Thursday, October 23, 2008


It's come to that time in a semester again, Final Assigments...


For Business Management, I have to create my own Business Plan, so theres alot of thinking and researching and compiling loads of nonsense.. but its slowly comin along la.... I have a final exam for tat which will be 40% of the semester! crazy!!

Then for Retailing, I have to do a big report on our Store visits based on Retail Design, n the cooky lecturer is really expecting us to write a ton based on each element of Design for the Boutique n Dept. Store... :S

For Fundamentals of Sketching pulak, all of us r still very confused on wat we have to do, but its something like our Retailing assignment, but just 1 store?? or sumn like tat.. wtv it is, it really isnt relevant to wtv we've learnt this sem in that class... BOLLOCKS!!!

And for my fav of all (a big NOT!!) is stupid Design Management. Got to finish up our Marketing presentation for the group work thingy, then an individual summary on a Business Book??? n then we have to compile all our work to a journal, n there'll be a quiz also.... '_'


too tired to do anything la.. watched Bangkok Dangerous yesterday n thought it was pretty cool. id give it 3/5 stars. It was just fun watchin since it was in Bangkok n saw many familiar places, n the Thai guy was kinda cute. nevertheless, story line was pretty ok. so yeah i liked how it ended! :)



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