Thursday, October 9, 2008

Songs Songs Songs

So I've been on a House Music craze lately, its all I listen to, constantly. Im at this moment at home with headphones jammed in my ears, tuned loud n listenin to an awesome mix by a certain someone. lol!

N I watched Mamma Mia today n u know wat? Ohemgeee it was sooo good!! seriously, I was singing singing singing in my seat n havin a great time, laughin n clappin at parts! was soo cute n oh so freakin beautiful too- Greece! :)

So I was brought up listenin to lots of Oldies as well, n Abba was constantly played in my house, by the 'rents so I pretty much have everything almost memorized, so glad my parents did tat, gosh I've always loved Abba's songs, n watchin the movie-musical was just fantastic! I cant wait till the Broadway show in Dec!!! :)

Anyhow- these are the stuff Im listenin to now, I dunno why im writing them down, but I just want to. Check them out if u can!!

Cicada - You Got Me Feeling, The Things You Say

David Guetta - Love Is Gone, Tomorrow Can Wait, Love Dont Let Me Go

Hed Kandi- It's you Its Me, Last Night A DJ, Cafe Ibiza mixes

Justice - NY Excuse, Dance, DVNO

Kaskade - Be Still, Move For Me, I Like The Way

Roger Sanchez - I Never Knew, Again, Not Enough, Jazz It Up, Another Chance

Patrick Oliver - Demo Mixes 07-08

I highly recommend u check out bolded stuff. All are great but those r my fav! :)