Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Bali, Indonesia!

wee!!! wat a great time it was to be in Bali, Indonesia!!! ahhh!! i had a much deserved break n it was just fab! thank God for Mummy! she won a whole trip from's 'Break for a Break' contest! :)

stayed in Kuta, Bali which is like the centre n most happenin place la! we SHOPPED N SHOPPED N SHOPPED!!!!!! omg! !non stop i tell u n legs felt like fallin off! but all great buys! got like 2 beach dresses, tons of accessories, a new Australian Monokini (totally cute!!), silver gladiators! shorts, tee's, sunnies! n loadssss more!!! hahaha did shoppin even till the very last minute of the 3rd day we spent! but it was all sooo worth it! cheap like a maadderrr n bargained alot la! but it was soo good!

n we also spent half a day at the beach where i had fun fun FUN!!!!!!! the water was cold but fantastic! waded out quite far in n had fun ridin the waves n watchin ppl surf!

hehehe oh n btw, my eyes had a party the whole time! there're tons of Australians in Bali, both men n women! n mamamia! my eyes had fun, but dont worry, my heart n mind stayed true n loyal to my one true love, Icky!!! ;)

n u know wats so funny! when we came to the beach, mom sat under the tree la, n i noticed a group of men from Aussie sittin at the back of us, havin beer n fun! the thing is tat i noticed that they were starin at me laa, even after i came back from the water! this older guy kept lookin n smilin at me, i just looked away n sunned my bum n enjoyed a mani/pedi n henna tattoo n had fun! n as we were leavin, i was packin up n all tat, suddenly i got up n turned around n he was standing rite infront of me! bloddy hell, like 1 feet away! n he was smilin n said,

'Hey luv, how old are you?' to which i replied, 'Im 19!' n he smiles back n says, 'wow! ur so beautiful! sangat cantik!" lol! i mutter a thanks and as he walks away to his frens, who are all laughin n smiling, he says 'I've Got A DATE!!' hahahahahahahahahahaha

anyhow, later we went n saw the gigantasaurus statue of the Hindu God, Visnu! its huggee!! pics dont do it justice! its bout 18.3metres n its not even finished yet!! then we went to Uluwatu, which is where a temple is located on a cliff, n it was absolutely BREATH-TAKIN!!! i mean, i wanna have photoshoots n my wedding there! dead serious! the waves beating against the rocks.. omg...

watched the Kecak Dance n it was super cool! the men make the noises to the dance which tells bits of the Hindu 'Ramayana' epic! n the best part? it was all performed rite in front of the sunset... can u say beautiful?? :)

all in all, i had a great time there! i mean everything was fab! the shoppin, the ppl, the beach, the view, everything! prefer it soo much more than Phuket! :) wanna go back again!

updates: family got back from New Zealand & apparently Hannah is doin better! thank God. think the visits were good for her! keep on praying!