Thursday, June 26, 2008

Saying Goodbye...

in memory of Hannah, dedicating this special song to her, -Jesus, Lover of My Soul

*February 21st 1990 - June 21st 2008*

...was never an easy thing to do... especially if it is to a loved one who u know ur not gonna see in a long time...

Hannah's funeral was yesterday n from what i heard from Kris, it was just beautiful! alot of people turned up to say good bye and alot of nice things were said bout her! The Hakka was also performed and 3 songs were sang.. they were :

1)Shout to the Lord
2)Dwelling Places
3)Jesus, Lover Of My Soul.. *this was special as Hannah had sung it in chuch perfectly when she was 4years old!*

it was so evident that Hannah, even tho she had only lived for 18 years, had succesfully touched so many people's live with her ever bubbly, happy, monkey, kind and loving spirit! her best friend mentioned tat a long time ago, Hannah said, "when i die, i hope alot of people will come to my funeral, otherwise it'll be horrible if only a few came!" i think its clear that Hannah is definately looking down from Heaven, feeling happy at the turnout... she was later taken away to be cremated...

as i was preparing the Memorial Service booklet & powerpoint presentation yesterday, i was a bit shocked to find this.. Hannah's life span was from February 21st 1990 - June 21st 2008! that is Exactly 18 years & 4 months!! its scary, but also incredible how God planned it all, huh? The Big Man up there is up to something that He's not telling us.....

my 2 aunts who were there in New Zealand for almost 1 month, helping out and giving support are coming back tonite, they'll definately be telling us more bout Hannah's last few days.. oh dear! my grandparents are going to cry even more! :( tomoro at the service I've also been asked to do a reading, so a bit nervous!

anyhow... life goes on.. we try to make it work.. like i said ive been feeling much better recently.. yesterday treated myself at Topshop and bought High Waisted flared jeans! it was soo cheap! only RM59!! :) they look sassy! n also 2 cute ribbon-tied undies.. need some retail therapy!! :) MNG is also havin a HUGEEE sale, but the thing i hate bout MNG on sale is that its soo messy, the store is all messed up n unorganized n packed!!! ugh! its hard to look for stuff!!

i had a good breakfast catchin up wit Misha yesterday! its good to see her after a while! n tomoro im meeting my gorgeous twin, Riyana!! n on Friday got a bbq party at Berl's!! :) am happy to see my old old frens after so long! :)