Friday, June 13, 2008

Am done!

I am done wit Foundation Year!!! whoohooo!!! =D oh well ok, so i have an exam for Malaysian Studies n a presentation at night tomoro, but yeah! IM DONE!! hahahhaha well thank God! i mean i loved the sem n all, but i just am so glad tat its over! definately need a break from all the stressss and drama this sem! (ugh!! unBELIEVAble man!!)

def will be glad wit a 1 1/2 month break, a short trip to Bali, Indonesia on Sunday-Tuesday, n for the rest of the break, it'll be photoshoots (;p) n hangin out wit frens n also prayin for Hannah, of course!

oh n im watchin Friends Season 7 rite now! lol! can never get sick of it!! OH N I FINALLY GOT GLADIATOR SHOES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHOOOOOHOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! they're black n freakin awesome!! aaks!! after lookin for them for soo long, im glad! :)
n also, Hannah is doin better! i think they support of family members n friends are really good for her! as well as all of ur prayers! :) thank you so much n pls never stop hoping!
so tomoro is the big 'London-Kuala Lumpur' show at college at night, cant wait to do it, i quite like our presentation n cant wait for it to be over!!! n then were goin clubbin later on to celebrate the festivities! whoohoo!!
must watch Kung Fu Panda soon!!! am excited! well its time to get back to Friends! toodles guys!!