Friday, November 2, 2007

Project Progress & Shoots!

These past couple of days have been fun, exciting n tiring all at the same time!!

Thursday, went to college as usual n chilled wit Riya & Amanda n guess wat? for breakfast, I ate COCOA POPS CEREAL in COLLEGE!!!! hahah i was soo amused! i mean who the heck eats cereal in college! n plus, i haven't ate it in like 3 months so just felt like it! hehe then went to class to work on the Integrated Project due next Fri, n u know wat? for startin it real late, we're actually makin great progress! painted here & there, danced n sang like a mutha n i have to say, i THOROUGHLY enjoyed myself! hehehe, nothin else happened, oh! except that Kim brought her cuffs to college. nice, Kim.... nice!

But one of the highlights of the day was the MYSPACE comment i got from Bibo! He's this student in college who studies photography n is a freakin' great photographer la! Since the 1st time i saw his shots of Kim, i was like, "dayyymmmnnnn.... i wish i cud have a photoshoot wit him!" n the best part is we were in contact recently and i got a comment from him saying "kels, lets do a photoshoot!!!!!" ahhhHH!!!!! i screamed when i saw the msg man!! so its supposed to be next week n the outfit is 'skinny jeans & tank top'! excited & nervous at the same time!!

Today, lepaked (chilled) with Kim & G in the mornin n even had a game of pool, but i finally dragged my lazy bum up to the Studio to help paint our project n u know wat/??? it's lookin soooooo friggin awesome! seriously! Amanda, Sammy, Dhahma & i guess Gaish have been doin a good job! glad i could be of help too!! :D:D love paintin la.. its sooo relaxin u know! :D n its almost done, ppl!! really!! just have to do some minor touch ups here n there, n POOF! finito! =)

Lunch tho, was really awesome! Sat wit Kim, KG, & this french guy called G n we were laughin n talkin bout our usual crap la! n G asks me & Kim whether he could shoot us for his assignment, n we were like sure! so we did a Black & White shoot, but since he didnt have a DSLR, KG told him to postpone it to Monday n were gonna do a proper one! with Lightin, DSLR, Proper wardrobe, props n blower!!! whoooohoo!! im excited!! nervous also la!! im a noob at this..

I have to say that it was fun tho! Enjoyed chillin wit them today! :D
We also did a real fun 'extras role' for Ehsan's "Public Service Announcement about AIDS" video! hahah! we filmed like we were pretendin to be takin an exam! lol! the things tat happen
in this college ahhh.. *shakes head* I LOVE IT! =) Also, this guy asked me to be his model for his Sem 4 final presentation! hehehe FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!

im baking CHEESE CAKE tomoro!!! yays!!!!!!!!