Wednesday, October 31, 2007


To say that im suprised that this day rocked, would be a lie! I mean, anytime some of fav ppl in college, Mariah, KG, Trish, Riya & Fate make a pact to do something together, esp when tat thing is something crazy, it's bound to be KICK ASS!
N Kick Ass, it was! hehe got to college dressed as a 'school girl' n Trisha was addy there in her 'Witch' outfit! teehee! we were laughin as ppl were staring n laughin! Later, Mariah-Mariahhhhh arrived and we all just chilled. n the funniest thing ever happened!
Tan Sri Dato' Lim Kok Wing, the president of the University came, and was walkin to his elevator n Trisha suddenly, in her cape n witch's hat, walked towards him, all bent over n waved, n YOU KNOE WAT?!?! Tan Sri stopped, tilted his head, saw Trisha n smiled!!!! hahhah he laughed a bit too! n it was just freakin funny as hell wei!!! hehehhe

Then when KG, Riya & Fate finally arrived, our 'Halloween Pact Circle' was finallly complete! n BOY OH BOY!!!! WE LOOKED LIKE FREAKS!!!!! HAHHAHA everyone kept lookin at us n wondering wtf was wrong wit us, but you know wat? it was funny n didn matter coz we were just havin such a laugh!! lol!!

Mariah - Red Ride-Her Ho
KG- The Chippendale's Stripper
Trisha - The Witch
me - The School Girl
Fate - The Race Car Driver
Riya - The Playboy Bunny

we cam-whored, took many many weird awesome pics, laughed like crap, dogded stares n just had a great time! hehe also Malaz joined us, n even tho she wasn't dressed in a costume, she still chilled wit me & KG n tat crazy girl put on a racer's helmet n she looked insane! LOL!!
Me & KG also recorded a funny 'Halloween Report' video, n im gonna try to put it on Youtube, so when i do, ill holla at 'cha!

Other than that, our group stated painting our final project, (finally!!) n hope it goes well.... Had a FUN lunch! Had lunch wit James, Amanda & Dhahma n then Mal also came! was soo happy! been wantin him to meet some ppl for quite a while. so tat was cool! Oh n also, i got some pics from James! it's the ones from the Fashion Show & they look sooo cool!! hehehehhehehe

Fun Fun Fun day!!!!! in sooo many more ways than one!