Sunday, July 27, 2008

Monash Street Carnival!

if ya'll weren't there, u missed out on a really good show man! ok ok, so i was bummed that i had missed the Chris Daughtry concert at OU ( if im not mistaken u cud only get tickets by winnin it or purchasing a Sony Ericcson phone since they sponsored it..) :( but oh well, i headed over to Sunway Pyramid n decided to watch the Monash Street Carnival: Battle of the Bands instead! :)

It was drizzlin, but no matter n my cousin Tristan's band was up 1st! altho they had a bit of tecnical difficulties, they definately rocked! he's great the bass, wasnt the 1st time i've watched them performed n i def think tat they had gotten better! Mal was also em-cee ing the event! im soooo DARN proud of him! =D he kept the crowd entertained, as usual! *whoottt MC ICKY!!!*

n a few other bands i liked were Freeloader(they were a crowd fav n they're damn good la)! n i freakin enjoyed In Case God Fails!! they're all Indonesians n they played Daft Punk n a few other songs, they were soo cool la, their attitude n style just kept the crowd lovin it n they def stood out from the rest! unfortunately they only got 4th place.. oh well cant wait to hear more from em!!

The guest bands Blister & Frequency Cannon were like freakin amazing la, seriously. esp Blister! n F.Q's front man n bassist were like the coolest guys ever la! hehe they're funny to watch! at the end of the nite, a band which i missed while i bought food- Analogue got 1st place+ RM1000! Freeloaders -2nd place+ RM700 & i cant remember who got 3rd.. hehehehe

but def a fun fun event! :) makes up for me missing Daughtry!

p/s- the shoot wit Idan was fun!! it was just my lips in crazy ways so i cant wait to get the pics! :)