Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Moving on..

.. today i felt better!still sad but kept it together.. sent off 8 family members to New Zealand just now, so hope Hannah is blessed by their visit! Thanks to those of u who pray n support, it means alot to all of us! :) i made her a lil sumn! so dad will pass it to her...

movin on from tat, this is just a short post for now, im way to tired!! :S this is a real stupid but nevertheless funny video *inside joke!* lol!

we were just havin a great time! lol! will post more up soon! lol! so ive got 4 more days till the end of sem left! uggh! i cant wait!

ill be done wit Foundation year n leavin to Bali, Indonesia on Sunday for a short break wit mummy! :) our STTOOOOOPIIDDD final integrated project is lame n crackin down. i swear the Limkokwing coordinators for this project suck moldy ass! terrible plannin n they change n bring every freakin thing down this mornin!

but wtv la, im too tired to rant now. later. i need them gladiator sandals. n a miracle for Hannah.