Monday, June 2, 2008

Pics n cute hair!

Lookie! these are some random shots from yesterday, I still have to do my Slow Shutter ones tho.. hmm... maybe ill just take them from my window.. prob is there are not many cars in this alley behind my house.... or maybe ill set up a tripod, n put the shutter to 10seconds, n twirl infront of my camera?? i dunno la...

shallow depth of field

fast shutter speed

a candid one of Alia! ;)

our famous, Petronas Twin Towers!

i know they aint that great, but they make me happy at least! well, the Fast Shutter one is my fav! :)

n this is my hair wit all these cute sexy curls in it! :) am lovin it!

eughhh!! i'll be back wit a more serious topic the next time! lol!



mello said...

i love the fast shutter speed one too !. and your curls - aaahhh , cuuute :D

Kelsey Bunny said...

heheh thanks much melllooooo!!!