Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The Fashion Show

Today was a big day for me!! i finally lost my Runway Virginity! lol!
i got the call from Deepa on sunday nite, asking if i can model for her fren who was doing her final project n needing a model the Launching show.
so naturally, i said YES! coz u know me, la.. i mean its has always been my dream to model, n all this are stepping stones, so i was excited!!

The rehearsal was yesterday n it was cool, yet nerve-wrecking. also i met the designer, Chin Hui who is soo cute!! she was so nice n bubbly, plus, the dress she designed, with the theme Phantom of The Opera was sooo cute!!!! it was real short, a spaghetti stap, bubble dresss, brown/gold colour with red/gold.

This morning, got to college early for hair & make up, chilled wit Nadh. Both of us were nervous like shit!!! but we calmed each other down la.. hehe :D
All the models were having their hair curled, n the make up was supposed to be thick eye liner, bright blush n glossy nude lips! damn thick tho, but we looked cool!

>> 11am, we changed and made adjustments to the outfits n as expected i had issues with the top part of the dress, so she had to sew the straps coz it was too loose n kept comin down. THANK GOD FOR DOUBLE SIDED TAPE!! So the whole time i was realllllyyyy nervous bout the dress comin low n trippin. prayed hard!

Come 12.30, the chairs in front of the stage was full, the entire plaza was filled & ppl were crowding around the the-red carpet n i was soooo scared la! But all us assured each other n when it came for my turn..... AHHHH!!!!!!!!!! i went out there in those 3 1/2 inch heels, stutted it out, n posed on stage! hehe then i walked down onto the red carpet, struck 3 poses n went back n the whole time, there were a bunch of photographers n ppl! also, my wonderful craaazy friends were clapping n screamin my name!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH! it really helped me alot, pumped me up n gave me better confidence! hehe n just wanna say, "Riya, u were freaking loud, bitch!! I LOVE YOU!!"
i also loved when we walked the 2nd time with our designers, it was soo cute! :D

I have to say, after it was all done, i felt GREAT!!!! the whole anticipation, excitement, nervousness, confidence, the adrenaline rush was just.... EXHILARATING!! i just LOVED it!! n i wanna do it again!!!!! really.. as i said b4, its always been my dream to model n even tho this was a not tat big of a deal, i just felt like it was a mile stone for me.... hope this leads to better things! also, will put up a pic from the runway as soon as i get it!
ahhhh.. wat a great day..
well tomoro is HALLOWEEN n as i said in my previous blog, we're dressing up!! so expect to hear all bout it soon!! the excitement baby!