Sunday, July 6, 2008

A Blond Streak?

uuhh yes!! :) i once again have a blond streak! hehe got to the salon today to trim my bangs n my hairdresser added a lil *ZAP* to them!

so now i have golden bangs! lol! i know they mite be lala at 1at, but honestly, i dont care! i freakin LOVE EM!!!!

so here's to really late nite bored-out-of-my-mind-coz-of-late-nite-caffeine-high camwhoring shots! haha!
*this is my kitty pose! lol!*
aint great but i am bored!

oh n i had a great time last nite! the Fish Spa (Garrarufa) was awesome again!! Me, Berl, Riyana n boy had such a great ticklish time la! hahaha we were all laughin n squealing at first, but after a while, we settled down! lol! n they really enjoyed it as well! lol! n it was cheap, since they have this 'Buy 2 free 1 promo!' :) out feet definately felt smoother after tat!
then we went to Delicious in Bangsar Village 2 to eat! n Farah & Lal joined us! oh it was fun! i had the Carbonara Spaghettini n it was yum! n so was the mashed potatoes! :) n the amount of camwhoring n laughin was.. *typical sri-amanian* hehehe ;p

isn't Riyana just drop dead gorgeous?
the ladies!
Berl looks so cute here!
i love our girly times la! n then we just chilled walked round,
*haha me n Farah at the Guess ad!-we laughed so hard!*

then trisha joined us for ice cream at Baskin Robbins! :D
I heart choc chip cookie dough ice cream!