Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Hey you

so sorry i havent updated! It's been hard to blog since my last post.. im quite lost in wat to say.. to be honest, writing tat post wasn't easy at 1st, but it ended up being incredibly helpful!

at 1st, i honestly didnt know wat to say, but it just suddenly came to me.. n to be honest, i really didnt plan to write wat i did, it just came out as i typed.. i have a feelin it was God speakin thru me, coz after i posted it, I felt sooo much better, like now im fine! im more hopeful and understanding and apparently my entire family has been reading it coz they think its good.. well i hope tat it helps them as much as it helped me! :)

Hannah's funeral is tomoro afternoon in her church in Whangerei, New Zealand... to be honest wit u, i was supposed to be there, was supposed to leave yesterday n attend the funeral but the ticket was too expensive n my aunt advised against it, sayin tat they'll come down to Msia in Sept... i dunno la.. i was honestly really scared at the thought of going, at the thought of seeing Hannah in a coffin... its... i dunno, u tell me.. n i hate to say this but i was scared to see her, coz even seeing the photos of her during her treatment scared me so much coz i cudn't recognize her!

i had to read the caption then only i realized tat it was her! coz the steroids n treatment made her gain alot of weight n plus her left eye was different, n i felt bad enuf as it is to not be able to recognize tat i didnt wanna feel any madder at myself....

but anyway, my family has arranged to have a memorial service for her here..
we're havin it on Friday, 27th June 08 @ 7pm at St.Paul's Church P.J.. its near Amcorp Mall, if ud wanna attend! lemme know! so now im in works of doing the program book, n the power point presentation! so a bit busy now...

but i just wanna thank every single one of u! u've been so incredibly supportive to not just me, but also my family members! :) much love! :)

oh n i did do a shoot wit Idan on last Thursday, so to change up the mood of this blog, here r 2 of the pics... more to come when i get em! :)