Friday, July 18, 2008

Let's Put A Ss-mile on That Face!

one word.


The Dark Knight was. whoah. no more than whoah. amazing. thrilling. dark. intruiging. spectacular. movie of the year. most def!

I have been anticipating this movie so much! Been a fan of the older Batman movies yet i hated the previous one; Batman Begins, but perhaps I never got it. Nevertheless, even tho its directed by Christopher Nolan who also did the previous movie, this is one movie that truly deserves a round of applause!

This movie is actually showing us why Batman became a target to the police of Gotham City. Batman (played by hottie n great actor-Christian Bale!) is being targetted by the Joker (played by Heath Ledger R.I.P), a new terrorist in Gotham City. The mobs have asked for the Joker's help and so The Joker now commits crimes and brings chaos to Gotham and Batman tries to intervene. Also there is a new DA in town, Harvey Dent, who supports Batman and tries to ensure the safety of Gotham is intact.

You have to watch this movie coz it is just so amazingly done! I think after watchin it, one wud truly understand why Batman was in the position he is in later.. But most of all, this movie is truly all about the amazingness of The Joker and mostly the amazingness of HEATH LEDGER's acting skills. omg. i never liked Heath, always thought he was average, but his performance in this movie just blew my brains away! i swear- bits of it is on the screen of the cinema!

He plays the Joker to perfection! with the zany body language, the tongue flicks, the voice-omg the voice! its so hard to believe tat it is Heath! apparently 1 month b4 the filmin, Heath had stayed in a secluded apartment for a whole month to learn more how to be the Joker n he even kept a diary about it. Im just sad tat he cudn't be alive here today to see his MOST BRILLIANT PERFORMANCE EVER!! i think part of this movie's incredibleness was the fact tat its so chilling to watch the Joker, it feels as if, there is no more Heath and the real spirit of the Joker had possessed him. oh n he deserves to be nominated for an Oscar for this role. there is no way any1 this year tat can beat him for this. no way.

btw, the movie is almost 3 hours long but its soo good, they use up the time fully n there is action non stop! Christian Bale also plays Bruce Wayne well! so poised, calm, handsome.. ahh he's good! and props also to Aaron Eckhart who plays Harvey Dent/2 Face. he was pretty good!

the effects n fight scenes (esp ones which involve the Batmobile n Batpod!!) r incredible! Hollywood seems to keep gettin better n better! i think wtv i can say wont do this film enuf justice, so u shud check it out urself.

all i can say is, a HUGE standing ovation to Heath Ledger. He truly, truly deserves it.

If u haven't watched this movie yet, i have no clue what is wrong with you. the only excuse can be tat there aren't any tickets available! coz tats how it is so far this weekend for peak time! Tickets for Dark Knight r almost sold out! so get ur bums up n sneak in to those odd screening times!

Hancock was rather dissapointing, funny at 1st but it just unraveled itself at the end so tat was sad. Wanted was a pretty hot movie.

But i think so far, this movie is on my top for the list of BEST MOVIES of 2008!
Hulk shall be 2nd... honestly. go watch it now.

aww.... Why So Serious????? Let's Put a Ss-mile on That Face!!!!