Monday, June 30, 2008


Is definately my PICK for the Euro Cup Finals! aiisshh!! c'mon! they freakin rock man!! ja??

stayin up late to watch it! n talkin to my host dad now!! Mr.Kuhns, or as i like to call him, Mr.K or Daddy K!! :)



Saturday, June 28, 2008

Le Memorial

Yesterday we had a short lil memorial for Hannah n it was nice! bout 64 ppl turned up. I read the verse from 1 Corinthians 15:50-57 n it was nice n then mummy read out the speech that Hannah's mom, Caroline had given during the funeral while i ran pictures of Hannah at the back so naturally alot of ppl were tearing up..
Hannah, Caleb & me in 1992! haha

Hannah as a toddler! :) cute ennit?

I somehow held it together the whole time.. u know i was thinkin alot bout how Hannah took her illness... she was so incredibly strong thru out the whole thing, she never once fussed or got angry wit God, in fact, it drew her closer to Him.. amazing isn't it? her faith grew so much, as did our whole family's... once a few months ago, in the midnight, Hannah had struggled and gotten out of bed just so she cud get down on her knees n pray.. i was just so amazed at how strong she was.. i honestly hope that my faith in the Lord, shall be as strong as her's was! :)

in a few days time,it will mark the 1 year that i've been away from the USA... cant believe it flew by so fast! God i miss the States soo much! :( esp my host family, friends and Rita's Italian ices in PA, n Philly cheesesteak sandwiches.. hoagies, BAGELS!!!! wat else? i still have A TON of twizzlers left tho! oh mamamia!! someone please send me food!!!!

was just talkin to my parents bout me going on a Euro trip next year! wanna go to Paris n see Jade, my french twin, and go to Italy n visit Riccardo, Spain? with Jade n visit Jorge n perhaps Germany to see Bonnie n Jon! n also England for Sha & Liz!! :) but if Europe doesn't happen, then i HAVE to go to the States! by hook or by crook ill be there next year! New York again, PA- Allentown specifically, n maybe LA to see Kim? hmm...

i gotta go!
Need to go plant my money tree n start growing money! wish me luck!!!!! ;p

p/s: i'll be reviewing Movies on Monday!! check in on those! :)


Thursday, June 26, 2008

Saying Goodbye...

in memory of Hannah, dedicating this special song to her, -Jesus, Lover of My Soul

*February 21st 1990 - June 21st 2008*

...was never an easy thing to do... especially if it is to a loved one who u know ur not gonna see in a long time...

Hannah's funeral was yesterday n from what i heard from Kris, it was just beautiful! alot of people turned up to say good bye and alot of nice things were said bout her! The Hakka was also performed and 3 songs were sang.. they were :

1)Shout to the Lord
2)Dwelling Places
3)Jesus, Lover Of My Soul.. *this was special as Hannah had sung it in chuch perfectly when she was 4years old!*

it was so evident that Hannah, even tho she had only lived for 18 years, had succesfully touched so many people's live with her ever bubbly, happy, monkey, kind and loving spirit! her best friend mentioned tat a long time ago, Hannah said, "when i die, i hope alot of people will come to my funeral, otherwise it'll be horrible if only a few came!" i think its clear that Hannah is definately looking down from Heaven, feeling happy at the turnout... she was later taken away to be cremated...

as i was preparing the Memorial Service booklet & powerpoint presentation yesterday, i was a bit shocked to find this.. Hannah's life span was from February 21st 1990 - June 21st 2008! that is Exactly 18 years & 4 months!! its scary, but also incredible how God planned it all, huh? The Big Man up there is up to something that He's not telling us.....

my 2 aunts who were there in New Zealand for almost 1 month, helping out and giving support are coming back tonite, they'll definately be telling us more bout Hannah's last few days.. oh dear! my grandparents are going to cry even more! :( tomoro at the service I've also been asked to do a reading, so a bit nervous!

anyhow... life goes on.. we try to make it work.. like i said ive been feeling much better recently.. yesterday treated myself at Topshop and bought High Waisted flared jeans! it was soo cheap! only RM59!! :) they look sassy! n also 2 cute ribbon-tied undies.. need some retail therapy!! :) MNG is also havin a HUGEEE sale, but the thing i hate bout MNG on sale is that its soo messy, the store is all messed up n unorganized n packed!!! ugh! its hard to look for stuff!!

i had a good breakfast catchin up wit Misha yesterday! its good to see her after a while! n tomoro im meeting my gorgeous twin, Riyana!! n on Friday got a bbq party at Berl's!! :) am happy to see my old old frens after so long! :)


Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Hey you

so sorry i havent updated! It's been hard to blog since my last post.. im quite lost in wat to say.. to be honest, writing tat post wasn't easy at 1st, but it ended up being incredibly helpful!

at 1st, i honestly didnt know wat to say, but it just suddenly came to me.. n to be honest, i really didnt plan to write wat i did, it just came out as i typed.. i have a feelin it was God speakin thru me, coz after i posted it, I felt sooo much better, like now im fine! im more hopeful and understanding and apparently my entire family has been reading it coz they think its good.. well i hope tat it helps them as much as it helped me! :)

Hannah's funeral is tomoro afternoon in her church in Whangerei, New Zealand... to be honest wit u, i was supposed to be there, was supposed to leave yesterday n attend the funeral but the ticket was too expensive n my aunt advised against it, sayin tat they'll come down to Msia in Sept... i dunno la.. i was honestly really scared at the thought of going, at the thought of seeing Hannah in a coffin... its... i dunno, u tell me.. n i hate to say this but i was scared to see her, coz even seeing the photos of her during her treatment scared me so much coz i cudn't recognize her!

i had to read the caption then only i realized tat it was her! coz the steroids n treatment made her gain alot of weight n plus her left eye was different, n i felt bad enuf as it is to not be able to recognize tat i didnt wanna feel any madder at myself....

but anyway, my family has arranged to have a memorial service for her here..
we're havin it on Friday, 27th June 08 @ 7pm at St.Paul's Church P.J.. its near Amcorp Mall, if ud wanna attend! lemme know! so now im in works of doing the program book, n the power point presentation! so a bit busy now...

but i just wanna thank every single one of u! u've been so incredibly supportive to not just me, but also my family members! :) much love! :)

oh n i did do a shoot wit Idan on last Thursday, so to change up the mood of this blog, here r 2 of the pics... more to come when i get em! :)


Sunday, June 22, 2008


...closes her eyes and takes a deep breath..then exhales... 'what do i say?? how do i even begin?' is all she can think of....

On Friday night, her whole family was told that Hannah was not doing well, her breathing and pulse were weak. That night everyone silently bowed their heads and prayed to God for a miracle. They prayed hard for her to also not be in pain anymore. She knew it was hard to pray for that, but she knew that it was the right thing to do... she said amen n went off to sleep only to be awakened a few hours later at 6.50am by her mother who gave the bad news that her cousin, Hannah had passed away 5 minutes ago.. feelin sad, yet in disbelief she turned over to go back to sleep, but she cudnt. this was reality.

she showered n changed n saw her dad crying as he called other relatives as well. They quickly left the house to go comfort her grandparents.. as they reached the house, they saw tat other family members were there too, n as they got out of the car, they cud hear her grandparents wailing even from outside...

Still feeling surreal, she held her breath n went inside, but nothin cud prepare her for wat she was about to see.. her grandma was sobbing terribly while family surrounded her, but her grandpa.... her grandpa was the one who brought her to reality, the one who made her tears flow... To see the man who was always so tough, the man who fought againts the Communist n the Japanese in the war, sitting down n lookin up n just sobbing was one of the things that she'll never forget.. ever.. the look on his face could only be summed up by the words 'grief but most of all, LOST...' he just looked so, soo lost as he cried n repeated "she's gone ma.. she's gone.." as she hugged him, it was then that her tears couldn't be stopped, it was then that it sunk in that Hannah was gone..

Family members came thru out the whole day to offer condolences, support and to grieve as well.. Fresh tears just kept coming to her, she cudnt help it... They all then heard from an aunt in New Zealand who was there wit the family. Apparently Hannah's family- Uncle Roydon (her dad), Hem achi (her mom) and Caleb (her bro) were all with Hannah the whole night crying as Hannah was going.. Before she went her eyes were closed, but tears were slowly trickling down her ever beautiful face, aware of her family's pain.. at 10.32am local time, she took her last breath and left them, accompanied by her angels to be with God..

A few days before she left, she had whispered to her mother saying 'my house in Heaven is ready! my mansion is ready!' to which her mother replied, 'are you sure? i dont think so, u still have a lot to do here! u still have to go back to Malaysia in September n eat n shop remember?', but Hannah was sure it was ready.. Hannah even said that there were angels by her bedside, singing to her.. .... upon hearing this, everyone knew that Hannah was finally in a better place with no suffering, she was in paradise! Yet this didnt stop her family's weeping and pain.. Her parents and brother stayed wit her body and cried for a long time..

Kelsey had time to think about all this... she cried even more... She cried tears of sadness for losing Hannah, she cried alot, but she cried mostly for the family.. she cried so much at the thought of her uncle,aunt, cousin and grandparents.. what must it feel like to go thru this, she cant imagine.. this was the 1st time she had ever had to deal with the death of a loved one, other than her precious hamsters when she was 12, of course.. she felt so worried n sad for her aunt who cared for Hannah 24/7 and looked after her the whole time, and who also was takin it badly.. she cried for them..

but then, the tears stopped after a while.. it stopped when she thought about all the people who had been praying and supporting Hannah thru out the ordeal.. she thought about every single visitor, be it a minute, an hour, a day, or a month, who went to see Hannah and support her.. she thought about the amount of lives that Hannah had touched and made an impact on.. she thought about how ppl she's never even met cared about her, she thought about how Hannah would still tease n joke wit her grandpa even when she was sick.. and then she thought about the fact that now Hannah was no longer in pain, she was now in paradise, talking and walking with Jesus and looking down on us.. and she smiled..

she still doensn't know what God's plan is, and why did He make this happen, but she knows that He works in mysterious ways and that whatever He puts her & them thru, He will be there, every step of the way, taking them and guiding them thru it..she also knows that one day she'll get her chance to ask God this question and hear his answer... she now prays for guidance and strength for her family members, and that they will be alright in due time..she also knows that Hannah is now listening to all of this and that makes her smile even more.. she now talks to Hannah in her prayers..

yes, tears still do stream down her face, every now and then, but she knows that one day she'll get her chance to see Hannah's stunningly beautiful face, hug her, joke and laugh wit her in Heaven... it is only a matter of time..

and that, is what SHE is sure of....

Saturday, June 21, 2008


.....Hannah passed away this morning at 10.32am New Zealand time......


Friday, June 20, 2008

Tainted Love defines the word 'tainted' as:
1.To affect with or as if with a disease.
2.To affect with decay or putrefaction; spoil.
3.To corrupt morally.
4.To affect with a tinge of something reprehensible.

i reckon they got it rite.......... dont worry nothin bad happened between me & Icky, we're as cool as ever! but i've just been thinkin of this for quite a while la..

when we first started goin out waay back then, he gave me a 'love' pendant (pic above) n he had one too, n it was special.. it was a symbol for 'us!' it was worn by ONLY the BOTH of us and NO ONE else.... it was something small but yet so meaning full..

he wore it everyday, i did almost everyday, i did so whenever i could.. i know this may sound stupid but its just tat whenever i felt far or missed him, id touch tat chain n id know tat he was wit me.... it was just.. sacred.. n we wore it loud n proud!

but then now... its all changed! ever since i saw tat pic of 'her' wit the same pendant around her neck i flipped! i know it was last year n wtv la, but i dunno........ its just different now.. it no longer means anything to me.. i felt like this necklace now symbolizes 'just another....' n i feel like if i were to wear it, it just doesnt feel rite... i feel like i have sumthin weird n gross aroud my neck.. how can i wear something tat i dont even believe in anymore???? is rite.. i feel like it has been corrupted.. decayed, spoilt... unpure...diseased....

its not tat i dont believe in our love or wtv, i do... but i just feel like a hypocrite to wear tat necklace.. its become... tainted.... in my eyes... it no longer means anything to me...yes, call me dramatic la, but it is my TAINTED LOVE..... neither does the necklace wit our faces on it (he also has one, he made it for our 1st anniversary!) n although, its a sweet necklace, tat TOO was 'just another............'tat she also was given.. hmm... i dont really wanna say more la i guess.. i just needed to get this out..........

im sorry Mal, im dont mean to cause any probs wit this, we talked bout it b4... i just felt like i needed to express know tat our love is stronger than ever this year, n im enjoyin every minute of bein ur lady! i guess were just gonna look for a new necklace to symbolize 'Ickelsey' huh? Thomas Sabo perhaps????? hehehehehehehehe ;p love you!


Thursday, June 19, 2008

Kung Fu Panda!!

watched Kung Fu Panda today n all i can say is tat i was laughin soo hard, i had tears comin down! hehehe my fav part? when he screws up his face! lol! def a must see for all u guys! gosh im gonna be compiling a whole list of movies i wanna catch this year soon! will post it uP!
i have a shoot wit Idan tomoro!! im excited!!! so gonna go get some well needed beauty sleep!! (n Bibo, were 'Round 3-ing' next k?)

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Bali, Indonesia!

wee!!! wat a great time it was to be in Bali, Indonesia!!! ahhh!! i had a much deserved break n it was just fab! thank God for Mummy! she won a whole trip from's 'Break for a Break' contest! :)

stayed in Kuta, Bali which is like the centre n most happenin place la! we SHOPPED N SHOPPED N SHOPPED!!!!!! omg! !non stop i tell u n legs felt like fallin off! but all great buys! got like 2 beach dresses, tons of accessories, a new Australian Monokini (totally cute!!), silver gladiators! shorts, tee's, sunnies! n loadssss more!!! hahaha did shoppin even till the very last minute of the 3rd day we spent! but it was all sooo worth it! cheap like a maadderrr n bargained alot la! but it was soo good!

n we also spent half a day at the beach where i had fun fun FUN!!!!!!! the water was cold but fantastic! waded out quite far in n had fun ridin the waves n watchin ppl surf!

hehehe oh n btw, my eyes had a party the whole time! there're tons of Australians in Bali, both men n women! n mamamia! my eyes had fun, but dont worry, my heart n mind stayed true n loyal to my one true love, Icky!!! ;)

n u know wats so funny! when we came to the beach, mom sat under the tree la, n i noticed a group of men from Aussie sittin at the back of us, havin beer n fun! the thing is tat i noticed that they were starin at me laa, even after i came back from the water! this older guy kept lookin n smilin at me, i just looked away n sunned my bum n enjoyed a mani/pedi n henna tattoo n had fun! n as we were leavin, i was packin up n all tat, suddenly i got up n turned around n he was standing rite infront of me! bloddy hell, like 1 feet away! n he was smilin n said,

'Hey luv, how old are you?' to which i replied, 'Im 19!' n he smiles back n says, 'wow! ur so beautiful! sangat cantik!" lol! i mutter a thanks and as he walks away to his frens, who are all laughin n smiling, he says 'I've Got A DATE!!' hahahahahahahahahahaha

anyhow, later we went n saw the gigantasaurus statue of the Hindu God, Visnu! its huggee!! pics dont do it justice! its bout 18.3metres n its not even finished yet!! then we went to Uluwatu, which is where a temple is located on a cliff, n it was absolutely BREATH-TAKIN!!! i mean, i wanna have photoshoots n my wedding there! dead serious! the waves beating against the rocks.. omg...

watched the Kecak Dance n it was super cool! the men make the noises to the dance which tells bits of the Hindu 'Ramayana' epic! n the best part? it was all performed rite in front of the sunset... can u say beautiful?? :)

all in all, i had a great time there! i mean everything was fab! the shoppin, the ppl, the beach, the view, everything! prefer it soo much more than Phuket! :) wanna go back again!

updates: family got back from New Zealand & apparently Hannah is doin better! thank God. think the visits were good for her! keep on praying!


Sunday, June 15, 2008

LOMA Show!

holyyy shindagoes!! wowwowwow!!!! our Foundation LOMA (London-Malaysia) show rocked! akks! im so happy!

ok ok so before this i honestly wasn't in ANY sort of good mood about the show.. i mean, plans kept gettin ruined n destroyed by the lecturers n it was all turnin into some big sort of joke n waste of our time n effort n yada yada, n basically i just cudnt wait to get it done n over it. needless to say, i totally was NOT lookin forward to the show, buuuttt i was amazingly suprised today! got to the courtyard n everyone was gettin ready wit make up n blah blah! n by the time 8pm rolled by, the courtyard was full wit our props n everyone was in awesome costumes n the lightin n vids n sound were on n the air was filled wit buzzing, i guess it hit me then!

us Design students did great! we managed to pull of integrating London & Malaysia! :) I LOVED our group's skit! we did a transportation skit where ppl fight for the chair in a crowded subway, n your's truly played a pregnant lady, who gets the seat in the end. the twist is tat i was pretending to pregnant just to get the seat..
! hehehe its cool! im so proud of our group! we did great! there were ppl dancing n acting n eating, wayang kulits, mr.bean n ppl dancing THriller in ghost costumes! ahh n a group actually constructed a 12-foot walkin, dancing skeleton!! aaakkss!! i flipped out!! it was sooooo cooL!!!! i was laughing the entire time! :)

(pics taken from Amanda Nelson)

(dancin Thriller n the skeleton!!)

(left-hahah it was singin to the crowd!)(rite- n tats my group! im the pregnant lady at the side)
our paintings displayed!

definately was an AWESOME end to a great sem! so NOW i am officially done wit 'college'!! will miss my frens tho.. oh well! :)

Off to Bali in a few hours! ciao guys!


Friday, June 13, 2008

Am done!

I am done wit Foundation Year!!! whoohooo!!! =D oh well ok, so i have an exam for Malaysian Studies n a presentation at night tomoro, but yeah! IM DONE!! hahahhaha well thank God! i mean i loved the sem n all, but i just am so glad tat its over! definately need a break from all the stressss and drama this sem! (ugh!! unBELIEVAble man!!)

def will be glad wit a 1 1/2 month break, a short trip to Bali, Indonesia on Sunday-Tuesday, n for the rest of the break, it'll be photoshoots (;p) n hangin out wit frens n also prayin for Hannah, of course!

oh n im watchin Friends Season 7 rite now! lol! can never get sick of it!! OH N I FINALLY GOT GLADIATOR SHOES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHOOOOOHOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! they're black n freakin awesome!! aaks!! after lookin for them for soo long, im glad! :)
n also, Hannah is doin better! i think they support of family members n friends are really good for her! as well as all of ur prayers! :) thank you so much n pls never stop hoping!
so tomoro is the big 'London-Kuala Lumpur' show at college at night, cant wait to do it, i quite like our presentation n cant wait for it to be over!!! n then were goin clubbin later on to celebrate the festivities! whoohoo!!
must watch Kung Fu Panda soon!!! am excited! well its time to get back to Friends! toodles guys!!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Autobots! Transform urselves!

*ur listenin to Velvet Revolver's - The Last Fight. Brilliant song*

hahaha i was occupying myself wit happy Transformer toys today! :) my dearest Icky had bought me one of my dream toys, which was a Transformer! HAHAH i love em n always wanted one! esp the harder ones then i can nicely sit down n crack my head tryin to transform em, so he suprised me wit 2 Bumblebees!! :)

one was the older version, n one more was the newer one! the older one is named 'Bumblebee' n the newer is 'Bumbleboo!!" hhahhah n it belongs to me! :) wheee so had a blast playin wit em n just bein a kid!

then started Youtubing Transformers n lookie wat i found!!! ahhh!! its like soo friggin cool! hahah its quite geeky la of course, but nevertheless cool! my fav is OPTIMUS PRIME!

hehe also, do check out the cute 'stop motion' vids.. these ppl obviously have all the free time in the world to make these vids, but they're def entertainin man! do i was on a high so just watched the movie again! heehee! cant wait for the sequel!!!
n took pics of the Life Drawing final artworks today, not all of the classes tho, these r just a few, these are the 'cool colours' section!
all are London icons.. see who u can recognize!
my class's one!
n this is my version of erm.. Twiggy :S i suck...
but wtv la its done! n got a 93.5% on my History of Art! phew!
other than that
the family has reached Hannah addy, n like both sides of her family r there n its crowded n everyone is just upset la....... i might be headin down to New Zealand next week..... maaaybee..
Hannah, we love you..

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Moving on..

.. today i felt better!still sad but kept it together.. sent off 8 family members to New Zealand just now, so hope Hannah is blessed by their visit! Thanks to those of u who pray n support, it means alot to all of us! :) i made her a lil sumn! so dad will pass it to her...

movin on from tat, this is just a short post for now, im way to tired!! :S this is a real stupid but nevertheless funny video *inside joke!* lol!

we were just havin a great time! lol! will post more up soon! lol! so ive got 4 more days till the end of sem left! uggh! i cant wait!

ill be done wit Foundation year n leavin to Bali, Indonesia on Sunday for a short break wit mummy! :) our STTOOOOOPIIDDD final integrated project is lame n crackin down. i swear the Limkokwing coordinators for this project suck moldy ass! terrible plannin n they change n bring every freakin thing down this mornin!

but wtv la, im too tired to rant now. later. i need them gladiator sandals. n a miracle for Hannah.


Monday, June 9, 2008


....was a sad day.... For me n for my family...... It started from yesterday but sank in this mornin, for me anyway... Found out my cousin Hannah who has a brain tumor is just not doing well at all.... she has very little time left.......... :'(

all this while i knew wat she was goin thru n prayed just as hard for her.. but i was never really able to cry, i only did once when we found out tat it was cancer but from then i was just sad to hear bad news n just prayed, but it just never sunk in, u know wat i mean?
i guess i just somehow hoped tat it wud just go away, tat she'll be fine.. n i was hopeful! but this mornin my dad said tat my grandparents, my aunts n uncle n a cousin n himself r goin to New Zealand tomoro to see her as she just might not make it.................... i cant go.... i hve finals.......... n it was in class this mornin as i msged Kris, tat it finally sank in.. we're losing her.................

i just cudnt hold it in any longer n started crying.... i just cant believe it u know? i find it so hard, this was one of those things tat i always heard bout happenin but just never thought would happen to our family.. to us.. but it is.. n im just sad.. :'(

im not givin up on prayers for miracles and God's work but im also prayin tat God just takes away her pain as she is in alot of it rite now... poor thing, i miss her too.. i havent seen her in since 05 n they were supposed to come down in Xmas 07.. sigh...

im holdin on to the song 'Blessed Be Your Name' for now, as i always have.. it gives me strength thru these hard times... n Kris darlin,(n any other family members) i hope u find strength in this song too..

Blessed be Your name
On the road marked with suffering
Though there's pain in the offering
Blessed be Your name

Every blessing You pour out
I'll turn back to praise
When the darkness closes in,
LordStill I will say

Blessed be the name of the Lord
Blessed be Your name
Blessed be the name of the Lord
Blessed be Your glorious name

You give and take away
You give and take away
My heart will choose to say
Lord, blessed be Your name

'Dear Hannah, i dont really know wat to say, but all i can say is tat i miss you so much n i love you.. we had great times together n ill always remember them! i know u can make it thru this, i believe in you, but i want you to be ok.. to be alright, ill always love you Babu.. :)'

*Hannah's Raji*

Saturday, June 7, 2008

I've Found Her!

Tats it! I've found her!!! The girl of my dreams!! ;p ahhhh! the other day i was browsin thru my fren's magazine, called ViVi Magazine which is a Japanese mag la, n its honestly one of the BEST FASHION MAGS ive ever gone thru, regardless of the fact tat i cant understand the captions, the fashion n styling is WHOA!! so from now on, im buyin the magazine every month!

n 1 thing tat also drew me to the mag was this model tat was featured thru out the whole mag n other issues too! this super drop-dead-gorgeous, sweet, innocent, lil minx, hottie whoooooaaaaaaa mixed-heritage girl!! n i swear i fell in love wit her!! She's soo friggin beautiful n she just has this sorta aura around her tat just intrigued me!

Googled n found out tat her name is LENA FUJII n she's of American+Japanese descent! seriously! i swear tat if i was a man or a lesbo, she's the girl tat i wanna marry!! ahhh!! just sumn about her! u guys must see the pics in the mag to get the full gist!

*sizzzlllesss* i swear, these pics dont do her justice, grab a copy of the magazines if u can, trust me, if ur a fashionista, ud NOT be sorry! the fashion is GREAT n the model is.. even better? ;p im in love..well ok maybe NOT in love, but more of like Infactuated?? wtv!

also found this cute lil dress from Topshop!

i like it! its cute! n great for our hot weather!

oh n also, i have to admit it... i have officially caught the 'Gladiator Shoes Bug'! ahh!! starting to really love em! but mostly gladiator heels! dont like them OTT, but just simple n chic! (also influenced by ViVi mag who featured them in May 08 issue..TONS of em--to Hanie,who might be interested!) ;) but here's a simple one i found online..

cute n simple!
ok im gonna go n droll over the pics now! see ya!!!


Friday, June 6, 2008

7 things about moi!

(you're listenin to Tree Hugger by Ansty Pants taken from Juno! its fab!)

wow! it really is tag season in bloggers-town! lol! this time i got tagged by both Bibo & Ain! :)

7 facts about me:

-im of a mixed parentage, Chinese+Indian
-i love bunnies but i dont have one.... yet..(hint hint to Icky!)
-i am constantly singin when im in the car or at home!
-im really straight, but i find women's bodies more attactive than men's
-cant put on weight easily, but lose it in a jiffy!
-love dressin up in different styles each day
-have a perfume fetish! lol!

7 things i treasure the most:

-the love of my life, Icky
-my laptop, Ariel,
-my family!
-my friends!!!
-my handphone
-my clothesssss and accessories!!!
-my shoes! :)

7 things that scare me:

-ghosts movies, horror, anything spooky will kill me!
-losing Icky
-losing all my friends & family
-any scary creatures n ghosts la from any movies
-failing in life
-not being able to have children in the future..

7 music at the moment:

-Sea Of Love by Cat Power
-Tree Hugger by Ansty Pants
-Paris, Tokyo by Lupe Fiasco
-Terbang by Gigi
-Banana Pancakes by Jack Johnson
-Fantasy by Timbaland
-Searched & I Found by ICKY! ;)

7 things i say the most:

-mo ah tai koh!!
-potong steam!!
-u like looohhh
-merci! oui!

7 people i tag to do this:

-Pei Jean


So i finished my painting addy.. n i am kinda dissapointed la.. it doesnt look at all like Twiggy.. but wtv la, it does however look like a good potrait of a lady, but just not her, ill post up the pic soon!
-also i've only got 1 more week of FOUNDATION IN DESIGN left!!!!!!! ahhhhhh!!!! finally! i cant wait for this sem to be over! i need a break! n i honestly cant wait to start my degree! :) its gonna be tough but im up for it! :)

cheers ya'll! (still praying hard for my cousin n my uncle!)


Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Paris, Tokyo

I've been really diggin Lupe Fiasco lately, esp his song, Paris, Tokyo! not many ppl know tat Lupe has been around for quite awhile, n was into him since 2006, when he released 'Kick, Push' & 'I Gotcha'. He's definately gonna be one of the biggest rappers.. his lyrics are really amazing, he aint just rappin bout some dumb shit like some rappers do, the beats are simple n chilled, n his music is quite ol'skool la~!

just lovin him! n today was YouTubing him la! :) check out songs like the ones i listed above n also 'Day Dreamin'. also, many ppl dont know tat he's a Muslim! n he has this song called 'Muhammad Walks', as a version of Kanye's 'Jesus Walks'! do check it out! :)

Been super busy in college this week, painting my Life Drawing canvas final! we have this HUGE canvas, divided for each students wit a space of each square with dimensions 1.5feet(squared). For our whole class la, so bout 30 squares? u can imagine how big it is!

were supposed to paint a British icon, can be of any industry, as long as its a celeb la! so i chose, Twiggy! :)

n when they lecturers put up all of the Foundation year's canvases, (30 boxes per canvas X 12 classes) its gonna be huge la! they're joinin it n so from far away, the colors are supposed to be in a spectrum la, so our class was assigned to do 'cool colors' i.e- blues, greens, purples.... so i made Twiggy green! lol! still have some more renderin to do la, but so far im pretty happy wit it!

oh n i was laughin my ass off yesterday when i heard sumtin hilarious! this boy of mine, ah. Icky is a total nut! hahaha u know wat he did? he actually posted on (ebay for Msia) to sell FACEBOOK Texas Holdem Poker chips! hahhahhahhahahhaha he's selling like i dunno, bout 100000 chips of more for RM20!! hahahahhaha wat a nutter! but apparently not supposed to sell anything gamblin related n so it got taken off. but yeah! funny la! who the hell sells Facebook chips???? the world is gettin crazy! hehe

but yeah if anyone wants them, contact me! lol! he can transfer it to ur account! loL! ;)

n i cudnt take it anymore n finally washed my hair! whee!! since got the free perm on Monday, (hair model for Nikki's perming exam) not supposed to wash it for 3 days, but i cudnt tahan la! anyway, they're still intact! n i cant wait to shoot wit them! :)

oh! n i got my Slow Shutter pics!! :) not bad for a 1st time i think!


Monday, June 2, 2008

Pics n cute hair!

Lookie! these are some random shots from yesterday, I still have to do my Slow Shutter ones tho.. hmm... maybe ill just take them from my window.. prob is there are not many cars in this alley behind my house.... or maybe ill set up a tripod, n put the shutter to 10seconds, n twirl infront of my camera?? i dunno la...

shallow depth of field

fast shutter speed

a candid one of Alia! ;)

our famous, Petronas Twin Towers!

i know they aint that great, but they make me happy at least! well, the Fast Shutter one is my fav! :)

n this is my hair wit all these cute sexy curls in it! :) am lovin it!

eughhh!! i'll be back wit a more serious topic the next time! lol!