Friday, July 11, 2008

The Quest

So i am now in search of a drug.. "What drug?" u might ask.. ahhh!!

yes yes! I'm in search of a drug that helps women who are PMSing to supress all tat rage, irritability, sadness n wtv! ugh! I HATE FEELING LIKE THIS!!

its like i know im easily irritated now, n the littlest of things just piss me off now, even when i know i wont normally get pissed, i just sumhow do!

U MEN THINK THAT US WOMEN DO THIS ALL FOR FUN!! lemme tell u- WE DONT! we hate it! do u really think we enjoy being snappy?? uh no! so im praying really hard tat someday, a brilliant scientist shall discover a drug which lets the hormonal surge in our body during PMS do its work, but NOT let it have any effect on our emotions!!

snapping or gettin mad or crying for no reason is not fun. Period.