Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Tiredness & Movies

I've been so tired lately......

Im physically tired as im not gettin enuf sleep at night, n im busy busy busy during the day.....
But most of all, im just so tired Emotionally, u know?

I'm so so so confused bout certain things, i'm so stressed bout problems and decisions to be made, im stressed by choosing the right choice tat will determine my future.. N its like, im scared to shits coz i dunno wat to do anymore, of perhaps i do,but im just to scared to make tat decision... AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! im so so tired of all this!! i just want it all to end! i hate feeling so scared and stressed from the unknown! im sick of feeling scared!!!


anyway, wtv la..............................

So i went to 2 movie premeirs this past 2 nights!
Yesterday, i went to watch the movie THE HITMAN
This is a pretty good movie, i guess... Ok, let me get straight to the point, the movie was interesting enuf, action scenes are AWESOME!!!!!!!! , the actin was not very good, Buuuuuuutttttttt, the WHOLE reason why i cud not take my eyes off the screen was cos of TIMOTHY OLYPHANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ahhhh!! tat guy is the HOTNESSSSSSSS!!!! i swear!! he is sooo friggin hot in this movie, the amazing stare he has, tat bald, raw sexyness, the cold hard gaze of his eyes, the body,.... omg.. the body.... *faints at the thought*

So u should totallly watch the movie, coz i mean i have to admit, the Blood, Guts, Guns& Killings in the movie are awesome n also there is eye-candy! hahahahaha :D
just wish the actin cud have been better, oh welll...

And i actually just only got home from watchin THE KINGDOM

It's starring Jamie Foxx, Jennifer Garner & lots more! it was, i have to say, FREAKIN BRILLIANT!!!!!!!!!
I mean, before the movie, i was soooo not interested in goin to see the movie, even tho i heard it was good, just wasnt in the mood, but went anyway, but im soo glad that i did! coz the movie was just so so good! Its about an American area in Saudi Arabia which was attacked by terrorist, n so 4 FBI agents from the USA go to help catch the killers.
The storyline was just so kick-ass, u know? like u see how Saudi is.. abit... the mentality of the people, and also to see different perspectives.. the acting was real good, i mean, cmon! JAMIE FOXX man!!!!! dont even have to question it man! n the special effects, the shooting scenes, the rawness of the lifestyle, the blood!! ahhhh!!!!! loved it so much! n it really had me ( n as well as the rest of the viewers) on the edge of their seats! so wanna watch it again!
so, yeah!! ur on ur Christmas break, so go catch these movies! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND wathing THE KINGDOM!!!
n tomoro im gonna watch the premier of ENCHANTED, so i'll review tat another day!
ahh.... feel better now.....