Friday, October 31, 2008

aha Thank GOD!

now I dont mean anything offensive by this post, so yeah, chill out k?

With this whole debacle now about the National Fatwa Council thingy that wants to ban Muslims from practicing Yoga all because they say that it contains forms of Hinduism and that they r afraid that ppl might deviate away from the Islam....................

'_' Wat the hell??? I dont get that??

Now im saying this as a big "wft???" to those ppl in the council..- why ban such things?? are they soo bloody insecure about ppl losing faith so easily in the religion just by practicing a special form of exercise????? ITS FREAKIN EXERCISE MAN!!! not a bloody religion! grow up for God's sake...... literally too!

I mean, this is why i hate extremists. in any religion. I didnt like when the Catholic church or any churches made a big hoo-ha n wanted to ban the Da Vinci Code. It was just a story about untrue stuff about the Christian faith, but chill out!! by acting up n making a big fuss about it, it shows insecurity...

cmon, have faith that we have enuf brains n faith to believe in God no matter wat. a book will NOT blind us...

The same should go out to the Muslims in the Government n this council. They're always making some bloody rule like wanting to ban yoga for Muslims.. or actually the whole thing about 'if ur born a Malay, u have to be a Muslim.....' why cant they have the right to choose, instead of being forced into a faith???? and if u marry a Muslim ud have to convert???


Thats a Swell idea! lets all force ppl into a religion, even if they dont believe in it, its ok, just as long as they have more Muslims to add to the number.. this is not a thing im saying against Muslims, believe me, this is against the ppl who make such laws!! if they were to force ppl to be Christians too, id be like waaatt??

U CANT FORCE PPL INTO RELIGIONS!! it has to be free willing. n honestly, banning Yoga to be practiced by Muslims.. hmm.. so insecure about the religions la. extremists.

This country seems to really be going down to God-knows wat... literally.



Amanda said...

Actually, the whole thing about converting to be a Muslim in marriage is in the Qu'ran > w> So, yeah, letting you know on that one.

Though I do think that banning Yoga is a wee bit silly. It's becoming practiced more as a form of exercise these days. I don't like extremists myself, it says in Quran (any religion encourages this I think) that you don't go around LOOKING for people and start preaching to them; if you HAPPEN on them doing something bad, you can advise, but don't force.

Kelsey Bunny said...

exactly, i hate the idea of force.

yest its true even in the bible it tells that u shud marry a Christian, but in other countries, if u were to marry a Muslim, u r not FORCED to convert, its a choice... only in Msia do they force..

tats wat pisses me off!

Anonymous said...

i think the law about non-muslims who have to convert to a muslim when marrying a muslim can be rather subjective.

u see, i think the lawmakers dont really just put up with that kind of enforcement just for fun u know. before that law is being put up, i bet they have to take critical analysis to finally make that as a settlement (or the final solution). so, in simple sentence, this maybe the best of the worst solution that they came up to.

if not, just look at indonesia. it's complicated. i have a friend who's indonesia whom is a christian but his father is a muslim, his mom is a christian, his sister is a muslim and his other siblings is a christian. now, dont u think that sounds complicated enough?

and, when u are married to a muslim husband, it is an obligation and it is a must for the muslim husband to lead his wife to follow the islamic rules. dont u think if lets say we were to follow what the indonesian did, dont u think u will be actually accumulate and burden your husband's sins? tak kesian ke?

im not a very alim person, even i myself has a lot more to learn about islam.

and yes,

(this is not a thing im saying against Muslims, believe me, this is against the ppl who make such laws!!) <-- the lawmakers who made such laws is a muslim. don't u think u indirectly against muslims and against whatever we believe in?

besides, malaysia is a islamic country, if u don't like the rules, u can just change ur citizenship or immigrate to other country.

Ashleigh said...

It's the easy way out, immigrating to another country. What happened to our basic human rights? We need the freedom of speech without having to fear being put under ISA detention and we need the freedom to choose a religion.

Kels' whole point is that she wants the freedom to choose to maintain her religion if she chooses to marry a Muslim. If a non-Muslim marries a Muslim, they can both co-operate in their kids' religious education or not.

I'm very sure with extreme conviction that a non-Muslim wife can still follow her Muslim husband's Islam rules.

"the lawmakers who made such laws is a muslim. don't u think u indirectly against muslims and against whatever we believe in?"

Are you insinuating that she is indirectly against Muslims and their beliefs? Can't you read her disclaimer which you copy pasted there yourself?

Kelsey Bunny said...

wow thanks ashleigh, u managed to understand wat i meant.

to anonymous:
like i said before, if not dissing Muslims, it is the fact that such law is existing that bothers me.. i also said tat if christians were insisting that if a non christian married a christian, theyd have to convert, ID ALSO BE OPPOSED TO THAT>.

yes, life would be much easier in a familytat believes in the same faith, but let me ask u this:

is it good tat if i were to convert to be a Muslim, but have NO FAITH in the religion, totally oppose the believes, just for the sake of "AGAMA ISLAM" being shown on my IC?? dont u think it'll be better for a person to willingly believe in the faith n then change:???

i know i would never want my fiancee to just convert to Christianity just for name sake, i need him to be so lost in God, thats why he'd want to do it....

about ur friend in Indonesia, yes maybe there are conflicting ideologies at home, but at least ur friend has the freedom to search for what faith his/her heart tells it to believe, n not be forced just bcoz of name sake...

i believe in freedom of speech n also freedom of choice, esp when it comes to what we choose to believe in... :)

So apparently i have to say this again: I DIDNT POST THIS AS A DISS AGAINST MUSLIMS (why wud I, my boyfriend is one?!?!?!!!), this is a post againts extrimist like those who impose such laws in this country...

Kelsey Bunny said...

and about changing my citizenship n immigrating.....

just because this is a 'Muslim Country' r u trying to say that non-Muslims have no voice and freedom of speech, and that we'd just have to suck it all in n just be walked all over upon, oh just because were not Muslims?????????????????????????/

come off it, did u actually read what u wrote??? its so easy for u to say that... let me remind u that this country was built with the help of ALL races n ALL religions, u are in no way 'better' than us, ur the same...

so please please please i beg u, before u say things like this to other non-muslims n probably get beaten up, THINK BEFORE YOU SAY SUCH THINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

The first Anonymous never implied that Muslims are better than non-Muslims.

passerby said...

Before you post such things on your blog which could create controversies to others, i'd suggest you too think before you imply such things publicly. ofcourse you have the right of free speech but when it comes to stuff like "forced into a religion" maybe you should keep it to yourself. These aren't laws made by random muslims down the road but laws made since the early days of Islam and is proven in the Quran. We don't question your beliefs as a Christian so why should you?

And as for being put into ISA because of criticizing a law in Islam, you should consult the higher people. ISA was used to detain communists and radicals in the early days but is now used for non radicals too. Not all of us are hot on that issue though.

passerby said...

well actually if the dude is muslim n the wife isnt, she dont hv to convert is she dont want to. but if the wife is muslim, the dude has to convert. dont ask me why im not so sure either.

Kelsey Bunny said...

dear passerby,

if any non Muslims in Malaysia were to marry a Muslim (regardless of sex), they'd have to convert. please do check the law first. i am well aware of this. =)

n this is my blog, i feel that what I posted was not controversial. i gave good statements and i also added that if this was implied to Christianity id not agree. I was fair to all sides.

ultimately, i dont feel like I said anything wrong, n once again, this is my blog for me to voice out my opinions. thank you for visiting, have a nice sunny day! :)

Anonymous said...

actually, i've read that in the quran it says that Muslim women have to have their husbands converted to Islam, but if its a Muslim man, he can marry a Christian or Jewish women who live in a "Daar-ul-Islam" which means nation where islamic law prevails. Doesn't Malaysia fit that bill? however this is not carried out in malaysia.

(it's here --> under muslim man and non-muslim woman)

I think it's something about the fact that jews and christians are people of the book, which is a belief in One God, following the commandments of Allah, a belief in revealed scripture.