ask him a few pressing questions tho:
- to which he said that "we are allowed to drink but not till were drunk..." hmmm.. i need proof on this tho, so anyone who knows, let me know k?
- he said that "it is not for us to judge a person & their crimes, that is between God n them.. no commandmant is higher than the rest n we shud not be judged by the works of the law (Galatians 2:16)

so yeah..... i dunno.. i've just been wondering bout these 2 things lately.. weird huh?
oh well
after tat, i went to visit my bestie, FARAH!!!!!! just for a quick hello, chit-chat & Raya cookies! hehe she's so cute la! i love tat girl n we talked bout everything! hehe wat am i gonna do when she leaves to the States next year ah?
then later i went to my grandma's for family lunch n it was soo much fun!!!! hehe i LOVE my family! they totally crack me up wit their insanities n quirks.
i mean i know they can sometime annoy the heck out of me but i still love them dearly..
Family time is awesome la... me n the parents went to OU after tat coz i wanted new black pants n i saw 2 of the SEXIEST shoes ever made!!!! from ALDO, they were 4 inches high, glittery straps n super skinny heel!! but they cost RM180.. sigh.. nvm
anyway! i got new pants n had a fab day out!!! :)
rite now im watchin HAIRSPRAY again wit my parents n this movie freakin rocks la!!!
so till next time la!!

Lava Lamp

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Saturday, October 13, 2007

This is me... with no make up on..
tats all

New Release

So im bloggin now, after 2 years of doing so.. i dont know why, but i just felt like i wanted to start a blog again after the chaos of the old one!
Firstly, Selamat Hari Raya to all my Muslim friends out there! its been a real different Ramadan for me this year! I fasted for the first time! n i have to say that it was fun!!! :D
it wasnt as bad as i thought it be, i mainly felt more thirst than hunger. but there were occasions where i didn't fast coz i was just too darn hungry! hahha
but all in all, im really proud of myself! not that many people can willingly sacrifice food & water from dawn till dusk man, n now i have a new sense of respect for the people who do! :d
today i went to an old family fren's open house for Raya n it was fun!! the food was AWESOME!!!!!!
Chicken & beef rendang, ketupat, lemang, kuih!!! ahhhhhh!!!!!
i've been cravin for this since last year! n esp when i was in the US, i was DYING for rendang man!!! ahhh
i LOVE being a Malaysian la.... i noticed today at the open house, the neighbours came to visit n to eat n the best part was that they were Chinese n my family was Indian & Chinese n i just admired the beauty of the Multiculturalism that Malaysia has... ahhh its great that we can all celebrate all sorts of different festivals together and still be so united!
i think being away in a different country opens ur eyes up to all new things that we sometimes take for granted.
like yesterday, i went to KLCC by myself coz i just wanted to have a whole day alone n enjoy being connected with myself n my thoughts, n then i took a long walk around KL. i walked from KLCC to Bintang Walk coz i wanted to admire the beauty of this city.. n u know wat??
its absoulutely AMAZING!!!
i know we still have a lot more to improve on, but u know, from what we've gone thru n wat we've achieved rite now, we have done great!
so yeah this is me being PATRIOTIC!
visit me again for more nonsense next time! im just gettin started ppl! later!