Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Shot by Trisha Tan

Let's just say that working with her was bliss. Pure bliss.

Having my best friend paint me/make me up, and then shoot me was just fun, and we had so much fun- laughin, joking, singin, and trying out new stuff..

And im SO SO SO proud of her!! She's improved TREMENDOUSLY by leaps and bounds in her photography and make up!!!! We got some great shots! :) loved workin with you, my long-time-lover!!! Cant wait till we do it again!!!!!!!

So im happy with the shots! :)

Right now im feeling kinda sick... ugh.. Head ache n lethargic..... hope the day gets better..



Icky said...

I love you, you're so beautiful babe :-)

ikanbilis said...

your first photo is priceless. your baby-sincere-smile is finally shot!

its never taken before, you know!

Kelsey Bunny said...

icky-love u too! azhan- really? yeah we had fun n i loved smiling shots la! :)