Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Gardens, Piercings & Jordans..

So what happens when me, Liz & Ash get together? chaos! n loads of random fun! heh

On Monday, we decided to go check out The Gardens, Midvalley's new upscale shopping mall. also, Liz decided to pierce her nose! so the 1st stio we made was to Dragonfly n after a good 10 mins worth of motivatin tat girl n assuring her tat it'l be ok, she finally got it pierced n boy!!!! it was a good bunch of pics n video! hahha the faces tat girl makes, cracks me up! lol! but glad to say tat she looks GREAT with the nose piercing! suits her well n hope it all be fine! :D

then we met up wit her bf, whom i've been wantin to meet ever since Sugar n he's a real nice guy! haha looks young n all tat but he seems real nice n a bit whack! she really loves him, n im glad he makes her happy! :D so we all had a majorly fun time! played pool n all tat. oh n shit.

me n Liz almost got raped in Brewball's toilet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

dead serious!! we went into this place n the toilets were in there, n Ash went into the toilet n just as we got there, 3 macha guys walked out n stared @ us n just stood there! me n liz FREAKED n didnt know wat to do. coz if we left, something might happen to Ash, n if we went into the toilet, they wud follow n we wud have been sodomised by cucumbers n brinjals n god knows wat else. so i immediately called Mal, n the idiots were just standin there n staring at us, nto even talkin! n after i reached Mal on the phone n told him the 2nd time to "come her now!!", they suddenly left!! wat the fuck man?? when he got here n we told him the story, he wanted to whack the guys up! shit man. i was scared!!

anyway, after tat we just chilled n checked out the Gardens, which is soo beautiful la! 3 floors n all very pretty but the shops r waayy expensive!!!! not in my budget la... :( but still, all in all, a great day! :D

Today, since i have no college for 1 week, i chilled at home, took my own sweet time n lounged around the house la, as usual, naked mornings! ;P then i got to the bank to get some cash, saw Mal, drove to the Curve coz i was finally gonna buy the JORDANS baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

YEP!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i FINALLY GOT THE JORDAN RETRO 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
after waiting 4 weeks since i ordered it, it was there! n when i walked into the Nike store n just said my name, the lady was like, "yes, i know u! u ordered the Jordans!!" yeah baby!!!!
n its soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo beautiful!!! ahh!! in all it's pure whiteness n glory! i was sooooo excited as i paid for it! not gonna say the price coz its waaaayyy expensive, but weirdly, i didnt feel bad! i was so excited n it felt so good to buy the shoe for Mal's 21st bday!! :D
n i even saw them in Women's sizw, for 1/2 the price, so i wanna get a pair for myself
but yeah! its awesome!!!!! i love them so much! :D
anyway, im going to Sungei Wang to shop with Farah tomoro n im excited to spend the day wit my bestie!!! its gonna be waaayyyyyyy crazy!
till then~!!