Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Top Cover Concert

whoa! so the US Embassy hosted an event for the YES Alumni in occasion of the 4th of July! :) n they brought in the US Air Force band called TOP COVER to perform!

*us with some of the band*
it was great! really! the band were great n they played covers of some real cool songs n we were all just dancing n singing n jumping the whole nite! it was SO great to see our batch of YES 07! not all were there, but alot! so we were all hugging n catchin up n camwhorinyeg! n the YES 08 batch who had just arrived back to Malaysia on the 5th of July were there too!

they were so hyper but it was great! i mean.. seeing all our old frens, n being around Americans (who btw were really nice n asked us bout where we stayed) was just so.. refreshing n it brought back so many memories of my time in the US.. i know i talk bout it often but it was just such a great experience...

*me n Nambee Doodle! lol!*
goin on exchange is nothing like just goin abroad to study. its so completely different! we have to live wit a complete strange new family n learn their lifestyle n go to their schools n fit in.. n we teach them bout our country too. AFS n exchange is just different n somehow the only ppl tat get us when we remeniscent are other exchange students! :)
*when Umbrella was sung! hahahahahha*
*Sad Germans who dont wanna leave Malaysia!*
so as we danced n made trains around, n linked hands n made a big circle during the last song i think alot of us were happy tat we got tat super 'once in a lifetime' experience! a few kids who just came back were crying, i cud understand... when i got back i didnt really feel like i wanted to be back.. dont get me wrong, i love my home, n i did enjoy seeing my family n frens again, its just tat i just missed my 'other family' n my 'other frens & other school'.. i felt like my time was too short..
*Dan & Me*
but last nite was a great party! Dan was back! :) he was the only student from the new batch that we all knew, so we chilled n heard stories! then later(after much cam-whoring) a bunch of us went to Reggae Bar in China Town n just chilled out! listened to the music, played pool, had drinks n talked n sang n wat nots! lol! eventful eventful!

oh n here is the link to the photo album on facebook: CLICK ME!

when i was in the US, i kept a journal which i religiously wrote in bout twice a week, n everytime id do so, id pen down a 10-12 page entry! seriously! i basically wanted to write down everything so tat 15 years from now, when i look back thru the book, i can read every detail of wat happened n all my feelings.. i still read it now n then n it just feels like im at tat very moment now! loL!
so i think im gonna start postin lil snippets of it once in a while... its sumthing i thought tat id never share to anyone.. or maybe get published, i dunno! but yeah! im excited!