Sunday, October 21, 2007

Friends, Weddings & Life..

So My Friday might seem like a real waste to some of you, true it was rather unproductive of me, but i really really enjoyed it!

i decided to chill at home n watch Friends! coz i have the entire series on DVD n i still havent watched season 10 (yes, i know! Gasp!) so yeh, i put it in at 10.30am n i watched n watched from season 9 n i finished season 10 at 1am! hahhaha yeah! true story man! but u know wat?? it was AWESOME!!!!!! dead serious! i mean the entire season 10 was soo much better, the storyline was awesome, the jokes were better than before, much laughter n lemme tell u, TONS of TEARS!!!! :( if u havent watched it yet, dont read this, its spoilers...

>>>> i mean, its so obvious that Ross & Rachel were meant to be together n the last episode where she was leavin for Paris n he finally confessed tat he still loves her n she got on to the plane.. omigosh.. i was cryin!!!! n at the apartment when he was wishin tat she'd get off the plane n suddenly he heard her voice n she DID get OFF the plane, I CRIED N CRIED man!! i was like cryin soo much coz i was sooo happy for them!! n then when it came to Monica & Chandler movin out 0f their apartment wit the twins, it was like... soooo sadd la!!! i mean, I Grew up watchin Friends! 10 years ok!!! n its all over now! FReakin Hell! i was crying for 15 mins, I SWEAR!! ahhahhahahahhahah but it was sososososos good la.. great ending, u know?

OK!! now u can join back, change topic. i went to a Malay engagement ceremony on Saturday wit Mal. it was Anne's sis's one. n i have never been to one b4 so was lost la. but i wore a Pale Green Baju Kurung & Mal wore a Pale Green Baju Melayu n i have to say, we looked GREAT
together! :D i was really enjoying myself tho! coz as weird as it sounds, since im Malaysian n all, i really dont know much bout Malay weddings. it was real cool to see how they have the rombongan lelaki to bring the gifts for the bride n they discuss alot of things n then they eat! its real cool! i guess we always think we know alot, but the reality is tat there is alot more things left to be learnt, ya>
the bride-to-be looked really beautiful n i loved the place where they sat, (i cant remember wat its called) but its all decorated pretty! just learnin bout the culture was real cool!
also had loads of fun wit Anne, Freza & Wanie! :D we talked, laughed, camwhored n all tat! they're real nice! glad i get to finally hang out wit Anne & Freza after hearin all bout them for 2 1/2 years, u know! now i just have to meet Nysa!
so after tat, i went to my uncle's bday party @ Cobra Club n there were loads of relatives there n it was soo fun!! i love being wit my family la! they're craaaazy n loads of fun! even better is when they drink n get loud n merry! hehheheh n it was also fun to talk to many of them.. Going away really does make you appreciate ur loved ones A WHOLE LOAD MORE!!!!
well today didnt do much.. just went to church n it was coool, hung out wit Charmaine n JJ a bit n agrreed to make a cheesecake for AFC coz JJ was persuading me.. ishhhh.. geramnya! hhahha buuutt i do love to bake la! n after at just chilled at home, watched The BREAKFAST club which was pretty cool n watched TRANSFORMERS again!!!! whhoooooohoooo!!! i LOVE tat movie!!
ok la, tomoro college, only got 3 weeks left!! YES!!!!!!


mello said...

it's called pelamin kel . the place the bride&groom sits up on . [= x