Saturday, June 7, 2008

I've Found Her!

Tats it! I've found her!!! The girl of my dreams!! ;p ahhhh! the other day i was browsin thru my fren's magazine, called ViVi Magazine which is a Japanese mag la, n its honestly one of the BEST FASHION MAGS ive ever gone thru, regardless of the fact tat i cant understand the captions, the fashion n styling is WHOA!! so from now on, im buyin the magazine every month!

n 1 thing tat also drew me to the mag was this model tat was featured thru out the whole mag n other issues too! this super drop-dead-gorgeous, sweet, innocent, lil minx, hottie whoooooaaaaaaa mixed-heritage girl!! n i swear i fell in love wit her!! She's soo friggin beautiful n she just has this sorta aura around her tat just intrigued me!

Googled n found out tat her name is LENA FUJII n she's of American+Japanese descent! seriously! i swear tat if i was a man or a lesbo, she's the girl tat i wanna marry!! ahhh!! just sumn about her! u guys must see the pics in the mag to get the full gist!

*sizzzlllesss* i swear, these pics dont do her justice, grab a copy of the magazines if u can, trust me, if ur a fashionista, ud NOT be sorry! the fashion is GREAT n the model is.. even better? ;p im in love..well ok maybe NOT in love, but more of like Infactuated?? wtv!

also found this cute lil dress from Topshop!

i like it! its cute! n great for our hot weather!

oh n also, i have to admit it... i have officially caught the 'Gladiator Shoes Bug'! ahh!! starting to really love em! but mostly gladiator heels! dont like them OTT, but just simple n chic! (also influenced by ViVi mag who featured them in May 08 issue..TONS of em--to Hanie,who might be interested!) ;) but here's a simple one i found online..

cute n simple!
ok im gonna go n droll over the pics now! see ya!!!



mello said...

yeah , she's cute as hell [= that chick i mean . and it's INFATUATED sweets . x

Kelsey Bunny said...

hahah sorry typo! i was 'drugged"?? hahahhahhahahhaha god i wanna marry her la! imma hunt her down n marry her n make Icky my gundik! hahahhahahahahhaahahhahhahah

HunsBuns said...

now u know how i feel when i see a pair of glads