Sunday, June 15, 2008

LOMA Show!

holyyy shindagoes!! wowwowwow!!!! our Foundation LOMA (London-Malaysia) show rocked! akks! im so happy!

ok ok so before this i honestly wasn't in ANY sort of good mood about the show.. i mean, plans kept gettin ruined n destroyed by the lecturers n it was all turnin into some big sort of joke n waste of our time n effort n yada yada, n basically i just cudnt wait to get it done n over it. needless to say, i totally was NOT lookin forward to the show, buuuttt i was amazingly suprised today! got to the courtyard n everyone was gettin ready wit make up n blah blah! n by the time 8pm rolled by, the courtyard was full wit our props n everyone was in awesome costumes n the lightin n vids n sound were on n the air was filled wit buzzing, i guess it hit me then!

us Design students did great! we managed to pull of integrating London & Malaysia! :) I LOVED our group's skit! we did a transportation skit where ppl fight for the chair in a crowded subway, n your's truly played a pregnant lady, who gets the seat in the end. the twist is tat i was pretending to pregnant just to get the seat..
! hehehe its cool! im so proud of our group! we did great! there were ppl dancing n acting n eating, wayang kulits, mr.bean n ppl dancing THriller in ghost costumes! ahh n a group actually constructed a 12-foot walkin, dancing skeleton!! aaakkss!! i flipped out!! it was sooooo cooL!!!! i was laughing the entire time! :)

(pics taken from Amanda Nelson)

(dancin Thriller n the skeleton!!)

(left-hahah it was singin to the crowd!)(rite- n tats my group! im the pregnant lady at the side)
our paintings displayed!

definately was an AWESOME end to a great sem! so NOW i am officially done wit 'college'!! will miss my frens tho.. oh well! :)

Off to Bali in a few hours! ciao guys!