Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Autobots! Transform urselves!

*ur listenin to Velvet Revolver's - The Last Fight. Brilliant song*

hahaha i was occupying myself wit happy Transformer toys today! :) my dearest Icky had bought me one of my dream toys, which was a Transformer! HAHAH i love em n always wanted one! esp the harder ones then i can nicely sit down n crack my head tryin to transform em, so he suprised me wit 2 Bumblebees!! :)

one was the older version, n one more was the newer one! the older one is named 'Bumblebee' n the newer is 'Bumbleboo!!" hhahhah n it belongs to me! :) wheee so had a blast playin wit em n just bein a kid!

then started Youtubing Transformers n lookie wat i found!!! ahhh!! its like soo friggin cool! hahah its quite geeky la of course, but nevertheless cool! my fav is OPTIMUS PRIME!

hehe also, do check out the cute 'stop motion' vids.. these ppl obviously have all the free time in the world to make these vids, but they're def entertainin man! do i was on a high so just watched the movie again! heehee! cant wait for the sequel!!!
n took pics of the Life Drawing final artworks today, not all of the classes tho, these r just a few, these are the 'cool colours' section!
all are London icons.. see who u can recognize!
my class's one!
n this is my version of erm.. Twiggy :S i suck...
but wtv la its done! n got a 93.5% on my History of Art! phew!
other than that
the family has reached Hannah addy, n like both sides of her family r there n its crowded n everyone is just upset la....... i might be headin down to New Zealand next week..... maaaybee..
Hannah, we love you..


Syuhida said...

she looks like some evil version of twiggy lol