Monday, October 22, 2007

gone for good..

so i feel like my whole life is over rite now.. im not gonna write bout wat happened, all i can say is tat, its really serious n i just may never be allowed to step out of the house again.. sigh..

tats all la. no mood to even write bout how nice college was today.

but i will anyway.

It was real great to see everyone again! i was so tired, yet in such a happy state of mind, i just hugged loads of frens! our awesomest group did touch ups on our design n chilled n talked alot la. then we went for lunch n JAMES was there, back from Hong Kong! with.......... an iPHONE!!!!

wat the heck man! its like the coolest thing i've ever seen in my life! n i wasnt too excited bout it at 1st, but now after playing wit it non stop, i have to say; IM FREAKIN JEALOUS OF YOU, JAMES!!!!!!!

it's awesomeness just atstounds me la... hehe did i even spell tat rite????

well we also had great fun talkin n laughin n joking bout everything.. so pretty much, today was a fun day in college thanks to : Amanda, Dhahma, Sammy, James, Kim & Trisha!

but when i came home, it was also good, it was at 5.45 when all


im just a goner...... for those of u who i LOVE, always remember tat i cared...