Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Movies Galore!

So ive been on my sem break n therefore been bumming around, eating and watchin movies non stop at the cinemas! :) oh the joy!! :)

so lets start wit my FAVES this times n let it end wit boos!

The Incredible Hulk

ah! funny funny- i so didnt wanna watch this movie at 1st since i thought the 1st one was crap n was really reluctant la. but just watched it in the end n honestly ppl, if u havent watched it yet, y better drag ur ass to the cinema n catch it! its, um, INCREDIBLE! hahaha its starring Edward Norton as Bruce Banner & Liv Tyler as Betty Ross! lets just say that this movie was action-action-action from the very beginning-the end! i mean the effects were great n the storyline kept us all at the edges! apparently its coz Marvel recently took over all the filmin of their comic book characters movies, n therefore, its more satisfying!
*look out for Stan Lee's appearance too! he'a actually also in X-Men! did u notice? ;)

also-- Hulk+Stark (Iron Man's yummmyyyyy Robert Downey Jr. makes an appearance!) + other Marvel comic super heroes= Big Kahuna Chaos!! cant wait!!! so to blow ur mind away-watch it! lol!

Get Smart

This was absolutely hilarious!! :) with Steve Carrell as the main man, how can u expect any less than laughter? hahaha Anne Hathaway is also in it n she does pretty well! the movie is bout Max gettin out in the field n catchin the bad guys-duh! but ah seriously, do catch it, comedic cool secret agent stuff!! :) if u need a stress-reliever or just a good tickle, catch it!

Across The Universe

ok ok so i know that this is old, but still, i finally got my hands wit it, so just watched it the other day! oh mamma-mia! it was cool! 1st off- its basically a musical tribute to the Beatles, n it features 33 of their songs in the movie. The movie is set in the 60s during the American Revolution. Jude(yes, its from the Beatles song), played by the incredible singer- Jim Sturgess(soo cute!!) comes to the US n makes frens wit Max n his sister Lucy(played by Evan Rachel Wood)! n its a basically a musical of the whole journey! alot of ppl told me tat its such a 'trippin' movie- meanin watched n enjoyed best when high.. i wudnt know since i dont do drugs, but i can definately see why they'd think so la! its cool tho! parents also watched it wit me but they were a bit bewildered at the crazy 'high-colorful' parts.. so if ur into Musicals, or just wanna watch a trippin movie then catch it! i enjoyed it! :)


now this movie is starring Jim Sturgess (hot hot hot-also in Across The Universe!!), Kate Bosworth & Kevin Spacey! this movie is bout the world of 'Card Counting"- basically using Math with Probability to count odds n chances in Black Jack, incredibly hard yet cool- n also legal but banned in casinos. So Ben (Jim) learns this art from his teacher Prof.Micky (Kevin) n they work in a group to clean out casinos! its quite cool- but i think i expected more from this movie. still really interestin, do check it out, just sayin tat i hoped for more..

Definately Maybe

well honestly this was so average- it was a nice movie, funny at times, but just okay only la... nothing great bout it.. its starring Ryan Reynolds & Abigail Breslin as his daughter, n he tells her the story of how he met her mother, but the story is about 3 women n she has to guess which one is her mom! its a sweet movie, n me n my mom enjoyed watchin it on a quiet nite. i just think i also expected more from this... hmm..

The Bank Job

watched it coz had nuthn better to watch..its based on a true story tho! well the movie was pretty cool i guess. its starring Jason Statham(-The Transporter) as Terry. basically he n his frens-who r a team of crooks, team up n plan to rob a bank's vault, by drilling underneath and gettin there! oh n its a British movie! so hahaha typical Englishness! lol! its not tat bad of a movie to watch, honestly! just a bit dry at some points.. i guess u watch it on a afternoon eh? :)

How She Moves

this movie was incredibly bull shit!-its soo boring, all predictable, nuthn new, storyline sucked n even the dance was bleh.. im not even gonna waste space n time on this movie.
so yeah! i think this is it for my current movie reviews! for now, that is! lol! gonna watch Wanted tomoro!! :) n cant wait for Hancock n many more! ill post them soon too! :)


mello said...

all the names of the characters in Across The Universe are taken off Beatles' songs not just Jude [=

Kelsey Bunny said...

yeah ah lucy in the skyyyyyyyyy wit diaaaaaamonds!!!