Thursday, October 18, 2007

Shoppin wit Bestie!! :D

Sungei Wang has always been a fav shoppin mall of mine! it's great to go when ur lookin for real bargains, weird/ unique clothes, a good time or just a laugh! either way, ur bound to enjoy urself! so wat can be better than me n my bestie, Farah, hangin out at Sg.Wang? hahha major major havoc, i tell you!

lol! me n farah had some awesome crazy time there! we looked around, shopped, laughed like idiots, hit each other n tried on weird clothes n the bitch even brought me into to 'prosititute's shop' as i like to call it n bcoz of her i liked this one sexy backless top i saw, but dont worry i didnt buy it! ;P but she bought a lot of tops, n i just had to resist the temptation to buy since i just spent a good RM415+ bucks on the beautiful Jordans for Mal's bday! haha ahhhh but its all good la! just have to eat porridge n drink tap water for 3 months.. hehehheh jk!

we def ended it wit our traditional 'Pearl drink & chat" time! hehe whenever we need to have talks, we always have it wit pearl drink! ah but i love it la! N also, i intro-d her to Sugar Syrup coated Strawberries! YUMMYY!!!!!!!!! so we ended up havin choc & syrup coated strawberries n choc covered marshmalllows! :D all in all, a GREAT day with her!

Today i pretty much lounged around the house! i called Lydia in Pennsylvania for a while coz i missed her soo soo sooo much! great to talk to her! n then i headed to Sunway Pyramid to have lunch wit Kim & Mal n tat was fun! ate at Waffle world.. hmm.. not the best food.. walked around then Kim had to leave, so me & Mal went to Swensen;s for Ice Cream Sundaes n then he was still hungry so we went to eat awesome awesome Nasi Lemak n i have to say,it rocked man!

I LOVE being Malaysian! hahaa the fact that we eat just coz we want to n not neccesarily coz we're hungry, rocks man!

but till tomoro, im gonna watch Friends now!



ikanbilis said...

i <3 your blog! its so hip.. so you =)