Thursday, July 31, 2008

Sarees again!

Now my internet is driving me nuts!! i cant open my blogger n cant see pictures! ugh! i hope its just due to some Malaysian heat wave (its soo hot!!) that its melted the cables or wtv i can blame. hmmphh.

but dad came back from Bombay yesterday n he brought along 2 sarees for me!! :) yay!

the 1st one is a pale pastel green wit a really beautiful white lace border n patters on the palu. i like it, my only worry is tat this particular shade of green might not look too good on me.. hmm.. i think if i was fairer it'll be better but i like it alot anyway!

the 2nd one is an off white saree wit sequins all over! ohhh its sooooo gorgeous!!! :D i love love it! the sequins r in silver so it loves glittery n i cant wait to make my saree blouses! i think im goin for a stringy sexy one for the white saree n will think of sumn for the green one!

def cant wait to wear em!!!
n he also got me a cool modern salwar! :) its red n gold n has a churitas bottom! im soo gettin in touch wit my Indian roots! lol!

oh n i absolutely cant get Junior Senior's Move Your Feet out of my head! lol! ever since i heard it performed by In Case God Fails, its just been playing in my head all the time!

Everybody, move your feet and feel united
Oh oh oh
Everybody, move your feet and feel united
Oh oh oh
We're going downtown,
oh yeah
We're going downtown,
oh yeah
We're going downtown,
oh yeah
We're going downtown,
oh yeah
Don't - don't - don't - don't stop the beat
I can't - can't - can't - can't control my feet
P - p - p - people in the street
C'mon everybody and move your feet
waiting for Bibo to get to my place n we're shooting! yays! its gonna be beauty shots n i hope tat this ANTM marathon i've been on will help me! :)

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

tuesday mornings

im so sorry for the late updates! ugh! i've been busy lately by just bumming around!

i saw X-Files: The Movie n thought that it was.... ok... cool at times but ok. i have to say that my FAV part in the entire movie was when they zoomed in to a picture of President Bush n the x-files theme played! hahahahhahhahahahhahhahhaa bloody funny man!!

n i also watched The December Boys -a movie with Daniel Radcliffe! its bout these 4 orphan boys who went on a vacation to a beach n they learn things about their lives n meet all sorts of ppl! this is such a cute-laazzy afternoon movie! its tat sort of mood, but i liked it anyway! do give it a shot if ur bored! :)

So im attending the AFS Malaysia's Gala Dinner on the 9th of August! im soo excited! n the theme is black & gold n u can wear either formal or traditional! n i've been wanting this dress from Topshop since January but it costs RM300, tat day when i went over there, my heart stopped as i saw it was 50% off!! so i flipped n looked for a 6 or 8 n there were only size 10 left!! thats like huge for me!!

but the lady said tat there were no more other sized even in the other stores n i decided to just try it on n let it die in my head buttt to my huge suprise!! IT FIT!!!!!!! ahhhhhh!!!! i had had to get it! RM148! :) whee!! i only had to stitch the top part at the boobs (duh...) but it looks great n im wearing it for the gala dinner wit gold accessories!

n i had also got another great Red knee length-decent dress from MNG when they were havin sale! 50% off as well- only RM99! i liked it alot coz i thought tat it was so different from the other dresses i have! cant wait to wear it! :)

other than that it seems like i wont be goin to MTV Asia Awards this Saturday at Genting. darn i really wanted to go... sigh..


Sunday, July 27, 2008

Monash Street Carnival!

if ya'll weren't there, u missed out on a really good show man! ok ok, so i was bummed that i had missed the Chris Daughtry concert at OU ( if im not mistaken u cud only get tickets by winnin it or purchasing a Sony Ericcson phone since they sponsored it..) :( but oh well, i headed over to Sunway Pyramid n decided to watch the Monash Street Carnival: Battle of the Bands instead! :)

It was drizzlin, but no matter n my cousin Tristan's band was up 1st! altho they had a bit of tecnical difficulties, they definately rocked! he's great the bass, wasnt the 1st time i've watched them performed n i def think tat they had gotten better! Mal was also em-cee ing the event! im soooo DARN proud of him! =D he kept the crowd entertained, as usual! *whoottt MC ICKY!!!*

n a few other bands i liked were Freeloader(they were a crowd fav n they're damn good la)! n i freakin enjoyed In Case God Fails!! they're all Indonesians n they played Daft Punk n a few other songs, they were soo cool la, their attitude n style just kept the crowd lovin it n they def stood out from the rest! unfortunately they only got 4th place.. oh well cant wait to hear more from em!!

The guest bands Blister & Frequency Cannon were like freakin amazing la, seriously. esp Blister! n F.Q's front man n bassist were like the coolest guys ever la! hehe they're funny to watch! at the end of the nite, a band which i missed while i bought food- Analogue got 1st place+ RM1000! Freeloaders -2nd place+ RM700 & i cant remember who got 3rd.. hehehehe

but def a fun fun event! :) makes up for me missing Daughtry!

p/s- the shoot wit Idan was fun!! it was just my lips in crazy ways so i cant wait to get the pics! :)


Thursday, July 24, 2008

Random Bounce

You know i just think its hilarious how Justin says in Timbaland's BOUNCE:

Bounce! Like your ass got the hick-ups! hahaha random. i know. but i always laugh when it comes to that line! lol!

and im lovin this song which might be annoying to some of u, but i think its cute! : Thats Not My Name by The Ting Tings! :) hehehe oh! n i have a shoot wit Idan tomoro- were shooting only my lips i think! shud be found!

ugghh!! my net is soo bad! im tryin to post a video from Youtube here, n i cant coz of the connection! arghh!

ill get back when this stupid connection lets me la


Tuesday, July 22, 2008

My Love, My Life

I know one day there will come a time,
Different beliefs would draw the line,
But rest assured we'll both be fine,
You'll have your heaven I'll have mine,

Although it feels we're not allowed,
Just know that love's what it's about,
We'll work it out, I say it proud,
You are my soulmate, there's no doubt,

Can't see my life without you babe,
Can't remember life before your name,
Can't let you go when you feel the same,
I fear my mind would go insane,

Let's not just leave, baby let's stay,
Why let this love pass through our way?
I don't wanna look back and say,
What if you were my wife today...

Although you say with me you're through,
You're done with calling me your boo,
Just know that one thing will stay true,
Love of my life will always be you...


He wrote this for me last year, while things were rocky between us... I guess lookin back on it made me cry and realize how much he truly loves me, and how much i truly love him... He's the sweetest! :)
Yesterday, the 21st indicated that Hannah has been gone for 1 month addy.. its hard to believe how fast time flies by. And i guess I've also been thinkin alot bout how we never know when our time is over....

We never really know whether we have just a few more days left, or months or years.. life is just way too unpredictable and short! Hannah's life had just only begun n yet she was taken away, makes me think alot about all the stuff tat i've accomplished/want to accomplish in my life.

You know, my family has never once, in the 3 years & 3 months of our relationship, ever liked the fact that im with Icky! the reason: because he's Malay. yes. my family is just like tat n that makes me so sad. The best part is they have been trying soo incredibly hard to break us up, they dont allow us to go out n they pray for us not to be together. And they say that they'll disown if i ever marry him! tats incredibly messed up.

They say tat they know tat "it wont work out n tat they dont want me gettin to serious, n that im still so young , oh! they dont want me to convert to a Muslim". Fine. i get it la, to be honest i completely understand why they are so worried, i understand, but wat i dont get is the fact tat they just cant realize that I AM HAPPY!
I am! n if they r so sure tat it will never work out then why r they so worried, just leave it be la, kan? I wish for once that they would just stop being selfish and start thinkin about how I feel, how Im taking this. I've finally found a GREAT guy who just loves me and worships me for me, and i do the same for him. He keeps me safe, he treats me right, he tells me when i've done wrong, he never fails to correct me, he advices me, he helps me, he makes sure that i dont get sucked into a hell-hole of smoking and drugs. He keeps ME SAFE. without him in my life right now, honest to blog, id be some shit-headed alcoholic pot smoking slut. i would. but i am NONE of those things, not even close, bcoz of this guy who protects me and wants wats good for me.

The zany thing is that my family has NEVER ONCE taken the time to meet him and get to know him, they have never invited him over for lunches or wtv the way they did to my cousin's Indian bf. Honestly, i tell you right now, if they had gotten to know him and like had him over for 6 months or 1 year, and by then if they STILL didnt like him, then id listen to what they were saying and i'd end it. BUT HOW DO THEY EXPECT ME TO DO SO WHEN THEY WONT EVEN TAKE THE INITIATIVE TO GET TO KNOW HIM??? how can i listen to a word they say?

i love my family, i've always admitted it, but i stand here today, 19 years of age and sadly admit that my own flesh and blood do not even know who I am. They say that im stubborn, n darn right i am! im one stubborn girl, since a toddler, every1 will say, I've always had to do things my way even tho ppl told me not to and I always learnt it BY MYSELF. if i made a mistake, i learnt it. but wit me is tat ive always been that spirit who just needs to do something so tat no matter what they consequences were, i can look back being proud of the fact that I HAD THE GUTS TO TAKE THAT RISK. n they shud also know by now that when it comes to me; the harder they try to pull away, the harder i'll cling on to.
Like i said before, i dunno whats gonna happen wit me n Mal, u can never plan these things. what life has in store for us, i dunno, maybe we'll break up soon, maybe in years or maybe never. I DONT KNOW!!!

all i do know is this: I have one life. And i dunno when it will be my time, but all i know is that im living it for me and I. AM. HAPPY! Im so happy to be with him, why be miserable when i can just be happy?? I know they love me, but if they really want to do wats right, they'd be happy for me and just accept it.

tats all i ask for. this is my life, please let me make my decisions, you can advice me but ultimately, please let me feel the joys or pain of the decisions i make. Know that I am capable of celebrating all my life's happiness and even more capable of cutting myself and letting it heal. One Life. One Chance. Thats It.

*Kelsey Brown*

Sunday, July 20, 2008

A Picture Tag

I still feel the chills from the awesomeness of the Dark Knight...

anyway, Ain tagged me to do this-

a) Answer the questions below, do a Google Image Search with your answer, take a picture from the first minimal words of explanation.
b) Tag 5 other people to do the same once you've finished answering every question page of results
1. The age you'll be on your next bday

2. A place you'd like to travel

3. Your fav place
*Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia!!*

4. Your fav food
*Malaysian Food&
*Italian Food*
*Japanese Food*
5. Your fav pet
6.Your fav color combination
7. Your fav piece of clothing
*Great Jeans
8.Your all time favourite song
*GnR's Sweet Child Of Mine*
*neyo's Sexy Love*
9. Your fav tv show

10. Your significant other/crush's name
*Sticky Icky!*

11. The town in which you live in
*Petaling Jaya*

12. Your nickname

13.Your first job
*British India in One Utama*

14.Your dream job

15. Your worst fear

16. The 1 thing you'd want to do before you die
*Get married!!*

17. The 1st thing you'd buy with $10 000 000

*Mercedes Benz SLK350*

whoaaaaaaaa.... this took ages to do! but it was fun! i tag: Kim, Lydia, Poly, Miki and Amanda Nelson!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Let's Put A Ss-mile on That Face!

one word.


The Dark Knight was. whoah. no more than whoah. amazing. thrilling. dark. intruiging. spectacular. movie of the year. most def!

I have been anticipating this movie so much! Been a fan of the older Batman movies yet i hated the previous one; Batman Begins, but perhaps I never got it. Nevertheless, even tho its directed by Christopher Nolan who also did the previous movie, this is one movie that truly deserves a round of applause!

This movie is actually showing us why Batman became a target to the police of Gotham City. Batman (played by hottie n great actor-Christian Bale!) is being targetted by the Joker (played by Heath Ledger R.I.P), a new terrorist in Gotham City. The mobs have asked for the Joker's help and so The Joker now commits crimes and brings chaos to Gotham and Batman tries to intervene. Also there is a new DA in town, Harvey Dent, who supports Batman and tries to ensure the safety of Gotham is intact.

You have to watch this movie coz it is just so amazingly done! I think after watchin it, one wud truly understand why Batman was in the position he is in later.. But most of all, this movie is truly all about the amazingness of The Joker and mostly the amazingness of HEATH LEDGER's acting skills. omg. i never liked Heath, always thought he was average, but his performance in this movie just blew my brains away! i swear- bits of it is on the screen of the cinema!

He plays the Joker to perfection! with the zany body language, the tongue flicks, the voice-omg the voice! its so hard to believe tat it is Heath! apparently 1 month b4 the filmin, Heath had stayed in a secluded apartment for a whole month to learn more how to be the Joker n he even kept a diary about it. Im just sad tat he cudn't be alive here today to see his MOST BRILLIANT PERFORMANCE EVER!! i think part of this movie's incredibleness was the fact tat its so chilling to watch the Joker, it feels as if, there is no more Heath and the real spirit of the Joker had possessed him. oh n he deserves to be nominated for an Oscar for this role. there is no way any1 this year tat can beat him for this. no way.

btw, the movie is almost 3 hours long but its soo good, they use up the time fully n there is action non stop! Christian Bale also plays Bruce Wayne well! so poised, calm, handsome.. ahh he's good! and props also to Aaron Eckhart who plays Harvey Dent/2 Face. he was pretty good!

the effects n fight scenes (esp ones which involve the Batmobile n Batpod!!) r incredible! Hollywood seems to keep gettin better n better! i think wtv i can say wont do this film enuf justice, so u shud check it out urself.

all i can say is, a HUGE standing ovation to Heath Ledger. He truly, truly deserves it.

If u haven't watched this movie yet, i have no clue what is wrong with you. the only excuse can be tat there aren't any tickets available! coz tats how it is so far this weekend for peak time! Tickets for Dark Knight r almost sold out! so get ur bums up n sneak in to those odd screening times!

Hancock was rather dissapointing, funny at 1st but it just unraveled itself at the end so tat was sad. Wanted was a pretty hot movie.

But i think so far, this movie is on my top for the list of BEST MOVIES of 2008!
Hulk shall be 2nd... honestly. go watch it now.

aww.... Why So Serious????? Let's Put a Ss-mile on That Face!!!!


Thursday, July 17, 2008

Camille's Shoot - Round 2!

woots! I am super happy with the pics from my shoot yesterday! Camille asked me to be her model again, so we did it! She had found this great photographer- Aliaskhal and we were at his home studio in Ampang.

She has been workin wit him recently for her make-up portfolio. When i got there, another model was in the process of her shoot. She had white mascara, her eyebrows were white, whe had a white wig n Camille had put sugar n glitter over her lips n shoulders, so she looked frozen! it actually was pretty cool!

As for me, we did 2 shoots!
1st shoot- after puttin on, n wiping off, she finally decided to use black n gold on my eyes, nude lips, and she put gorgeous fluttery fake lashes to my LOWER lashes! lol! it was cool! then she added 2 gold sequined ribbons,(which she made by herself!) to my neck n top! hair was covered in black lace! it was so cool! i LOVED the lashes! must get it! lol!

2nd shoot- she started freestyling some black & gold body art on my shoulders, chest, neck n side of my face! turned out to looke incredible n very tribal! :) then she covered my eyes wit black lace n so basically the whole shoot, i cudn't see anything! wa a bit hard but i loved it n the lighthin was great! made me look like an 'african goddess!'- i quote Camille! hahhahhahaha

but seriously enjoyed it n im lookin forward to doing more stuff wit her! she's the BEST make up artist i've ever known and she's really gonna go far in her career! its a definate!


Wednesday, July 16, 2008


I had an incredible dinner! unfortunately i didnt bring my camera to take pics but i'll make it quick!

Went to a great Chinese Restaurant in Jaya33 (think its Oriental sumn) n its huge!! n had dinner wit parents n uncle n aunt n their frens! n we ate a 6-course Chinese dinner! it was fab!! *Kris, wished u were there, honestly!

Here's a list of wat we ate! ahhh it was great!

-Peaking Duck (the best i've ever had!)
-Supreme Braised Sharksfin Soup
-Steamed & Deep Fried Bawal Fish
-Mushroom, Abalone & Sea Cucumber in oyster sauce
-Ginger Jumbo Prawns
-Stir-Fried Duck in Lettuce

oh it was just yummy! :) am stuffed~

one of the best parts of the dinner was when they started talkin bout all the best foods n all tat! lol! we were being the TRUE TYPICAL MALAYSIANS!!! hahahahahah! seriously! from things like; where to get the best curry laksa, to the best wan tan mee n everything!!! hahahah this went on for like 1 hour n u know, i loved every minute of it!

Being Malaysian n talking bout our number 1 passion- Food is just always awesome la! it never gets old! =D ain't that right peeps?


Monday, July 14, 2008

Copos & Cheer 08!!!!!

I think i've been very uninspired lately to blog! buutt i def have stuff to talk bout now! lol!

A few hours ago durin dinner, i witnessed a Cop Chase! woot! we were dining al fresco in Subang Section15, n suddenly heard a light crash n glass shattering! turned n saw bout few 15 metres away, 4 guys were trying to stop a moving car, like they were trying to corner it themselves!

but obv they cudn't n this criminals just zipped out n sped by the restaurant to get away, then those 4 guys who were actually copos undercover jumped into their police car n followed them! whooaa!!
damn cool wei!! unfortunately we cudnt see wat happened after coz they zoomed out of sight but it was still dramatic to see! haha felt like we were in those movies! lol!

Yesterday me, Farah, Vennila, Cyan n Mesh went for Cheer 08! whoot D*STARZ!!!!!!!!!!! ahh we made it Just in time to catch them n i have to say tat im proud of em!! (oh n thank you to AIN for some new pics!)
*some supporters going around*
*So proud of em!*
Their routine was clean, it was sharp n they've improved on their stunts n jumps! n BRAVO on the fact tat no stunts fell! GREAT JOB!! =D my criticisms will be:-

a) voices were not loud enuf! cant hear properly so need to work on that
b) song choices need to be better...
c) u guys shud stick to our D*STARZ tradition of havin a traditional influenced part.. like some Malaysian music n movement, coz tat was one of our STRONGEST points!
but def overall, GrEAT job guys! Dynamitez were awesome, as always, freakin sharp n strong, only thing is the dance was a bit normal only... Xaviers were good, Blitzerz has freakin awesome stunts, (one part, the fliers jump in the air into a spilt n the bases catch em into a split catch!) freakin crazy man!! n D*STARZ won 1st runner up for Best Make-UP! wootss!!!

Congrats so 1st placers- SHIRTLIFF, 2nd place- DYNMAITEZ n 3rd place- STUNNERS (all boys)!

*Ain &Farah*
*um i randomly stumbled upon this pic on Ain's blog! FRIGGIn awesome doh!! dunno who or why sumone made this but I LOVE IT!!!!!!!*
oh Cheer was fun! n one of the best parts was when 8000 ppl got up n did the YMCA together! lol! freakin cute man!

i have a shoot wit Camille this wednesday! she's gonna be doin my make up n i cant wait!!