Friday, October 31, 2008

aha Thank GOD!

now I dont mean anything offensive by this post, so yeah, chill out k?

With this whole debacle now about the National Fatwa Council thingy that wants to ban Muslims from practicing Yoga all because they say that it contains forms of Hinduism and that they r afraid that ppl might deviate away from the Islam....................

'_' Wat the hell??? I dont get that??

Now im saying this as a big "wft???" to those ppl in the council..- why ban such things?? are they soo bloody insecure about ppl losing faith so easily in the religion just by practicing a special form of exercise????? ITS FREAKIN EXERCISE MAN!!! not a bloody religion! grow up for God's sake...... literally too!

I mean, this is why i hate extremists. in any religion. I didnt like when the Catholic church or any churches made a big hoo-ha n wanted to ban the Da Vinci Code. It was just a story about untrue stuff about the Christian faith, but chill out!! by acting up n making a big fuss about it, it shows insecurity...

cmon, have faith that we have enuf brains n faith to believe in God no matter wat. a book will NOT blind us...

The same should go out to the Muslims in the Government n this council. They're always making some bloody rule like wanting to ban yoga for Muslims.. or actually the whole thing about 'if ur born a Malay, u have to be a Muslim.....' why cant they have the right to choose, instead of being forced into a faith???? and if u marry a Muslim ud have to convert???


Thats a Swell idea! lets all force ppl into a religion, even if they dont believe in it, its ok, just as long as they have more Muslims to add to the number.. this is not a thing im saying against Muslims, believe me, this is against the ppl who make such laws!! if they were to force ppl to be Christians too, id be like waaatt??

U CANT FORCE PPL INTO RELIGIONS!! it has to be free willing. n honestly, banning Yoga to be practiced by Muslims.. hmm.. so insecure about the religions la. extremists.

This country seems to really be going down to God-knows wat... literally.


Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I'd Rather Be..

Hmm.. Instead of stressin out on Final Assignments n screwed up areas in my life at the moment, lets see what I'd rather be doing or at right now!

1. At the Beach in Thailand

2. A romantic escapade to a private getaway

3. Making snow angels and a snowman!

4. More photoshoots

5. Traveling to Paris or Italy or the USA

ahh i need a blasted break man. from life. period.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Inside Of You

Old as ancient skies,
I've had these wandering eyes,
but you took me by surprise,
when you let me Inside of You.

Inside of You,
Inside of You,
There's got to be,
some part of me Inside of You.

Inside of You,
I could cross this desert plain,
Inside of You,
I can hear you scream my name,

Inside of You,
While the stars unfold,
I've crossed me heart and I've crossed the world,
and I need you here and I need to be
Inside of You.

Now the flowers bloom,
I feel you creep into my room,
and if this should be our tune,
I'll die here,
Inside of You.

And the world explodes,
I've never been down this road,
Teach me how to grow,
While I'm movin'
Inside of You.

Inside of You,
The restless find their dreams,
Inside of You,
This King has found his Queen,
Inside of You,

While the stars unfold,
I've crossed me heart and I've crossed the world,
and I need you here and I need to be
Inside of You.

Inside of You, Bay blue,
so say adieu to thoughts untrue,
Who I woo, it's You I woo.
Through and through,
and through and through,
There's so much more than just a screw,

Inside of You.
and I was blizzard blind,
felt like I'd lost me mind,
but You've treated me so kind,
I don't know what to do.

This song is by Infant Sorrow (RUSSELL BRAND) from the movie Forgetting Sarah Marshall! oh pukiiii i LOVE this song coz its just so funny n when he sings in (he's my new interest of the week!), I just love it la, hahaha if ya'll still haven't watched this movie, go do so immediately! its great! :) n Russell's character is sooo hard not to love! lol


Friday, October 24, 2008

Make Me Drool

God... these videos have got my eyes GLUED to the screen and drool drippin out of my mouth..

Definitely 2 of the hottest vids I've ever seen!

Trading Places - Usher

No You Hang Up - Shayne Ward

i cant find this vid to post, coz i cant embed it.. any of it!

n also suggest to me stuff like close to this.....


Thursday, October 23, 2008


It's come to that time in a semester again, Final Assigments...


For Business Management, I have to create my own Business Plan, so theres alot of thinking and researching and compiling loads of nonsense.. but its slowly comin along la.... I have a final exam for tat which will be 40% of the semester! crazy!!

Then for Retailing, I have to do a big report on our Store visits based on Retail Design, n the cooky lecturer is really expecting us to write a ton based on each element of Design for the Boutique n Dept. Store... :S

For Fundamentals of Sketching pulak, all of us r still very confused on wat we have to do, but its something like our Retailing assignment, but just 1 store?? or sumn like tat.. wtv it is, it really isnt relevant to wtv we've learnt this sem in that class... BOLLOCKS!!!

And for my fav of all (a big NOT!!) is stupid Design Management. Got to finish up our Marketing presentation for the group work thingy, then an individual summary on a Business Book??? n then we have to compile all our work to a journal, n there'll be a quiz also.... '_'


too tired to do anything la.. watched Bangkok Dangerous yesterday n thought it was pretty cool. id give it 3/5 stars. It was just fun watchin since it was in Bangkok n saw many familiar places, n the Thai guy was kinda cute. nevertheless, story line was pretty ok. so yeah i liked how it ended! :)


Saturday, October 18, 2008


we're gonna try again....

you may choose to think whatever you want to about me, but this is really how I feel-

He didnt do anything wrong lately, maybe it was a long time coming, but he's been such a sweetheart lately, but I just tumbled into this whirlwind of doubt and Im finding it hard to climb out.

Its not that I doubt him, I doubt myself, I doubt my willingness, I doubt my heart.. I wanna be happy and I wanna try, but Im just finding it so hard..

Maybe It's just this phase Im going thru, Im growing up, and Im changing. Its nothing to do with him, its just me. as lame and corny as tat may sound to you, that IS honestly how I feel.

All I needed was a break to fall back, head over heels in love again. but maybe tats just too hard.

N when we finally talked bout pullin the plug, I somehow couldn't let go?? I don't get me, sometimes, I dont get myself... I find myself thinkin of the future, and where this relationship is really going... all I see is fog... yet I cant seem to let go.

Its not that I Dont wanna try, I honestly do, Im just finding it hard, im drowning in this whirlwind of change and self-reflection.. i dunno...

But anyway, we talked n alot of tears were flowing, were gonna try again... So cross ur fingers and wish me luck!

(although I know tat my family members prolly r prayinf for it to end. wat else is new. honestly- if me n him are over, im bloody turnin into a lesbian, lets see how they like that!)

Dookie, (or Pooper as I now frequently call it)- is still super adorable, but ohmygoodness, it astonishes me to see how much poo can come out from tat lil fuzz-ball! hahaha! its constantly eating, n when i took away the food for a bit, it started nibblin the newspaper.. '_'

thank God its cute. hahaha


Friday, October 17, 2008

Confucius Say ah...

My dad told me this.

"Confucius say ahhh.... he who goes to bed with an itchy backside, wakes up with smelly fingers........."


Empty Streets

the city feels clean this time of night,
just empty streets,
and me walking home to clear my head,
i know it came as no surprise,
i'm affected more than i had guessed on what was said,

if the smile's not meant to be,
if the heart's not ready to open
if we make it i won't see it's broken,

if the smile's not meant to be,
if the heart's not ready to open
if we make it i won't see how it's broken

it's the quiet time before the dawn
and i'm half past making sense of it,
was i wrong?
should i claim to give it all
in a world where not much ever seems to last long

if the smile's not meant to be,
if the heart's not ready to open
if we make it i won't see it's broken,

if the smile's not meant to be,
if the heart's not ready to open
if we make it i won't see how it's broken
how it's broken....

-Late Night Alumni- Empty Streets-

I choose to immerse myself in my work and music right now. It is my sanctuary and my place of comfort for now..


Monday, October 13, 2008



oh my goodness, it is the cutest ickle bunny wabbit eva!!!

found it by the roadside, there was NO ONE around, n the poor thing was gonna be run over by a car soon. so i had to rescue it, plus when I called it, it just came to me.. :)

n it was super thin, so I knew that I had to take it back.. its only a little baby!!

n so now it's named Dookie! haha wanted sumn untypical! hahaha n we just bought it a cage, bedding, food n all tat! :) the little thing is soo cute, it sits in my arms happily, but boy if u let it down, it hops n hops n hops!!!!

oh n its a girl..... i think! haha

Sunday, October 12, 2008

We Ate, Ate, Ate

Mmmmm now tats the feeling of satisfaction! Yesterday, we had this real big do at my grandma's house for my Aunt from New Zealand, Hemachi, n the a LOAD of family was there along with a HUGE TRUCKFULL of food! I swear!

ok well maybe not a literall truck, but ud need a van to carry all tat food! phew!! it was awesome possum man!!

I mean, I absolutely LOVE family gatherings, all my crazy aunts, uncles, cousins, all come together n we go crackers together! lol! its always me running around, gettin the food there on the table, helping out, helpin wit drinks, n anything I can. N its saying hi n catching up wit relatives n all tat jazz.. always fun! then lets come to the food.
ZOMG! there was just tons la, im not even kidding! There was:

*Best Pork Ribs ever!**Chicken & Pork Devil's Curry*

* The entire works!!! FEAST!!*

-of course my favourite Pork Ribs (hehe Kris!!) tat we always beg my aunt to make, rice, putu mayam, sodhi, chicken, mutton, devil's curry chicken& pork, beans, mamak mee, mihun, lasagna...........
* Deserts*

-i made bread pudding, n there was coconut cake, kuih, kesari, grapes.......
oh seriously it was a FEAST i tell U! I started eating from like 8, n only finish at almost 9! haha had a few helpings n by the end of the night, I was realllyyyy STUFFED to the brim!
all of the aunts were in the hall n all of us were sitting there like beached whales, with the look of over-eating n satisfaction on our faces from all tat food! haha! n the uncles were outside, drinkin n I was popping grapes into their whiskies! hahahhaha! :P all the food+alcohol+merriments= Bliss in this family! :)

So all in all, a great nite, think my aunt needed so see that we're all here for her.... Wish Uncle Roydon was here too, but he went back already.. we spent such a good time together on Friday morning n afternoon.. Met them n the other school kids, n took them round KLCC, Pavillion, Bukit Bintang n Sungei Wang, so tat was really nice..

I really need to go to New Zealand for Christmas la.. I really want to.. god I miss Hannah so much.. she wud have loved being here.

n Kris- I really was missing you terribly yesterday, wished u were there, n so this photos r for u! come back sooooonnnn!!!!!


Saturday, October 11, 2008


I had a great day.. Filled with fun and joy and excitement...

.....yet something is wrong....

Something is not right..

and i dont understand why-I dont get it.

It seems like everything is..... blur... or faded.. and I am somewhat numb....


Im so confused right now...

Everything seems good.... Heck, things are good.....

..............................but then why dont I feel good??


Thursday, October 9, 2008

Songs Songs Songs

So I've been on a House Music craze lately, its all I listen to, constantly. Im at this moment at home with headphones jammed in my ears, tuned loud n listenin to an awesome mix by a certain someone. lol!

N I watched Mamma Mia today n u know wat? Ohemgeee it was sooo good!! seriously, I was singing singing singing in my seat n havin a great time, laughin n clappin at parts! was soo cute n oh so freakin beautiful too- Greece! :)

So I was brought up listenin to lots of Oldies as well, n Abba was constantly played in my house, by the 'rents so I pretty much have everything almost memorized, so glad my parents did tat, gosh I've always loved Abba's songs, n watchin the movie-musical was just fantastic! I cant wait till the Broadway show in Dec!!! :)

Anyhow- these are the stuff Im listenin to now, I dunno why im writing them down, but I just want to. Check them out if u can!!

Cicada - You Got Me Feeling, The Things You Say

David Guetta - Love Is Gone, Tomorrow Can Wait, Love Dont Let Me Go

Hed Kandi- It's you Its Me, Last Night A DJ, Cafe Ibiza mixes

Justice - NY Excuse, Dance, DVNO

Kaskade - Be Still, Move For Me, I Like The Way

Roger Sanchez - I Never Knew, Again, Not Enough, Jazz It Up, Another Chance

Patrick Oliver - Demo Mixes 07-08

I highly recommend u check out bolded stuff. All are great but those r my fav! :)


Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Shot by Trisha Tan

Let's just say that working with her was bliss. Pure bliss.

Having my best friend paint me/make me up, and then shoot me was just fun, and we had so much fun- laughin, joking, singin, and trying out new stuff..

And im SO SO SO proud of her!! She's improved TREMENDOUSLY by leaps and bounds in her photography and make up!!!! We got some great shots! :) loved workin with you, my long-time-lover!!! Cant wait till we do it again!!!!!!!

So im happy with the shots! :)

Right now im feeling kinda sick... ugh.. Head ache n lethargic..... hope the day gets better..


Monday, October 6, 2008


I feel like I want to say so so much, but I cant.. Gosh I just found out from Mel today that our friend, Jinxi-cat's boyfriend passed away.. he was involved in a car crash...

I dont know him, only met him once, but still, the shock is still present from hearing such news... Gosh, I cant imagine wat Jinx is feeling now, no wait, I can somewhat imagine, since I had that horrid,horrid vivid nightmare, it was just pain..

But this is reality and it must be so so. So much harder. Jinx babe, I know that there is nothing that I can say that hasnt already been said... But babe, I LOVE YOU, we ALL Love you so so effing much, and were here to catch you, and keep you safe and help you back up, never u doubt...

if u need to just go wild streakin or anything, talking, crying, shouting, ANYTHING at all, we're all here to do it with you! :) Im keeping you and him in my prayers babe, - just please please, please dont ever give up....


Friday, October 3, 2008


U know I was gonna talk alot about things these past few days.. but I just feel so uninspired to do so, know why? oh coz my dad n I just had a huge fight to which he now says no more shoots. watever man. i dont even get it. im so so sick of all this nonsense, i cant stand it anymore la.

ugh. n the day was great too, he just had to ruin it. Its non stop mid-life crisis.

anyhow- im SEVERELY and TERRIBLY addicted to House music now.. cant stop listenin to it!!!

Yesterday I did the Fashion Flirt Show at The Attic in Bangsar n we did it for Shoes, Shoes, Shoes & Sew and Soul! :)

there were 4 other models n Jai & Fiqa were among them. we got 3 pairs of shoes n bags, so it was quick changes for the Shoes3 show. then it was the Sew and Soul show! it was the first show tat I had to change n boyyyyy it was rush rush rush! :) loved it! :)

oh the sucky thing was tat the event was delayed like, 2 1/2 hours coz it was Raya2 n rainin so not many ppl showed up at the designated time. ugh. hate waiting. but it ended up being fun n it was over too soon! aishh..

and then today I did a shoot with Trisha! :) it was for her assignment for Photography class. so we did 2 concepts! n they were both so so COOL!!!!!!!!

1st- she painted a spectrum on my face! :) it looked like I was crying out a rainbow, n we shot it at my pool coz of the blue background n damn its cool! :)

2nd- she did this pretty design on my left eye with liner n blue shadow n it looked soo good! we shot against the plants and its real noce la so cant wait to see it! :)

at least few things in my day went well.. ugh. im so tired now...